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Health Horizons Sheds Light on the Advantages of Industrial Hemp: Good for Health and Even Better for the Environment

Press Trust of India  |  NEW DELHI 

/ -- The current rise in the use of hemp-based products is proof that consumers have started discerning the health benefits of hemp. But, what a large number of people still do not realize is that hemp is also immensely beneficial for the For instance, the hemp plant absorbs four times more carbon dioxide (CO2) than any other tree on the planet.

"So, hemp has the ability to reverse the damage already done to the Just think about it; global warming is being caused due to the increasing levels of carbon-dioxide, and hemp can help us fight that problem by reducing the root cause itself. Oh, and did I mention that it only takes 12-14 weeks to fully grow? So, sustainability, as well, is not a problem," asserted Kartikey, director at the Health Horizons, giving a rationale for the environmental merits of industrial hemp.

Hemp is further capable of making the textile industry more environment-friendly. For instance, cotton textile is loved by the masses. However, cotton plant is very vulnerable to pest infestation and thus demands heavy usage of pesticides, which is harmful for the On the other hand, hemp is naturally pest resilient; therefore, it does not require pesticides. In addition to that, the fibres of hemp fabric are ten times stronger than that of cotton fibres. As far as comfort is concerned, hemp plays that role very well as well. Hemp cloth is soft, breathable, and fire-resistant. It is good for all kinds of weather; it keeps one warm in winters and cool in summers. It can also be blended very easily with other textiles.

Hemp has proven to be a worthy alternative to plastic bags. The bags made from the cellulose derived from hemp are not only biodegradable, renewable, but also more affordable. In the early 20th century, Henry Ford even built a prototype with car parts built using biodegradable fibres from hemp. This naturally growing weed can also be used as a source to produce paper, thereby reducing the need to cut down trees. "The only reason why we are still using the traditional methods of procuring paper is because a large number of population is unaware of the alternatives. What's more fascinating is that we can produce the same amount of paper that we produce using trees grown in 4 acres of land through hemp grown in 1 acre of land," further explained Kartikey. "In terms of recycling, hemp can be recycled up to two times more than the traditional paper we use. In addition to this, hemp is also a phytoremediator. This means that hemp not only cleans air but also removes the toxins and harmful chemicals from the soil."

Hemp can easily be called an all-rounder

It can be used as a biofuel, allowing us to solve the problem of progressively depleting renewable sources of energy. Additional advantage of using hemp biofuel is that it emits lesser CO2, thereby lowering the overall carbon footprint. "This idea has been praised by many; however, we still have not seen it in proper action. Hopefully everyone realizes the apparent before it is too late," added Kartikey.

It is full of nutrition, containing high levels of vitamins A, C, E, essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and phosphorous.

It can be used to make environment and skin friendly cosmetic products. "At the Health Horizons, we have already introduced products like face cream, face mask, lip balm, body scrub, face wash, soap and shampoo, and we are glad to say that our customers are loving them," asserted Kartikey.

Taking everything into consideration, Hemp is not only good for the environment, but it shows great health benefits as well along with worthwhile economical implications.

About Health Horizons:

Health Horizons is a Delhi-based ayurvedic hemp product manufacturing company. The company is mainly focused on hemp seed based products for consumption but has also launched its line of hemp skincare and hair care products.



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First Published: Mon, December 09 2019. 18:10 IST