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Frugal times

Frugal times

Fun and games at startups have ended as easy money dries up

Mohandas Pai: Right to speak
Hyderabad masala
  • Hyderabad masala

    An upcoming film on Mohammad Azharuddin promises to be a potboiler, though not a true biopic

  • Noble cleanup cause

    Goonj is doing some good work in helping solve infrastructure issues in rural India

Tavleen's trysts
  • Tavleen's trysts

    Her book is less of a Hindutva-loving diatribe against the Dynasty than its detractors suggest, but it is still hard to agree with much of what ...

Characters from Gintama
  • The roles they play

    Gearing up with an ensemble complete with scythes, shields and swords is no longer a hobby that thrives on the sidelines

  • A lot of heart, but not enough

    Traffic, inspired by real life incidents, promises a lot at the onset but eventually fails to live up to it


  • Juggernaut's funky experiment

    Nilanjana S Roy

    Juggernaut's mobile reading app could be a game-changer

  • The arrogance of ignorance

    Kishore Singh

    For every work of art that translates into a value of lakhs and crores are millions of works that remain unacknowledged or unsold

  • Love machines

    Ashish Sharma

    According to an online community of guys who had been jacking in and out of the site, not caring who or what was on the other end

  • Trump's card scores

    Vikram Johri

    With no other candidate to contest his already insuperable lead, Trump is all set to become the Republicans' nominee for president

New age desserts

New age desserts

Neon green pancakes, a pudding made from water chestnut and jalebi as caviar - your sweet tooth is in for some funky treats

Volvo S60 Cross Country

Nordic treat

The Volvo S60 Cross Country is a very capable car that can be handled across all weather and terrain conditions

Granny knows best

Granny knows best

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar may have gathered her expertise from local universities, the Himalayas and Australia, but her approach to the ...

Captain America: Civil War | Photo: YouTube

Captain America: Civil War is MCU's best yet

The world of superheroes comes alive in Captain America: Civil War

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