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Manmohan Singh

Two lives

Active or inert? As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh prepares for retirement, the author explores his current state of mind

Naveen Jindal on a hat-trick mission

Industrialist Naveen Jindal, fighting to win the Kurukshetra Lok Sabha seat for a third time, has more than just Narendra Modi to contend with

The upside of failure: Success

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, charts how to fail your way to success in a new book with entertaining anecdotes from his own life

Eclectic escapes

From the beaches of Thailand to the highlands of Peru, the authors list destinations you can visit to get away from the sweltering Indian summer

The social network: Advantage expat

A privilege programme offers expats in Delhi new and reliable ways to explore the city.

Yoga, with a few jokes thrown in

A number of yoga teachers are taking the exercise regime out of the realms of solemnity and giving it a more down-to-earth feel with levity and ...

Unravelling the mirage that is Dubai

Swanky Ferraris, theme parks with European climes and vanity plates may reflect the Emirate's expensive tastes, but how sustainable are these

Power hungry? Not a chance

Toyota has chosen to shun diesel and go the green way with its new Camry. Fitted with a hybrid engine, the sedan is a great drive that doesn't ...

Wheels of time

Joining the ranks of Hublot and Breitling collaborations with luxury cars, Jaeger-LeCoultre's latest offering will give the exclusive group of ...

Capturing a political revolution

A work-in-progress documentary produced by Anand Gandhi looks at the birth of a political party

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Memories of an election
Malavika Sangghvi

It is dismaying that legitimate supporters of a party prefer anonymity, fearing repercussions from their opponents

Loss and found
Rrishi Raote

The Snow Leopard is not a long book, but Matthiessen's talent makes it extraordinarily nourishing

The fallout of being a treasure
Kishore Singh

A young country may need its nationalistic symbols, but what can explain the Ministry of Culture's chauvinistic attempt to name nine artists as ...


Guide to a song
Jai Arjun Singh

The long relationship between literature and cinema is full of anecdotes about writers feeling demeaned or bullied by a medium they couldn't ...

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Seven habits of highly effective netas

Habit 1: Learn the fine art of being misquoted: The secret is to be quoted for an outrageous remark and then be acquitted in the Supreme Court ...

Look for cancer, and find it

According to researchers, mammography could be leading some down a slippery slope to unneeded surgery, chemotherapy and radiation

Chess (#1092)

There were many outstanding games at the Candidates. Not surprising given the strength of the field. There were also multiple errors. Part of ...

What to do this weekend in Delhi and Mumbai

Some recommendations to enliven your weekend