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  • 01-Feb-2021 | Claude Smadja

    Priority & challenge of Budget 2021: Job-creation, boosting consumption

    Looking at the announcements, the perception is one of a choice made towards efficiency and pragmatism rather than aiming for the spectacular

  • 21-Jul-2020 | Claude Smadja

    A great supply chains reshuffle?

    Globalised supply chains have been designed to source components from where it is most efficient to deliver these components at the time required, at the cheapest possible cost

  • 23-Jun-2020 | Claude Smadja

    More dark clouds over trade

    We have been witnessing an exacerbation and an amplification of existing trade tensions

  • 28-May-2020 | Claude Smadja

    A story of preordained failure

    US president has concluded that the scapegoating of China was the best way to distract attention from his inept attitude towards the pandemic

  • 27-Apr-2020 | Claude Smadja

    In a sea of red ink

    A lot of uncertainties remain on how, when, and at what total economic and social cost, this pandemic will be tamed

  • 26-Mar-2020 | Claude Smadja

    Exceptional crisis, exceptional responses

    Exceptional circumstances are sometimes the catalyst for exceptional leaders to emerge; they can also be extremely harsh for those who fail the leadership test.

  • 01-Feb-2020 | Claude Smadja

    In troubled economic environment, the proof of Budget will be in follow-up

    The significant tax alleviation measures and plan to boost agricultural sector and improve farmers' conditions should have a direct positive impact

  • 23-Jan-2020 | Claude Smadja

    It is all about global risk mitigation

    Anemic condition, or slowing down factors of different nature, continue to prevail in all major economies

  • 27-Dec-2019 | Claude Smadja

    Can US-China decoupling work?

    The Trump administration will have to wait for a new phase of negotiations to try to achieve its goal of bringing structural reforms in China's economic and trade policies

  • 21-Nov-2019 | Claude Smadja

    Beware of the unfolding Washington drama

    For the Democrats, the issue is that almost nothing that can be said or demonstrated about Mr Trump seems to be able to shake his core base of support

  • 25-Oct-2019 | Claude Smadja

    The clouds over 2020

    The last few months have brought us an avalanche of downgraded forecasts from all international and private sector financial institutions and think tanks

  • 27-Sep-2019 | Claude Smadja

    Beijing's message on an iconic anniversary

    China is grappling with three immediate challenges of sustaining economic growth at a socially and politically acceptable level, of dealing with the Trump administration and of Hong Kong

  • 28-Aug-2019 | Claude Smadja

    Trade wars can be lost. Guess by whom?

    Trump can use all the superlatives he wants about the state of the American economy, but this does not prevent the slowdown

  • 26-Jul-2019 | Claude Smadja

    These men are dangerous

    Both the American president and the new British prime minister are leading deeply divided, polarised countries, uncertain about their future and agitated by strong populist currents

  • 05-Jul-2019 | Claude Smadja

    No 'Big Bang', it's a pro-growth and pro-entrepreneurship Budget

    Will Modi 2.0 prove to be an exception after having achieved such a decisive mandate?

  • 19-Jun-2019 | Claude Smadja

    Trade as a weapon or as a boomerang?

    Washington has now become the rogue elephant in the china shop

  • 15-May-2019 | Claude Smadja

    Who is truly afraid of the bully?

    Donald Trump is putting himself in the very difficult situation of either following up on his bullying or losing face and credibility

  • 17-Apr-2019 | Claude Smadja

    Could this giant get clay feet?

    In the present global context it would take very little additional headwind for Europe's number one economy to slide into recession by year-end

  • 20-Feb-2019 | Claude Smadja

    Looking beyond the US-China negotiations

    There is scant chance that the Trump will be able to achieve its containment objectives, as - with respect to China's rise in every single domain - the train has left the station quite some time ago

  • 26-Dec-2018 | Claude Smadja

    Guess who America should be afraid of

    Many in Washington and other capitals in Europe and Asia must consider that, with such a President, America does not need an enemy