Paris Climate Change Conference

196 countries met in Paris to negotiate a new global agreement for fighting climate change. The pact sealed here, after negotiations under the existing UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, promises to put in place a new set of globally agreed rules by which countries will collaborate on reducing emissions and adapting to climate change over coming decades.


The agreement promises to keep the rise of global temperature far below two degrees Celsius by the turn of the century. It has also been agreed that steps will be taken To ensure global emissions peak as soon as possible, with developed countries doing so before others. The package of decisions that all 196 countries have agreed to also involves ensuring that net greenhouse gas emissions become zero in the second half this century.


Laurent Fabius, Francois Hollande, Ban Ki-moon

196 countries agree to the Paris agreement on climate change

Resets the framework by which world will move away from fossil fuels before 2100

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Nitin Sethi in Paris

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