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Mallya's good times continue in England despite India's extradition efforts

I have done absolutely nothing wrong, says Vijay Mallya

ICC Women World Cup 2017
Gauri Maulekhi with her cat Sassy in her office in Shastri Bhawan in New Delhi. Photo: Sanjay K Sharma
Actor Supriya Vinod, who plays the role of Indira Gandhi, with Bhandarkar
G Ravinder Reddy


Deputy Inspector General (Prisons) Roopa D Moudgil

Meet Roopa D Moudgil, the woman who exposed Sasikala's 'suite of cells'

Roopa D Moudgil exposed large-scale irregularities in the prison system

Mohan Shyam Sharma

Pakhawaj player Mohan Shyam Sharma shares his passion for music

Born in April 1966, Mohan Shyam had his first recital in the mid-1980s at Kathak Kendra

Apple iPad Pro: Finally a laptop killer

Apple iPad Pro: Finally, a laptop killer

Non-reflective screen makes it easy on the eyes, even if you're reading in direct sunlight


Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is an unmissable war epic

Nolan's film is based on the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940, during World War II