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Varanasi offers moksha amid chaos

The author travels from Sarnath to Nadesar and finally finds peace in the din on the ghats of Benaras

Naseeruddin Shah: the actor in my head

Like his breath-taking performances, Naseeruddin Shah's entertaining memoir leaves a lasting impression on the reader

Shalan Dere's ceramic wares a hit with Bollywood stars

With her studio visited by Bollywood celebrities and socialites, potter Shalan Dere's works are becoming popular for their heartwarming ...

Tommy Hilfiger's designs on India

Designer Tommy Hilfiger talks about his love affair with India as the brand celebrates its tenth year in the country

Indulge in Oktoberfest and stand up for Kashmir this weekend

A few cultural recommendations that promise to enrich your weekend

Cancer: the big picture

PET MRI, a new cancer screening test can detect the disease in the body with greater accuracy

AirAsia's Mittu Chandilya in top flight

Former model and entrepreneur Mittu Chandilya wants to make AirAsia India's leading airline. Does he have it in him?

Better? Yes. Best? No.

The Scorpio, Mahindra's trusted SUV, is out in a completely new version

Food for froth

Wheat beer with prawns? Or light lager with cheese? The author studies the science behind beer and food pairing

Delhi's bird rescuers

Two brothers are determined to preserve Delhi's struggling population of carnivorous birds

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Choosing a lifestyle
Malavika Sangghvi

Our life is about the lifestyle choices we make

Almost there, Dilip Sahab
Bhupesh Bhandari

Dilip Kumar discloses that Mistry family financed blockbuster films like Mughal-e-Azam which many consider grandest film ever made in Bollywood

Wine snobbery
Alok Chandra

The biggest surprise for me was that Grover's La Reserve topped the points tally for reds

What to do if you meet a bear
Mitali Saran

I feel that if you haven't almost drowned in a river and almost fallen off a mountain to an uncertain fate, you aren't doing it right

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