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Why the Rakhigarhi site is the source of heated debate about our origins

Genetic material from the Harappan site of Rakhigarhi has given rise to conflicting theories about our origins. Ritwik Sharma examines the

Shonali Bose
Gay Icons of India
Chelsea boots
Diana, who travelled to Thailand for her sister’s 25th birthday on a limited budget


  • Kids who are adults for a cause

    Students and activists at a Global Climate Strike rally in New Delhi on September 20. Photo: Reuters Aakar Patel

    To me, the climate change problem will be addressed with much greater resolve as this younger generation participates in politics

  • The six categories of wine drinkers

    I had the unusually named El Goru 2016 from the Spanish Ego Bodegas winery at Le Cirque — a blend of monastrell, petit verdot and syrah, paired with a wild truffle risotto. Wild and woolly  like the label,  but interesting Alok Chandra

    Constellation Wines US had instituted Project Genome which grouped American wine consumers: enthusiasts, image seekers, savvy shoppers, ...

  • Tied to a nation state

    Arundhuti Dasgupta

    To believe that one language unifies all would mean that many languages divide the people. However, to cast language in this role seems ...


Trincas: 60 years of bringing music to Kolkata, night after night

For 60 years Trincas has been bringing music to Kolkata, night after night. Ishita Ayan Dutt on the iconic restaurant and its star, Usha Uthup

Rambo: Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood review - John Rambo is booby-trapped to the grave

Surely Rambo: Last Stand could have given an icon a more fitting exit, argues Veer Arjun Singh

Photo: iStock

Think twice before you bite into extreme diets that claim to work wonders

Extreme diets that test your body and your resolve often claim to work wonders, but think twice before you bite into them

The Dark Knight

Batman at 80: A look back at the making and remaking of the Dark Knight

Batman's brand of justice, too, is flawed and almost constantly under scrutiny from both his aids and adversaries