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Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

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  • The myth of Bollywood

    28-07-2020 23:39:00

    Indian cinema is a poster child of diversity and a symbol of soft power. Don't let it become a wasteland of petty squabbles

  • Time for a new regulator for media?

    14-07-2020 22:09:00

    India's creative industries need regulation that helps them grow, not one that micro-manages them or neglects them completely

  • To do or not to do

    30-06-2020 22:56:00

    After three months of being battered by a slowing economy and the pandemic, Indian media firms are reacting with frenzied activity

  • The search for the situational comedy

    16-06-2020 22:01:00

    In a market overflowing with "edgy" content, where are the "edgy" sitcoms?

  • The corona deals

    02-06-2020 22:38:00

    The pandemic will hurry the closure of brands and businesses that would have gone into gradual decline. Wait then for more deals to be announced in media and entertainment

  • Squabble for the silver screen

    19-05-2020 22:46:00

    The skirmish between studios and theatre owners over releasing films online is an aberration. Theatres are not going anywhere

  • Why is Trai trying the TV business?

    05-05-2020 22:43:00

    The telecom authority's latest recommendations seek to quasi-nationalise a rating system that a competitive, largely private industry uses

  • Media's problem of plenty

    21-04-2020 23:21:00

    More people than ever are watching TV and OTT channels but nobody wants to reach them

  • Clean, cook, binge, repeat...

    07-04-2020 23:13:00

    If everybody is "working" from home then how has TV consumption gone up? Who is making all that gourmet food being posted on social media?

  • Survival of the fittest

    24-03-2020 22:57:00

    The length of the COVID-19 crisis and the strength of balance sheets and cashflow will determine the intensity of the bloodbath in the media and entertainment industry

  • The real face of hate speech

    10-03-2020 20:35:00

    Why banning two Malayalam channels does not help tackle the crisis in news broadcasting

  • The silver screen's silver lining

    25-02-2020 22:37:00

    Multilingual films, more screens and better stories are getting more people into the theatres after years

  • Why does everyone want a content firm?

    11-02-2020 21:07:00

    When getting into content becomes a euphemism for diversifying...

  • The cogs in the entertainment wheel

    28-01-2020 20:46:00

    The boom in content has had a ripple effect across the ecosystem with hundreds of little firms finding global work and relevance

  • TRAI versus Indian broadcasting

    14-01-2020 21:10:00

    The TRAI's recent effort to micromanage India's television industry will end up hurting everyone - consumers, broadcasters and distributors