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Going off course

Going off course

Trolls, abuses, threats - has Twitter changed for the worse? The authors find out

Zorawar Kalra
IoT? It's at home with you
Home is where the vacation is
Saina Nehwal
  • Shuttling high?

    Seven-member contingent for badminton at Rio Olympics may spell good news for India, but recent form suggests the need to exercise caution

  • Telemedicine far from perfect

    The internet may not have all the answers to your skin problems


  • Beauty hurts

    Veenu Sandhu

    Last week, Julia Roberts walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival barefoot

  • The Salt Doll's story

    The Salt Doll's story Nilanjana S Roy

    It sets the tone for Vandana Mishra's lively memoir of her life as a theatre actress and a young girl growing up in a now-distant Mumbai

  • Art of being Gaitonde

    Kishore Singh

    V S Gaitonde was regarded as one of India's foremost abstract painters

  • Downloading happiness

    Ashish Sharma

    After immersion into VR, I was fine for a few minutes but, while inching across the room, I started to expect a virtual grid to appear

The Iranian frigate IS Sahand after being hit by 20 US air launched missiles and bombs, April 1988

The war that began all wars in West Asia

A detailed study of the Iran-Iraq war provides a timely reminder of the eight-year conflict that shaped the current conflagration in the region


A voice for nomads

An Ahmedabad-based NGO is trying to resolve the problems that India's nomadic communities face

The interior of the Andul Palace, Rajiv Soni

Standing the test of time

"Bricks of the Raj", a photo exhibition, showcases the history deeply embedded in the homes, buildings and palaces of Kolkata

Chess (#1201)

Chess (#1201)

This year's event, the 17th edition, is being held in Gjakova, Kosovo

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