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  • 21-Oct-2021 | Arvind Subramanian & Justin Sandefur

    The World Bank as a cash-transfer algorithm

    The Bank should align its priorities with the growing trend in poor countries to adopt cash transfers and a universal basic income.

  • 20-Aug-2021 | Arvind Subramanian

    India's kings and queens of chess

    India is quickly becoming a legitimate global chess superpower, leading the United States and China on key metrics, and running neck and neck with Russia, the historically dominant chess power

  • 28-Mar-2021 | Devesh Kapur & Arvind Subramanian

    The absent voices of development economics

    Development economics focuses on improving the well-being of billions of people in low-income countries, but the Global South is severely underrepresented in the field

  • 20-Jan-2021 | Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman

    The Year of the Renminbi?

    China has been the world's largest trader since 2013, its economy is now larger than that of the US in purchasing power parity terms, and soon it will pull ahead in terms of market exchange rates, too

  • 19-Nov-2020 | Arvind Subramanian

    US should rewrite the China trade contract

    The world has become too dependent on China to embrace restrictive trade actions against it

  • 24-Sep-2020 | Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman

    Are intellectuals killing convergence?

    A historic process of deglobalisation is underway which can scuttle the growth of poor nations. Disturbingly, this shift has been met by silence or even encouragement by those who should know better

  • 04-Sep-2020 | Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman

    Post-Covid federalism: How Centre can build and keep trust with states

    Automatic, counter-cyclical transfers from the Centre to states can build trust and prevent trust from being corroded

  • 31-Aug-2020 | Arvind Subramanian

    The GST is at a crossroads, it needs a political fix, not a legal one

    Without doubt, negotiation on GST compensation will be contentious. Time for Centre and states to show true leadership and salvage it

  • 21-Jul-2020 | Arvind Subramanian

    China has blown its historic opportunity

    The Covid-19 pandemic offered China an opportunity to cement this strategy of remaking the world economic order on its terms

  • 07-May-2020 | Arvind Subramanian

    The threat of enfeebled great powers

    The United States' decline, meanwhile, is over-predicted and under-believed

  • 12-Apr-2020 | Devesh Kapur & Arvind Subramanian

    Solidarity today, new social compact tomorrow

    In the concluding part, the authors argue that to prevent India's social fabric from fraying, additional solidarity resources from the wealthy and secure to cushion the millions affected is imperative

  • 10-Apr-2020 | Devesh Kapur & Arvind Subramanian

    Creating fiscal space for the states

    In the second part of a series, the authors say the current uncertainties require room for discretion to serve as a necessary handmaiden of rules that cannot alone cater to all contingencies

  • 08-Apr-2020 | Devesh Kapur & Arvind Subramanian

    Fiscal space: Not if but how

    In the first part of a series, the authors argue the means must be found to avert potential economic and social collapse post-Covid

  • 20-Mar-2020 | Arvind Subramanian

    What COVID-19 means for international aid

    Despite the clear balance of evidence, an overwhelming proportion of aid is devoted to country lending, with only a fraction allocated to financing GPGs

  • 28-Feb-2020 | Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman

    Understanding Budget policy

    Its objectives are clear. But the reality in recent years has not cooperated with the government's plans

  • 26-Jan-2020 | Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman

    The next big development challenge

    The latest economic forecasts from the IMF and the World Bank are sobering, pointing to protracted slowdowns across the board

  • 24-Dec-2019 | Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman

    Addressing the Great Slowdown

    Here's a list of measures that will not help India overcome the slowdown

  • 10-Dec-2019 | Josh Felman, Justin Sandefur, Arvind Subramanian & Julian Duggan

    Could consumption really have fallen?

    The leaked NSS consumption numbers have provoked a debate. While arguments by various sides are not really convincing there are some broad lessons

  • 21-Nov-2019 | Arvind Subramanian

    Is Sri Lanka the next Argentina?

    Sri Lanka suffers from cleavages along many different lines, notably ideology, ethnicity, language, and religion

  • 22-Oct-2019 | Arvind Subramanian

    The battle of the fading hegemons

    The outcome of the China-US struggle is far from inevitable, because the powers of both the aspirant and the incumbent are eroding