Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver's restaurants are coming to India, soon

After giving diners the world over a taste of authentic Italian cuisine, Jamie Oliver is set to make his India debut. Here's what you can expect

At 17,590 feet above sea level, Chang La is one of the highest motorable passes in the world
Does your child have high cholesterol?
Jeremy Mayer


  • A murder most curious

    Malavika Sangghvi

    High-society incidents like this one inevitably give rise to questions about the morality and ethics of the high and mighty

  • Bestsellers in Hindi

    Nilanjana S Roy

    "It's a very large canvas. The old, the new and the repackaged old books - all of them are vying for the readers' attention, and succeeding!"

  • How the gavel falls

    How the gavel falls Kishore Singh

    The strong estimates for both lots, Man and Woman Laughing and Birth, are bound to result in an evaluation of FN Souza's estate

  • Arabian nights

    Ashish Sharma

    I met Sweetie, a Filipina housemaid, in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) on a dating app. Throughout the call, she kept hiding from her madam in the

  • Mataji and Pitaji

    Anjuli Bhargava

    I don't refer to my brothers' wives as "bhabiji" at all. I call them by name. Mom and Pop have replaced Mataji and Pitaji

Burger mania hits the country

Burger mania hits the country

The ubiquitous burger is taking on many avatars across the country. The author separates the hype from the taste

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Betting on the classic Grand Wagoneer

The original luxury SUV is experiencing a boom in the vintage market, and prices will likely only go up when the new remake emerges in 2018

Movie Review: Poor script, wasted acting pale Phantom

Movie Review: Poor script, wasted acting pale Phantom

It draws from 26/11, a horrifying event that shook the nation, but the film fails on many fronts

Vivian Richards

Crease control

One of the finest analysts in cricket provides an entertainingly informative book about what makes leading batsmen tick