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  • 09-Dec-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: A lament to the death of good taste

    Not so long ago one evening, my host and friend looked acutely embarrassed when in response to his query as to what I would like to drink

  • 29-Nov-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Now, hit black money in politics

    On November 8, hours before Modi announced his demonetisation move, BJP in Kolkata deposited Rs 1 crore in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes into its bank account

  • 25-Nov-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Demonetisation nama

    The maid who cooks for us seemed bemused, as if she could not make up her mind whether to be sad or happy

  • 16-Nov-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Black money chase: Crusade or political strategy?

    Black money has been as perennial a subject of public discourse in independent India as has been its ability to survive

  • 11-Nov-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Indian, with Swiss characteristics

    The state of Sikkim is in some ways India's Switzerland. It is small, mountainous, beautiful, peaceful, orderly and not at all congested

  • 02-Nov-2016 | Subir Roy

    Boardroom drama: Dilemma, uncertainty will dog Tata Group

    Tata may turn out to be dead right on various issues over which Mistry has clashed with him. But this is no way to handle succession

  • 28-Oct-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Road to perdition, via Hebbal

    The great pity is that among Indian cities, Bengaluru has a most well-informed and robust civil society

  • 18-Oct-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Why merge public sector banks?

    Merger is about the only solution that the government seems to be capable of thinking up in seeking to get the PSBs into some degree of health

  • 14-Oct-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: The changing working class

    I got ready to congratulate him for clearing his exams and landing a job, but his plea was different

  • 04-Oct-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Kashmir needs long-term action

    At a time of heightened India-Pakistan tension over Kashmir, the least that needs doing is avoiding obvious errors and strategies that blow up in your face

  • 30-Sep-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Posh retreats and peri-urban hell

    The road to the poshest of posh developments on the outskirts of Kolkata is multi-lane, 21st century India, two-thirds of the way

  • 20-Sep-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Uproot children to educate them?

    Affidavits signed by them giving consent were forged; signatures were in English when they were mostly illiterate or did not know English

  • 16-Sep-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Happy birthday, don't reply to this…

    Other than organising our children's birthday parties, which were quite pleasant with a lot of children making a lot of noise, there was one lifestyle change my wife insisted upon

  • 13-Sep-2016 | Subir Roy

    Bandhan's high-yielding bonds

    Bandhan Bank has grown its deposits phenomenally in the first year of its existence, thus continuing in the footsteps of Bandhan Financial Services, which, as a microfinance institution in 2009, took over all the loans on the books of the ...

  • 06-Sep-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Be transparent, keep politicians at bay

    There is no doubt that the appointment of senior judges is effectively in the hands of a group of powerful judges, who, along with the chief justice, form a majority in the collegium

  • 02-Sep-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: The changing unchanging pujas

    Ostentatious Durga pujas became the autumnal hallmark of the city from late eighteenth century when the new rich among the natives such as munshis and banians sought to use the festival as an occasion

  • 23-Aug-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Ending rail Budget only the first step

    The greatest plus of abolishing the railway Budget is to do away with the chance it gives the railway minister of the day to grandstand before the nation and Parliament for an hour or more, when he fe

  • 19-Aug-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Tighten kamarbandh for mahayudh

    How could there be a revival of the entirely forgettable Hindi movie song of the mid-nineties, Ole Ole? What was the lifespan of these meaningless songs of the "beat and catchy tune" type that had replaced the ones with the unforgettable lyrics and ...

  • 09-Aug-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: How India is governed, or not

    Dalit protests across the country against being hounded by Hindutva forces for playing their timeless role in the cow economy offer a powerful lesson on how the country runs

  • 05-Aug-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Condemned to be a rump

    It is the rump, which has been left to call itself West Bengal or Paschim Bangla (in Bengali) and has been unhappy ever since

  • 26-Jul-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Look back to look forward

    If most are agreed that the reforms have saved the country, then it is important to get a measure of precisely how well they have done and devise a more immediate agenda

  • 22-Jul-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Remembering a lived past

    Cities with the memory of a lived past take things that come their way in their own way

  • 12-Jul-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Smart city or smart alec?

    India's cities are bursting at the seams because poor people are migrating to them in search of work and finding a place to live only in slums, old and new

  • 08-Jul-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: There is a Shangri-La

    "It's pouring here in Bengaluru," our friend said on the phone, even as we sweltered in Kolkata's humid heat waiting for rains that just passed us by

  • 28-Jun-2016 | Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Did media let the bhadralok down?

    The ripples created by results of West Bengal Assembly polls, giving a second term to ruling Trinamool Congress with an unexpectedly large majority, refuse to die out

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