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How doctors protect themselves from patient violence

75% doctors have at one time or the other faced verbal or physical abuse, according to a study

Kabaddi, now second only to cricket
Bhilar, Maharashtra, books village, strawberry farming hub
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro
Shanta (left) and V P Dhananjayan


Vijay Nair

Meet Vijay Nair, the man who spoke up against cyberstalking

Nair came out with his story, which highlighted how cyberstalking isn't as innocuous as it may seem

Lexus ES 300h Hybrid

Lexus ES 300h Hybrid: Best of both worlds

A powerful engine and chic comfort make the new Lexus ES 300h Hybrid a charming drive

Baby-G BGA-240

Casio Runner's Collection and Noise Loop: A tale of two dials

Casio Runner's Collection and Noise Loop are ideal for running and training


Some great Indian summer escapes

Avantika Bhuyan takes you off the beaten track to discover the hidden surprises in this vast country