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Ritika Walia

Fashion republic

Internet has taken fashion and luxury to every corner of India

What makes Kamala Harris the 'female Obama'

Kamala Harris, described by President Obama as the best looking attorney general in US, bids fair to become a US senator next year

Indian caricaturists: jesters as commentators

Understanding what makes political caricature funny to some is critical today, the author of these analyses of Indian caricature

Art for work's sake at Ceat's Mumbai office

Dark-grey interiors, workstations with artworks & open spaces that reflect a transparent work culture give Ceat's Mumbai office a funky edge

Majnu ka Tilla: Flashes of a Forbidden Kingdom

The narrow lanes of Majnu ka Tilla in north Delh hide many Tibetan marvels, from authentic food to vignettes of their lives

Beginner's luck

JSW-funded Bengaluru FC, which has begun spectacularly by winning I-League & Federation Cup in maiden attempts, struggles like all others

Trolling is serious business

Trolling is not simply insulting someone online - it is actually a subculture that thrives on psychologically provoking a reaction

Power wheels

With a night-vision system, tear-gas cannons, Barack Obama's car is a 'beast' on the road. Here's a look at how Modi's car matches up

An unscripted performance explores the power of listening

Two Women Talking, an unscripted performance in the form of a conversation between two women, is a cathartic experience

Inner peace with the new Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz CLA, with its radical good looks and smooth ride, should attract young first-time buyers

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The game changer
Malavika Sangghvi

By the end of the '80s, Manmohan Shetty was running the largest film processing laboratory in the country with top production houses

The good woman
Arundhuti Dasgupta

If a woman achieves something, she is lauded for being a woman achiever; a man becomes a success story against all odds

On a wine trail in Nashik
Alok Chandra

It is clear that wineries with good facilities for visitors will gain significantly both in image as well as in commercial terms

Doing one's bit for the country
Mitali Saran

I am terribly confused. In a couple of weeks I have to go and vote in a new government for the city-state of Delhi

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