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Hillary Clinton has 'low opinion' of American people: Donald Trump

Trump alleged that Clinton spoke with hatred in her heart for these working class Americans

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Donal Trump
Donal Trump

Attacking for her remarks that half of his supporters belonged in a "basket of deplorables", Republican presidential nominee on Tuesday said his Democratic rival who has such "a low opinion" of people can never be elected as the President.

"can never be President of this country. No one who has such a low opinion of the people can ever be elected as their President," Trump said at an rally in North Carolina where he slammed Clinton for her remarks that more than half of his supporters are deplorable.

"After months of hiding from the press, came out and finally told the world how she feels about the people of this country. She said tens of millions of patriotic Americans belong in a basket of deplorables. She talks about people like they are objects, not human beings," he alleged.

"She said half of our supporters are not even real Americans, and describes the other half as having run out of options - what she can't understand or accept is that the great majority of this country now sees right through the lies and deceptions of a failed political establishment. They want change, they want justice, and they want a government that puts the people first," he said.

"Whether our supporters have lost a job to a factory moved to another country, or whether they're a captain in the police department, or a teacher at a local school, they are united by their deep and sophisticated understanding of how our political system has abandoned the people.

"For those who have been hit by hard times, they understand better than anyone that it's Hillary Clinton's Wall Street agenda that has crushed the middle class of this country," he added.

Trump alleged that Clinton spoke with "hatred in her heart" for these working class Americans.

"She looks down on them - she looks down on all the people who make her life possible. She looks down on the carpenters, plumbers, electricians, lawyers and accountants. She looks down on the police officers, soldiers, and firefighters supporting the campaign," he said.

"She looks down on the people who cook her meals, drive her cars, and dig the coal that powers her electricity. She called these Americans every name in the book - racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic - she said they were not even American. Never in history has a major-party presidential candidate so viciously demonized the American voter," Trump alleged.

Trump alleged that the goal of Clinton is to "bully the American voter" out of voting for change.

"The people who rigged the system want to keep things exactly as they are. They want to keep our terrible trade deals. They want to trap children in failing government schools. They want massive regulation to keep small businesses from being able to compete," Trump said.

First Published: Tue, September 13 2016. 13:57 IST