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How to lose friends

Several former colleagues say Arvind Kejriwal is undemocratic. But his loyalists stand stoutly behind him

Bibhu Mohapatra: The designer who dressed Michelle Obama

Bibhu Mohapatra, a small-town boy from Odisha, chose to give up a foreign degree in economics to design clothes - and hasn't looked back

On test, always

Pakistan, peculiarly, represents the best and worst of cricket

The contrasting colours of Jaipur

The city is becoming more democratic as the past embraces the future

Steak out of a truck

Funkily designed trucks that serve grab-and-go food are the new rage in Bengaluru

At work and happy

Our job consumes a huge amount of our time. That is why it is important to teach ourselves to be happy at the workplace

Tractors, SUVs and ... grapes

The country's largest exporter of grapes is Mahindra & Mahindra. The author finds out how it happened

Silver standard

Harley-Davidson's Breakout is a great bike for weekend getaways, but its biggest challenge is its limited manoeuvrability

Khadi on the ramp

With capes, garara pants and dungarees, three designers are taking khadi to luxurious heights

India Art Fair, sitar recital by Nishat Khan and Italian comedy to make your weekend

Some recommendations to enliven your weekend

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North versus the rest
Malavika Sangghvi

Is Jayanthi Natarajan a victim of Rahul Gandhi's 'shift' from being pro-poor to pro-industry?

Nurturing the collector
Kishore Singh

This columnist has been fortunate in having privilege of viewing several private collections that represent the personalities of their owners

Nihilism in a medical ward
Jai Arjun Singh

There is, of course, satirical exaggeration in this portrait of a medical ward as a purgatory for confused souls, administered to by angels ...

Gen Next or Gen Lost?
Anjuli Bhargava

How are we allowing an entire generation to grow up with no clear sense of identity & no knowledge of their incredibly rich cultural heritage

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While some booths are teeming with visitors and buyers, others are getting a lukewarm response

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If KM Mani, Kerala's finance and law minister, chairman of Kerala Congress (M) and a powerful figure in the ruling coalition, finds himself ...

Up close with Van Gogh

As a fledgling artist, Vincent van Gogh hired a carpenter to build a perspective frame: a wire-grid window. He used it to draw the Dutch ...

Birdman: A director's triumph

Birdman, with its stream-of-consciousness treatment, treads the fine line between theatre and cinema