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Vyapam scandal is just a symptom of all that ails the job market

02 Jul 2015

Madhya Pradesh scandal should be treated as a wake-up call underlining the urgent need for job creation

People prefer to go for private education, healthcare

02 Jul 2015

In education this is happening across rural and urban sectors, though the trend is more pronounced in urban areas

Macroeconomic stability not a guarantee to accelerating growth

01 Jul 2015

Bank credit growth and corporate profitability patterns paint a picture of persistent stagnation

Insuring crops: Urgent need for insurance & compensation fund

01 Jul 2015

Existence of such a fund would obviate the need to announce special compensation packages

No distinction between FDI and FII a dampener for insurance sector

30 Jun 2015

While raising the foreign investment limit, the government clubbed FDI and FII flows

Govt should leave airfares to mark

30 Jun 2015

Air travel is not a poor man's necessity and it is no business of the government to fix fares

Greek crisis may create an opportunity for long-term investors in India

29 Jun 2015

Neither India nor China will be be badly affected by Grexit in fundamental terms

Simply infusing more funds won't solve problems of PSBs

29 Jun 2015

NPAs are an open wound, from which the bleeding needs to be stopped before more capital is transfused

Room for rebels?

28 Jun 2015

Lessons from the fate that befell rebel BJP CMs

A managed Grexit

28 Jun 2015

Greece and the 'troika' must accept reality

IIMs' toughest case

27 Jun 2015

Avoid making them handmaidens of the HRD ministry

BJP must not allow charges against ministers to derail Parliament session

25 Jun 2015

Silence from the ruling party on the allegations is arming a feckless opposition with the weapons to disrupt Parliament

Local bodies can't be ignored in schemes for urban housing, infrastructure

25 Jun 2015

Most hurdles in the way of sufficient supply of housing for the poor have been created by the states and the urban local bodies

Regulations for start-ups need to be more relaxed

24 Jun 2015

Sebi has kept out retail investors for the time being, which may be too heavy-handed a regulation

Finally US might be restarting conversation on racism

24 Jun 2015

For long, US has ducked the hard questions about race and power

Recapitalisation of PSU banks must be based on performance

23 Jun 2015

It is far more efficient to give more capital to each of a few relatively healthy banks than to spread it thin over all of them

Monsoon woes: Antiquated drainage can't handle new pressures

23 Jun 2015

Reasons for recurring rain-related problems are many apart from the apathy and inefficiency of the civic bodies

A new Reliance: Can Mukesh Ambani pull off a transformation?

22 Jun 2015

At the heart of one of the biggest transformations in India's corporate history lies a plan to offer super-fast broadband services

India needs to manage effects of radicalism, violence in West Asia

22 Jun 2015

When it comes to foreign policy, it must be remembered that millions of Indians live and work in West Asia

A repeat of Emergency? It's not likely

21 Jun 2015

One person and one party do not dominate the political landscape the way Indira Gandhi and the Congress did in the 1970s

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