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The anxiety and joy of being in a labour room

The author recounts the anxiety of being in the labour room and the joy that follows

Scent and sensibility

The author sizes up the talented Richa Chadha

Rippling muscles and lean frames

Amish's Scion of Ikshvaku is a fast read that floats interesting concepts but ends as a simplistic exposition of profound ideas

History gets a makeover at Delhi's National Museum

With guided walks, theme-based galleries and performances, the National Museum in Delhi is reinventing itself

Awadh, through Muzaffar Ali's Jaanisaar

His upcoming film, which comes decades after his cult classic, Umrao Jaan, attempts to capture transition Awadh witnessed after 1857

Vijender Singh: Punching above his weight?

For the glamour-smitten boxer, turning pro was the next logical step

Kolkata's crumbling legacy

Group of artists, economists, historians launched a crusade to rescue city's old houses that are part of history, but it's difficult fight

Audi Q3 2.0 TDI: Quantum jump

Better styling coupled with powerful features makes the new Audi Q3 a complete package

Mix it up this summer

Trends say uptake of whiskey-based cocktails is on an upswing, breaking away from notion that whiskey doesn't mix well with other beverages

Homing in on home-grown vegetables

Vegetables straight from the terrace to the table - that's the aim of some organisations that are encouraging people to grow their own food

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Nine questions for Joan Baez
Malavika Sangghvi

Baez, now 74, was a family icon at whose handmade sandals we worshipped daily would be an understatement

With the masterpieces in London
Kishore Singh

A marble Roman torso of Apollo (1st-2nd century AD), a rare and exceptional caleche (carriage) for a princely child (later 18th century), the ...

Under siege: Bookstores
Nilanjana S Roy

Discounts might make already cheap books even more accessible, but for readers, closure of bookstores slashes choice and range

42 at two
Anjuli Bhargava

At this pre-school almost 25% of the children are overweight

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Sunil Jaglan has become the 'girl child' mascot

Sunil Jaglan vividly recalls the events of 24 January, 2012. It was a frosty night, with rain hanging heavy in the icy January air. Around ...

When your phone is the epitome of high life

Here's a phone that brings with it concierge service that can promise you VIP tickets to a sold-out Madonna concert or a submarine ride

Head hackers

The head hacker put my mind to sleep in the world's most comfortable bed

Chess (#1155)

The control was 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per move starting at move 1, with no additional time at move 40