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Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

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  • Hard knocks for soft power

    15-07-2021 22:35:00

    The state is tightening its control over what we read, watch, hear or laugh at, says Vanita Kohli-Khandekar. Why not facilitate our soft power instead of clamping down on its strengths?

  • The search for news media

    18-06-2021 00:23:00

    The pathetic state of India's news media - particularly news TV - leaves it at the mercy of international media and a few Indian brands that have the capacity to cover a story like the pandemic

  • The collapse of Indian cinema

    20-05-2021 22:49:00

    More than two-third of Indian cinema's revenues were wiped out last year

  • The future of television

    21-04-2021 22:45:00

    A closer look at the numbers for 2016, 2018 and 2020, shows that just over half of TV viewers and homes have always been in rural India

  • A regulatory trap for storytellers

    22-03-2021 23:23:00

    Since streaming video had no constraints, it offered storytellers phenomenal creative freedom. That is what got in the viewers, got them to subscribe and kept them there

  • Unfriending big tech

    24-02-2021 00:04:00

    The drama playing out between news publishers, Google/Facebook and the Australian government hit all kinds of high points last week

  • The push for pay - now or never

    21-01-2021 00:41:00

    It is time to break the hegemony of advertising over news media; it is time to push for subscription revenues

  • Fifty shades of media

    28-12-2020 23:09:00

    India's news broadcasters are a national shame that have polarised Indians and put them off its national pride, cinema

  • The bogey of content regulation

    29-11-2020 23:57:00

    On November 9, the Cabinet Secretariat issued a notification that brings digital and online media within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

  • Cinema beyond biases

    27-10-2020 00:09:00

    India's film industry is one of the best things to come out of the country, writes Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

  • The truth about streaming video

    30-09-2020 01:38:00

    In an overcrowded market or one with skewed regulation, ad-supported programming can quickly degenerate into poor quality, polarising or downright fake

  • The real monopolies in media

    24-08-2020 23:52:00

    Apple takes 30 per cent on any transaction that goes through its App Store and rarely makes exceptions

  • The myth of Bollywood

    28-07-2020 23:39:00

    Indian cinema is a poster child of diversity and a symbol of soft power. Don't let it become a wasteland of petty squabbles

  • Time for a new regulator for media?

    14-07-2020 22:09:00

    India's creative industries need regulation that helps them grow, not one that micro-manages them or neglects them completely

  • To do or not to do

    30-06-2020 22:56:00

    After three months of being battered by a slowing economy and the pandemic, Indian media firms are reacting with frenzied activity