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One for the planet: Solutions for a cleaner world from Indian businesses

From waterless bathing products to ink made from air pollutants, environment-minded Indian entrepreneurs are finding creative solutions for a ...

break dance
Neville Cardus (above), an autodidact from Manchester
The Shop in Regal Building


  • A legacy takes root

    Weaver from Kalahandi, 2019 by Manu Parekh Kishore Singh

    Parekh's great ability is taking risks and refusing to confine himself to a trope

  • Bringing power to heel

    Arundhuti Dasgupta

    Pride and arrogance are the fatal fault lines that destroy power, flaws that mortals must watch out for

  • The game of wines

    chart Alok Chandra

    Climate change over the last 30 years has had multiple effects on the wine industry - some beneficial, others not quite as much.

Tourists, wildlife, flora and fauna, birds, animals, tourism

How the Titli Trust is protecting 'lesser' creatures such as butterflies

A workable formula for wildlife conservation might lie in pulling in locals to save their own environment, feels Sanjay Sondhi of Titli Trust

Shahnawaz Karim conducting a training drill

How a bunch of passionate riders is making a career out of motorcycling

Veer Arjun Singh finds out what a bunch of passionate bikers can teach us about the adrenaline-fuelled hobby

Racism, Football, league, English Premier league, Italian premier league, soccer

Racism on the sporting field needs to stop. Immediately. No excuses

Many players of colour in the Serie A - Kalidou Koulibaly, Blaise Matuidi, Sulley Muntari and Moise Kean - have been subjected to racial ...