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Making a career out of your interests: How to find a job that you love doing

Once you find a job that mainly lets you do what you love doing, you are sure to feel good and be able to give it your best.

Debolina Raja 

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When you are in a professional setting, it is important to strike a balance and manage both the interesting and the not-so interesting parts of your job.

Once you find a job that mainly lets you do what you love doing, you are sure to feel good and be able to give it your best.

out of your interests is a good idea for a lot of reasons. You can read all about it here.

How to find a job that you will love doing

Once you are clearer about your interests and what you love doing, including what you will be good at, it’s time to start your search for that perfect job.

1. Collaborate with a good counsellor: A good counsellor will help you understand your strengths and weakness and also analyse your worth by your earlier experiences. This does not mean that you cannot deviate from the careers you have been working in till now. It means that they will have a better idea of how you will perform and cope up in a new role and setting. A counsellor’s job is to find the best match for you and the employer, so rest assured, they will have enough resources and experience to help you with.

2. Make use of social media: Again, this point is something that keeps coming up in a lot of the discussions related to the job market. has taken over a huge chunk of our lives today, including our personal and professional lives. Once you know about your interests and are clear about what types of roles you want to go for, start spreading the word on different channels and pages. Connect with like-minded people, join forums and discussion groups and be active. This will ensure your name crops up in the right places.

3. Plan and save: Now that you are venturing out into something new, it is important to plan and save for the rainy days ahead. Like with any other situation, joining a new place, getting a new role and seeing how it works out till the end takes time, effort and patience. Till then, knowing that you have some financial security will take off a large part of your ‘money’ worries and instead, let you focus on the work on hand. Also, this will ensure that you do not give up your passion midway, just because you need to earn more right now. Let your interest help you choose the job you want to do, and not just the money involved.

4. Go for it: When you have found out what you love doing, don’t wait for others to validate your decision and then take the final call. If you are happy thinking about what you are planning to do and believe that you can do it, then simply go out and do it. There is always a risk involved in anything you do, but in this case, you will be taking a risk by doing something that you truly want to do. Unless you actually start working in this new role that you think will also interest you, how would you know where life takes you? Whether it means joining a full on role, taking up a new industry or a new profile or signing up for classes that help you polish your talent, go on and do it.

First Published: Tue, October 10 2017. 14:09 IST