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Non-conventional events at IIT Bombay's E-Summit

BS REPORTER  |  Mumbai 

This year, IIT Bombay expanded the horizon of E-Summit and spread it over to include many non-conventional events. This consolidation had rendered the events more interactive and high on entertainment quotient. On day 1, we had speakers from all across the entrepreneurial and enterprising world to provide an apt exposure to the patrons to the very ideology of entrepreneurship. From the myriad of events lined up for Day 1, some of them were:

Starting up early: A Panel Discussion

The panel discussed the pros and cons of starting up early. Pros varied over the points like starting up early gives more opportunities, scope to make mistakes early when one can afford to make them, piling up experience for difficult times ahead. Cons included points like college life gives very less time to concentrate, networking from college becomes too difficult and there’s lack of experience too. The session was highly interactive. Students reviewed the program very positively. Dhawal, a final year graduate of A.C Patil Engineering school said that he ‘benefitted from the session’ and would incorporate the tips and advices in his entrepreneurial career.

Myths of Entrepreneurship – Jim Beach (International Speaker)

Jim Beach, the Co-founder of School for Startups interacted with the budding entrepreneurs and smashed apart the prevailing myths of entrepreneurship. He said that in starting up, the only risk is that of money. To which he said ‘don’t spend! 450 of the fortune 500 companies started with very little or almost nil investment’. He also attacked the popular myth of ‘Innovation for Entrepreneurship’ and said, ’93 percent of world’s companies are a pure copy of the others’. He signed off on a controversial note saying that don’t have passion for your work. Have passion for your loved ones. That way life and work, both become a lot happier. The session was interactive as well as humorous.

Ignite sessions

The much awaited Ignite sessions were welcomed with mass audience. Ignite is a talk where an innovative idea is presented in less than 5 minutes through 20 slides which auto roll on 15 seconds. Rhapsody labs and OneBeep (by Vinayak Jeet aka Vinny Lohan) presented their ideas which were met with applause and appreciation. Rhapsody Labs deals with digital mannequins and virtual changing rooms, an idea that is novel to India. OneBeep presented their idea upon how radio software could be used to send data over remote areas and how that could be used to revolutionize education. To know more, check out

Future of Innovation – Christian De Neef (International Speaker)

This speaker session was conducted by Christian de Neef, founder of Fast Track consulting. He emphasized on why innovation and creativity are important in Entrepreneurship. Innovation is what drives the changes in the world. He also talked about how important collaborative research and development have overthrown isolated, competitive R&D. He signed off by saying that it is a prime responsibility of an entrepreneur to serve the society. He said ‘business cannot flourish in a failed society’. The society serves an entrepreneur by giving him ample opportunities. It is his duty to pay back.’

Participant's Quotes: "Entrepreneurship is a subject of essence and its great to hear from such speakers. Thanks for an opportunity. It was a good learning experience."  


  • Nokia ADventures: Frustrated by the old-school, clichéd marketing and advertising plans of brand products? Think you can do better? Bring on your pens and creativity, get ready to test your business acumen in a fast-paced, on-the-spot competition, designed to bring out the best in you. Create your own tag line, brand ambassador for advertising, position your products strategically, build a brand and choose your resources to gain maximum eyeballs.
    The event was highly successful. The prelude to the competition gave a deeper insight to the audience. The participants used what they had learnt in the workshop in the competition. 
    Participant’s quote: "Never thought that social media had such a phenomenal potential! Had an amazing time!"
  • Business Simulation Game: This event aimed at gaining competitive edge in the real world by sharpening one’s business skills in the game world! The participants faced all the challenges one faces in business albeit in a simulative format. It focused on the management of economic process in the form of business. 
    Participant’s quote: "Nothing could have been more closer to real business and that too maintaining the fun quotient! I came to realise that business, like so many other things, isn’t all that difficult and boring..."
  • Biz Quiz: Knowledge is the ultimate source of power in the nuclear age. The Biz Quiz tested the quizzers’ knowledge of the business world. The event attracted participants from all across the country to showcase their vast knowledge of the world of business. The event was a huge success with people overcrowding the registration desks!
    Participant’s quote – ‘This Biz quiz was different than others I have attended. It was fun for not only the Biz geeks but also for the less informed people. Had a great time!’
  • Ideastorm: IdeaStorm was founded by the MIT Sloan entrepreneurship club. This fast paced, lightly moderated brainstorming event has been adopted by E-Cell as a part of E-Summit. Participants are divided into teams of 4-6. The competition comprises of two stages, the first involves solving a general daily life problem while the second deals with troubleshooting a specific problem of some startup and come up with feasible solutions to real time problems posed by startups.

Highly successful and fun filled event.

Participant’s quote: ‘I was amazed to see the ideas floating. It was like nothing I have seen before. Everyone was equally good. Some ideas were truly pathbreaking.’

First Published: Sat, January 28 2012. 20:27 IST