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A queue outside a retail liquor shop in Kerala

Kerala liquor ban: The bar is closed

Kerala's decision to take the road to Prohibition has been given a communal twist. The author looks at the political imperatives of the move

Stand-up comedy: Laughers' curve

A group of down-and-out professionals manages to find a new direction in life through stand-up comedy

The Bangala Table: Chef's Book of Secrets

The Bangala Table: The Flavours and Recipes from Chettinad joins the niche group of food books brought out by luxury hotels

Autumn's golden songs

When it comes to music festivals, India may not have its Glastonburys or Woodstocks yet, but it certainly seems to be on its way

The court and the classroom

With many schools abdicating their legal and ethical responsibilities towards students

Mass produced

India's first film relied on crowdsourcing, a trend that is once again energising independent cinema

Beast on a time lease

The Ford Endeavour will be launched in an all-new version next year. In the meantime, here is the revamped SUV

Timeless in ceramic

Rado's new DiaMaster range of watches surprises with its sleek design that vibrates with a traditional, classic appeal

Traveller in a marine world

Mahima Jaini works as a marine scientist, rescue diver and adventurer rolled into one

Building a school in the cloud

In the run-up to Teachers' Day, the author comes across an education system that could render conventional teaching redundant

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A new approach to spin
Malavika Sangghvi

In one fell swoop, Alia Bhatt managed to counter all her critics and, in fact, endear herself to them

The crisis of identity
Arundhuti Dasgupta

Imagine a buzzer that goes off every time a part of the globe clashes over ethnic, religious or linguistic identities

Barefoot in the Alps
Kishore Singh

Imagine a buzzer that goes off every time a part of the globe clashes over ethnic, religious or linguistic identities

Being connected, in a moral haze
Jai Arjun Singh

One of the funniest and scariest scenes in Anurag Kashyap's 2004 film Black Friday - about the investigation that followed the 1993 attacks

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Peter Oborne takes on established experts on South Asian cricket in an entertaining new book chronicling the history of cricket in Pakistan

The Indian bucket list

While the entire world is going crazy throwing ice-cold water over grinning faces to draw attention to a condition that kills around 7,000 ...

High-flying fashion

Designed by Abraham & Thakore, the crew uniforms of Vistara, the new airline to be launched by Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, has put the ...

Chess (#1111)

The world chess title match has run into uncertainty with chances of the champion pulling out. The scheduled start is November 7, 2014, at the ...