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New Delhi
When artists are busy improvising or developing theatre, it is unimaginable to amuse oneself by a recitation of tales on stage. But, a unique event of storytelling in the capital witnessed a bunch of interested and responsive audiences who chuckled at satirical and pun-intended humour.
Loaded with sarcasm, wit and metaphorical characterisation was the Octave Foundation's latest event, "Wari", where a bunch of artists presented tales from different time zones.
Those on stage were not narrators but artists who interestingly took different characters one by one, maintaining the original task of narrating. They adapted the body language, the voice texture, the expressions and of course the dialogues of different individuals they were playing.
The event comprised performances by popular Dastango exponent Ankit Chadha, actor and cultural activist Abhinav Sabyasachi, freelance journalist Anuja Jaiman, voice over artist Rishabh Mittal and a special act by Mumbai-based actor and singer Vipin Heero.
Of the five, those who stood out were Rishabh Mittal and Anuja Jaiman for their tales "Swar" and "Chaar Paheliyaan".
A tale about realising dreams and coming to terms with the forces that are against it, "Swar" took one through the story of its decision in the darkest of time. |

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Rediscovering the art of storytelling

The artist took us through the journey of a bird who can't fly but his life, according to his family, and the bird society (as portrayed in the act) is incomplete without being able to fly or wanting to.
The bird tries hard but fails and decides to tread. He travels across the country on his feet, explores different paths and ultimately chooses to be a walker and not the conventional bird with a natural art of flying.
Mittal's extraordinary story was underlined by his taking up of characters as he colourfully enacted the bird, the mother bird, the aunt bird and the like.
It raised multiple questions about societal conventions that are hard to be broken, upbringing, understanding children and also an individual's approach towards life that requires understanding and firmness in decision making.
Staged by Anuja Jaiman, "Chaar Paheliyaan" was a tale about justice and defying power. This was an adaptation from a story titled "Saat Baras Ki Bitiya" from "Roosi Lok Kathayein", a Russian folk tale book.
It all made for an evening well spent.

First Published: Jun 26 2016 | 9:26 AM IST

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