Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Sitapur Lok Sabha Election Result 2019


Sitapur is one of the constituencies in 80-seat Uttar Pradesh. At the time of the previous Lok Sabha elections in 2014, Sitapur had 1,550,263 registered electors -- 837,981 of them male and 712,282 female. The constituency had seen a 66.25% voter turnout in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In Sitapur the male voter turnout was 69.46% and 62.46% female voters turned out for voting. A total of 16 candidates contested in this constituency -- Kaiser Jahan, Bharat Tripathi, Rajesh Verma, Vaishali Ali, Eraj Beg, Chaudhary Lal Baghel, Jagdish Narayan Shukla, Jagmohan Singh Verma, R. K. Misra, Ram Avtar Nishad, Shefali Misra, Sant Kumar, Sanjay Tiwari, Turab Ali, Pushpa Devi, Suchita Kumar . The participation of women candidates in this seat was 5.


Sitapur Lok Sabha Constituency Candidate List

Constituency Candidate Name Photo Gender Category Party % Vote Polled STATUS
Sitapur Rajesh Verma Rajesh Verma M GEN BJP 48.33 win
Sitapur Qaiser Jahan Qaiser Jahan M GEN CONGRESS 9.02 Lose
Sitapur Nakul Dubey Nakul Dubey M GEN BSP 38.86 Lose