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  • 01-Dec-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: Telecom spill-over

    Airtel Payments Bank started operations in Rajasthan last week and has already got over 20,000 savings accounts

  • 25-Nov-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Grappling with popularity

    Enter the dangal travels through India's wrestling landscape

  • 18-Nov-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    PM to crack down on benami property next: How to clean up real estate

    Investors fear that the demand for residential real estate will slump because a lot of black money was deployed there

  • 24-Aug-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Modern India, traditional remedies

    Aarathi Prasad's book provides a good idea of how the two worlds co-exist happily

  • 20-Aug-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Haldiram's: A Marwari success story

    Pavitra Kumar's book not only traces the tremendous growth of Haldiram's but also tells us why the Marwari business community is so successful

  • 19-Aug-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Newsmaker: Kavin Mittal

    Riding a unicorn

  • 11-Aug-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: Analjit Singh's long journey

    Over the years, Mr Singh has got in and out of innumerable businesses, cutting across sectors. He is one businessman who I have always found to be in a start-up mode

  • 29-Jul-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Dinner with BS: Binod Chaudhary

    The unabashed storyteller

  • 28-Jul-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: Yahoo!: a tale of complacency

    Investors had realised that the internet space was changing and Yahoo! was unable to keep pace with it

  • 30-Jun-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: How Airtel wants to soften RWAs

    Once there is a dialogue between subscribers and Bharti Airtel, it is possible that the RWAs may change their intransigent stand

  • 17-Jun-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Lunch with BS: Gaurav Dalmia

    The magic formula of investing

  • 16-Jun-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: The hungry hunters

    As the generics space gets crowded, this is one way of creating differentiation. Some are eyeing specialty generics and even bio-similars

  • 02-Jun-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: The evils of crony socialism

    Govts across political spectrum indulge freely in it, which makes me believe that full economic liberalism is still some distance away in the country

  • 19-May-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: Beyond the FIPB

    Govt has realised that most sectors fall under automatic route, which accounts for almost 90% of foreign investment proposals, and this has made FIPB redundant

  • 18-May-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Business & palace intrigues in Nepal

    Binod Chaudhary's Making It Big lifts the veil over how business was done in Nepal when it was a monarchy

  • 05-May-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: Listen to Dinesh Thakur

    Indian pharmaceutical sector, which makes the finest medicine in the world, sells sub-standard stuff to Indians

  • 16-Apr-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari & N Sundaresha Subramanian

    Oswal vs Oswal

    Pankaj Oswal, the eldest son of Abhey Oswal, has challenged his mother's appointment as the deceased businessman's successor. The authors recount the slugfest

  • 09-Apr-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Guarding their turf

    Business reacted with caution to the reforms of 1991, and demanded protection from multinationals and imports. Twenty-five years later, traces of that demand can still be found

  • 07-Apr-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: When overseas buys go bad

    In the mid-2000s, it was fashionable amongst Indian businessmen to acquire at least a company or two abroad

  • 24-Mar-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: The hatke telecom war

    Away from the limelight, a weighty issue is being debated heatedly in Delhi's telecom circles

  • 10-Mar-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: The rot in drug regulation

    It cannot be denied that Indian pharma industry has caused much heartburn to Big Pharma with its inexpensive medicine and has had to face roadblocks in the past

  • 01-Mar-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Jaitley bats for easier tax regime

    Finance minister proposes one-time scheme for dispute resolution for past cases under retrospective tax

  • 25-Feb-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: Selling nationalism

    The phone, said the pre-launch publicity material handed out by the company, was in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision to "empower India to the last person, transforming India's growth st

  • 13-Feb-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari & Avantika Bhuyan

    The Billionaire Club: Riches amid turbulence

    A majority of India's billionaires gained wealth in the last one year in spite of the stock market decline and they continued to splurge on life's luxuries

  • 11-Feb-2016 | Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: Making sense of IPL auctions

    If you look at the list, you will realise that all of them can bowl: Some are prodigious and others are average

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