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Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

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  • Beautifying India's ugly media spaces

    19 hours ago

    India's news media is a global byword in bad taste, its social media is crawling with trolls. How do we fix this?

  • The digital divide

    09-04-2019 21:08:00

    The questions publishers tackle online and their responses are the same anywhere in the world

  • Why digital skews media

    26-03-2019 20:28:00

    The whole discussion around media consumption and growth is dangerously biased towards digital

  • The real drama on TV

    12-03-2019 20:52:00

    The world's second largest TV market continues to grow and surprise

  • We the hatemongers

    26-02-2019 20:40:00

    Social media or news television simply reflects the hate and abuse inside society. Controlling that is our job, not some tech company's

  • The changing face of Indian media

    12-02-2019 20:31:00

    What do the coming ownership changes at Star and Zee mean for the Indian entertainment market?

  • The cable contortions

    29-01-2019 20:26:00

    Trai's tariff order raises old questions with new convoluted answers

  • The fifties conundrum

    15-01-2019 21:30:00

    Why Hindi cinema superstars flounder in their fifties

  • The 2019 media resolutions

    01-01-2019 22:04:00

    Informed lobbying, more communication with consumers and fighting hate with civility on social media should be the industry's resolutions this year

  • Trai's fascination with ratings

    18-12-2018 20:19:00

    Could the regulator's focus on broader issues that facilitate growth and employment in TV instead of worrying about ratings?

  • The kabaddi conundrum

    04-12-2018 22:24:00

    The viewership for kabaddi has fallen by almost 40 per cent over the last season. Could that be good news for Star India?

  • The Netflix, Disney, Zee effect

    20-11-2018 22:32:00

    The making of India's first global media firm and pushing broadcasting bureaucracy into action are possible fallouts of Zee's search for a strategic partner

  • Pricing double whammy makes it an unhappy Diwali for Indian broadcasters

    06-11-2018 19:40:00

    Should private broadcasters stop bidding for sporting events? Should they give up hope of having the right to price their content?

  • 'Badhaai ho', Indian film industry

    23-10-2018 21:12:00

    The hit parade of well-made films continues, ticket sales are creeping up and OTTs are upping the game in one of the best years for the industry

  • Talent agents or media moguls?

    09-10-2018 20:39:00

    Just like their American counterparts, Indian talent agencies are morphing into quasi-media firms. Can it work?