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Would conducting counselling sessions help institutes make students' expectations towards placement more realistic?

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Dear Students,

LAST WEEK WE ASKED: Do you think conducting counselling sessions help institutes make students' expectations towards placement more realistic?


Proliferation of professional fields or profiles, even sticking to one particular domain, have forced students to ponder on their career and modify and specify what exactly they are looking for. Counselling are by far the best means to give helpful suggestions and directions regarding a decision or any future course of action which is also stated in a study conducted by AUCC, UK in November 2012. Increased understanding of self and problem, increased ability to cope, increased confidence and increased hope for the future are some of the benefits of counselling that makes their expectations towards placement more realistic.
- Rakshit Maheshwari, School of Petroleum Management, PDPU, Gandhinagar.


Counselling sessions can render students expectations towards placement more pragmatic as it can overt some facts about the placements like the placement package offered by companies are mostly in cost to company (CTC). I believe counselling sessions should be held for the candidates that are preparing to enter the institution not for the students that are already enrolled in the institutes as in most of the institutions placements are regulated by and managed by the students placement committee so they fudge the placement records themselves to build the image of institution.
- Piyush Mittal, PEC University, Chandigarh.

Institutes should regard counselling as a means to make their students realise what competencies they have acquired & learned and what the industry demands. Counselling sessions with students can help institutes to put forth what is the reality. Placements are generally based on the current economy and industry situation, domains and business, this should be conveyed to the students and parents upfront. The hyped placement data and placement guarantee by colleges is also a misguiding factor for students and parents, which results in increased (wrong) expectations from placements.
- Anand Wadadekar, Samvit School of Infrastructure Business, Pune.

Most of the sectors face the adverse effect of economic downturn, new business projects are looming which has pruned the balance sheets of the companies. Budding managers from b-schools are feeling the heat as recruiters are offering marginal compensation. To keep a reality check on the mindset, institutes offer service of counselors to the students so that their aspirations can be sync with market scenario. This helps in placating the anxiety among students in fetching compensation and helps in asserting their skill set in align with recruiters demand.
- Siddhartha Bhatnagar, School of Petroleum Management, PDPU.

During placements, each student vies for a maximum pay package. As a result, few plum job offers tend to hamper the recruitment in majority of other companies. Though other organizations might even offer better roles but still form the bottom of choice list simply due to less astounding salary figures. This mindset of students as well as their guardians must incorporate a change in consideration with the economy. At this stage, no better option is available than having counselling sessions. It will be of immense benefit to the institutes in reorienting student's perception to yield pragmatic approach towards placement.
- Shivam Chhabra, Integral University, Lucknow.

Counselling service is to help the students to focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern them. Placement being the most important issue for student career. Counseling session will help the student to make a realistic decision about placement. It will help the student not only in job but in career also. With the aid of counsellors they will able to do 360 degree analysis about placement. Thus make a realistic decision based on current conditions.
- Nilaya Mitash Shanker, IIT Roorkee.
Counselling sessions give a real and proper picture of current scenario in industry. Since counselling committee comprises of the people who are pursuing their profession in industry and they clearly know what should be the expectations in this economic slowdown. And this experience sharing will aid students related to their expectations in terms of salary, profile and Brand Company which should be realistic.
- Chinmaya Ranbirsingh, SDM Institute for Development, Mysore.

With the few graduates bagging plum jobs batch after batch, parents and students alike are building their expectations. Now, as far as the expectations are limited to the median or low-rung of job offers, it is fine. But there has occurred an increased need for counselling the students since much of the expectations are based on the top rung of job offers bagged by others. The aim of the session is to din into them the cons of having unrealistic expectations from the job market.
- Naveen Patwary, ICSI, Kolkata.

Your responses should reach us at by Monday evening every week. Please ensure that your responses do not exceed 100 words. Avoid attachments and email your full name, institute's name, batch and complete mailing address. The student who gives the 'Best Response' will be awarded Rs 500.

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First Published: Wed, January 15 2014. 21:11 IST