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Nurses from Kerala are the lifeline of hospitals across India

Taking care of the world

The author explores Kerala's nursing economy, the compulsions - and the social networks - that take them to faraway places, even war-torn Tikrit

Kartick Satyanarayan, the man who made an elephant weep with joy

Satyanarayan's NGO Wildlife SOS has been rescuing and rehabilitating bears, leopards, elephants and tigers

King of hearts

Rosie Llewellyn-Jones has written a well-researched book on Wajid Ali Shah, Awadh's ill-fated last ruler

A house by the Thames

With lower interest rates on loans and higher capital appreciation than in India, buying property in London makes more sense

Myanmar: Enter as tourist, exit as devotee

Myanmar is putting its past behind to catch up with the modern world

Being Jessica Alba

Hollywood celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza plans to spread her fitness mantra through a new range of gyms across the country

Street smart

The environment at Abhyaas Galli in Worli has helped students rise above their circumstances

First of a new sort

Audi's A3 heralds the birth of a sedan that promises luxury and performance while providing an affordable upgrade to the executive class

Essential travel kit

You have to leave town on short notice and while you ponder about what to carry along

Carpooling apps: Dealing with wheeling

A series of nifty networking apps and services are offering convenient systems for carpooling and ridesharing for daily commuters in metros

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The end of an era
Malavika Sangghvi

Rajesh Khanna’s legendary sea- facing Carter Road bungalow in Mumbai, a repository of glamour, heartbreak, nostalgia, has been sold for Rs 90 cr

For a piece of earth
Arundhuti Dasgupta

Land symbolised different things but all cultures considered it valuable because it was scarce and counted as wealth

Investment required in wine
Alok Chandra

To attract investments the wine business must have the prospect to become broadly profitable, with positive cash-flows over time

On finally growing up
Mitali Saran

When you’re a child they tell you that you can do whatever you want when you grow up

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A game of netball can change lives

Goal, an outreach programme, is using sports to teach life skills to girls from underprivileged homes

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