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My Life My Style: Alok Kejriwal

'Be Rodinhood'

BS Weekend Team 

Alok Kejriwal

You get your suits from?
Don’t wear suits. Ever

Designs that have caught your eye recently?
The Canali black Nehru jacket with a blood red handkerchief

Favourite fashion designer?

Paul Smith

Favourite wine?
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Best gift received?
My first Montblanc black ink pen by my wife on our first anniversary

Best gift given?
Autobiography of a Yogi. I try and give out 10 books every month

Favourite cuisine?

What food items do you like to shop for? Why?
Baguettes. There is honour in buying bread

Your IT tools?
MacBook, and iPhone

Where do you like to sit when being driven? Up front with driver of back seat like a sahib?
ALWAYS up front

On a plane do you prefer to network, sleep or catch up on films and reading?

Fancy coffee or masala tea?
Coffee. Black. Ground well. I smell the beans or the powder if I can

Can you cook? What?
I haven’t entered the kitchen. Don’t know where it is in my house!

Do you fill customer feedback forms? Why?
Yes — when I am angry. Last time I did it at the Italian restaurant at The Oberoi in Delhi complaining that “Green crunchy Zucchini and Al dente penne don’t go together”. The chef called me and we discussed the issue for 23 minutes

Are you a beach or mountain person?

What’s your cologne?
Fierce by Abercrombie

Newspapers, TV channels and websites you prefer?
New York Times, The Economist, The Wall Steet Journal, The Rodinhoods.

Favourite champagne?
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV Champagne

Your sleeping ritual?
Sleep at 11.30 pm, get up at 5.30 am

Favourite TV show
TV? Who watches an idiot box?

Books on your bedside?
The Voice of Babaji; The Miracle of Love, a book on Neeb Karoli Baba by Ramdas.

Massage or workout to de-stress?
None. Work (gaming) is the de-stresser

What is your shaving mantra?
Think of nothing — Zen contemplation

Who is your favourite shoemaker?

Your bathing preferences? Shower, tub or bucket?

What is your weekday breakfast like?
Monday — white dhokla; Tuesday — Veg soft sandwich; Wed — paneer toasties; Thursday — dosa; Friday — Pohwa (menu is fixed by my wife and the cook)

And weekends?
At the Cricket Club of India, veg cutlets, and Vada Sambhar (both full of cholesterol)

Your current set of wheels?
Honda Accord

In the car is it sleep or the cell for you?
None. It’s music

God for you is…
Why I live

Favourite café?
The Trident Verandah

Favourite Restaurant?

Workday lunch is?
Lots! Dal, roti, mixed salad, a dry veggie, dahi raita, fruit and coffee

What is your workout regime?
Run and do my Art Of Living “Padma Sadhna” everyday, come what may

Your ideal holiday?
Manhattan. Staying at the Beacon Hotel on 70th and Broadway. Walking NYC streets aimlessly

At parties do you like to talk turkey or PC?
Talk PC

A few of your Goddesses are?
Halle Berry. Mariah Carey.

Alpha males you know…

Your favourite motto:
Be Rodinhood. Think and Do

Alok Kejriwal
CEO & Co Founder, 

First Published: Sat, March 03 2012. 00:49 IST