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Rebellion in AAP makes #QuitAAP top trend on twitter

Frequent flip-flops, internal rebellion, Danish citizen gang rape results in online anger against AAP

Aletta D'cruz  |  Mumbai 

Aam Aadmi Party, AAP

The success of the Aam Aadmi Party, along with its leader Arvind Kejriwal has been a perfect rags to riches kind of story. However, recent developments have begun to threaten further rise of the party. AAP today has made it to the list of top India trends on social networking site Twitter, with the handle #QuitAAP. Unfortunately for them, the reasons behind this honour are not in the least bit encouraging.

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AAP MLA Vinod Kumar Binny has managed to create an air of controversy around the party with his recent comments about Kejriwal and the current Delhi government. Binny, who earlier rebelled against the party after being denied a berth in the party's cabinet, today called Kejriwal a dictator. He also accused the Delhi government of not fulfilling the promises it made to the people at the time of elections.

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In a press conference held today, Binny said, ""You (Kejriwal) have become a dictator. Stop fooling the people of Delhi. All decisions in the party are taken in closed rooms by four-five people. Arvind gets angry if people express any differences with him. If anyone speaks against him, he starts shouting,"

Binny in his statements pointed out a number of flaws in the party's manifesto, along with what he claimed to be 'false' promises made to the people of the state. These alleged revelations have given rise to an uproar over all social media networks, especially Twitter. Twitterati pride themselves of being free, honest and blunt.

Here are a few tweets on the party that have been doing rounds.


#QuitAAP and save India.. as simple as that..


Thanks to Binny Press Conference. Change started. Few of my friends called me and said joining #AAP was a mistake now quitting. #QuitAAP


I won't blame India's youth for their support to was the unreal idealistic dream that AAP showed, did them in! #QuitAAP


Similarity between China products & AAP,both looks good in first place but cant be used for longer time #QuitAAP

@Tan_Tripathi 12h

#QuitAAP if u dont want a stable Democracy to turn into Tehrir square types

Despite all the criticism, the party however still seems to enjoy the support of a hopeful few. Here is what they have to say:


#QuitAAP @AamAadmiParty: People from North-Eastern states participating in AAP bcz they see hope in AAP. #UnitedWithAAP"


Isn't it strange #QuitAAP is trending and not #QuitINC or #QuitBJP ? 50 years we tolerated INC and BJP, but AAP we wont give 50 days!"

And its not just the rebellion of Vinod kumar Binny that seems to have turned the twiterrati against the party. The gang rape of Danish in the heart of Delhi on late tuesday night has also resulted in online anger on the lack of safety for women in the capital. Ironically Kejriwal's AAP had put the former Delhi CM in the dock multiple times during earlier rape cases.

For a party that has no prior political experience, AAP came a long way from being a group of rebellious protestors to forming a state government today. Even though stumbling blocks in the running of the government were expected, the recent allegations seem to have come as a big dissappointment to many of its supporters.

As a party that nutures hope of wiping out corruption, AAP will always stay in the limelight, especially for their weak points. However, what remains to be seen is, how the party manages to revive itself from these allegations and the many more that are likely to follow at a later stage.

Going by current trends, AAP has to get back to winning the likes of people, instead of featuring on their list of trolls.

First Published: Thu, January 16 2014. 16:13 IST