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The Bara Bangal trek in Himachal is very arduous and incredibly rewarding

The Bara Bangal trek takes one across a forbidding and treacherous landscape through Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges in Himachal. Shyam Saran ...

Waswo X Waswo
Humayun tomb
Photo: AKTC


  • Modernist outpost

    Cholamandal Artists’ Village is a remarkable commune that was set up in 1966 Kishore Singh

    Cholamandal is today part of the tourist circuit but few visitors realise the role it has played as the last pillar of modernism in the country.

  • Cutting the branch we sit on

    forest, jungle, environment, trees Arundhuti Dasgupta

    In India, almost every tree has a story running through it. The banyan, the fig tree, the eucalyptus - all trees are sacred because of their ...

  • The cult of children

    There is no question that the need of the self-proclaimed right-wing commentariat to mock and disparage Thunberg is, to use one of their favourite epithets, weird. But it’s no more weird than seeing adults defer cringingly to a child Shougat Dasgupta

    At the UN Climate Action Summit, Greta Thunberg admonished the world's leaders for playing fast and loose with the futures of the young

The Sky is Pink

Movie review: The Sky is Pink has just a hint of too much purple

The Sky is Pink tries to tell a tragic story with humour and good cheer but ends up overwrought and unconvincing, says Ritwik Sharma


Doomsday seems to be approaching for the country's Opposition parties

If the Congress must burn down to rise again from the ashes, so too must the rest of the Opposition. Archis Mohan on why all hope of a robust ...

Maruti Suzuki’s S-Presso

Maruti Suzuki's S-Presso manages to deliver SUV features in a small car

The S-Presso comes in four trim levels, from standard to the top end VXI+. It isn't quite a stunner, but does have its share of distinctive SUV ...

Apple watch, Apple watch series 5, Apple watch series 3

The latest in the Apple Watch series is competent, addictive and demanding

To be fair, the Apple Watch Series 5 still does a lot to ease your every day, unless, of course, you forget to charge it every night