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Kejriwal names his party Aam Admi party

Says Congress lost aam admi today

Sreelatha Menon  |  New Delhi 

Arvind today unveiled his party and called it the aiming at the constituency claimed so far by the and minutes after his announcements tweeted that loses Aam Admi today.

Rreferring to the slogan of the ruling party "ka haath aam admi ke sath" he added that from now onwards congress support will be for Vadra's, Kalmadis and the BJP.

The party today designated 300 odd members as its founding members who constitute the national council.

The council elected 23 members to the core decision making body called the national executive today. Addressing a press conference after a day long meeting with founding members which finalised the constitution of the party said that all those who come to Jantar Mantra on Monday would be counted as founding members while the National Executive would have members up to a total of 35.

While he listed out names of the 23 members today which included him Prashant Bhushan yogendra yadav he said office bearers would be elected later. But members said that the party is to have a convenor and a joint convenor at the national level similar to the posts being created at gram sabha, ward, block college district and state levels.

Tthe aim of the new party was to achieve swaraj or rule of the people in the true sense said. He said the vision document approved by the national council of the party today asks for creating governance structures that would be accountable to the people rather than to the bureacracy and political leaders.

The document demands provision for  making laws through both referendum and ' initiative' . When the public wants changes in a law the former would be used and when the public wants a new law they could initiate the process, as is done in most countries, kejriwal said.

The document also asks for making justice a democratic right of the citizens by making litigation affordable to the poorest of the poor.

He said that another document dealing with issues like agriculture, education, health formed a dynamic document which would be based on further discussions.

The party would have ordinary members who could join for three years by paying a fee of Rs 10 and  also active members who would have voting rights. The latter would be selected from workers who have dedicated dfour months of work for the party he said.

Kejriwal said the aam admi  party would target youth participation and would consider every college as a unit like a ward and would have units in them just like the units at ward block district and state levels.

The party while having an internal Lokpal which would look into public complaints against party members would also exercise right to recall.

Congress reacted to the name of the new party saying that no one can take aam admi from the congress.

First Published: Sat, November 24 2012. 19:51 IST