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The Strategist Quiz (#210)

Gaurav Sri Krishna  |  New Delhi 


  1. The latest update for which operating system has been dubbed as Mango? 
  2. ______ Smile is the title by which this brand has a presence on Facebook. It encourages you to share your ‘smile’ by uploading photographs. Fill in the blank with the brand’s name. 
  3. This company name when translated in English reads “Tiger-Leopard Limited”. Actually named after its founders, this company recently severed ties with its Indian counterpart. Name the company and its popular brand. 
  4. What is common to GE, Hershey’s, Sara Lee and P&G as far as their Indian operations are concerned? 
  5. When was the first computer bulletin board system introduced and by whom? 
  6. The founder of this company quit her job in the 1960s because a man whom she trained was promoted above her at twice her salary. She planned to write a book and the notes for it became instead a business plan for starting her own company. Name this person who runs one of the most successful sales driven companies. 
  7. What was used for the first time during the Italo-Turkish war that was fought in Libya in 1911? 
  8. What is common to the brands Chairman, Korando and Rodius? 
  9. This brand’s name in its native means a dark, furry animal now called the Pine Marten weasel. Name it. 
  10. Identify the symbol and name its designer? 

Ten all-correct entries will receive a copy of Andy Bounds’ The Jelly Effect: How To Make Your Communication Stick published by Wiley India (books courtesy: Wiley India). One lucky winner will also receive a cheque for Rs 2,000. Send your entries to strategist@ All entries must carry the postal address of the contestant. Last date for receiving entries: 19 July. Previous winners, employees of Business Standard and Wiley India and their families are not eligible to participate.

First Published: Mon, July 18 2011. 00:30 IST