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'Issues like abuse of women more being handled by directors'

Press Trust of India  |  Kolkata 

Despite being three-film-old in Tollywood when Vidya Balan was a debutant actor in 'Bhalo Theko' years back, actor Rimjhim Gupta felt there could always be a turnaround phase in one's life. Talking about her upcoming project 'Kaal Madhumas', Rimjhim, who is also doing a Buddhadeb Dasgupta movie, said, "Both me and Vidya were newcomers in Goutam Halder's Bhalo Theko. Me, a three-film old actor and she in her first film." "But I am happy how Vidya got her moment of reckoning since the days of Parineeta and went ahead. May be she got it earlier than me and she grew up to be such an awesome powerful actor," she said this afternoon. "But happy with the projects I have been getting in last one year or so," Rimjhim, who will be portraying a typical home-maker Swati in the movie, said. About the issue of abuse of woman, highlighted in the movie, Rimjhim said "the situation is very much real and I could easily put myself in the place of Swati, bearing the brunt of domestic violence and am happy such subjects being handled by the present crop of film makers in Bengal. "If I catch up with Vidya in future, I will tell her how the woman-centric roles in Kahaani, even Hate Story have worked towards changing the perspective of film making in India, including Bengal where despite a healthy tradition to make content-driven cinema for years, it is much more in vogue now," Rimjhim said. "In the movie Kal Madhumas the woman is regularly abused by her advocate husband. She falls in love with her neighbour Sanit. So I have portrayed that side of a woman, and what are the compelling circumstances. It is not difficult to connect with such a person being a woman," she said. Rimjhim, who had shot for Buddhadeb Dasgupta's 'Krishnakali Ami Tarei Boli' would rate Dasgupta as one of the finest, very sensous, very gentle and brilliant film makers she was proud to work with at this phase of her career. Rimjhim also acted in Kanauj Das' "Holud Pakhir Dana". Directed by Prabir Roy, Kal Modhumas, has references to the film industry with Arindam Sil in an important role.

First Published: Fri, February 15 2013. 00:00 IST