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  • 09-Aug-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Tune into empathy

    What levels of empathy do Indians and particularly Hindus have for their compatriots in Kashmir?

  • 08-Aug-2019 | Aakar Patel

    How BJP is delivering on its three promises

    The party's continued focus on issues concerning Article 370, Uniform Civil Code and Ram temple ensured that it made progress on these

  • 27-Jul-2019 | Aakar Patel

    For the people

    On a cycling group that I am a part of, a message was circulated this week of an executive who died after being hit by a truck from the back

  • 26-Jul-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Why does India resist third-party mediation on the Kashmir issue?

    There is no real pressure on India to address the dispute because we are securing from Pakistan what we want through other means

  • 12-Jul-2019 | Aakar Patel

    HAL 9000, here we come

    The prediction is that once we achieve human standards, that machine will become as close to a god

  • 12-Jul-2019 | Aakar Patel

    A waning resistance to majoritarianism

    There is no effective counter to Hindu nationalism in politics and society in India today

  • 06-Jul-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Sitharaman's maiden Budget leaves big economic questions unanswered

    The adoption of electric vehicles is poor in India because of a lack of consumer choice

  • 28-Jun-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Political posturing

    The interesting thing is that the writer brings in the crisis of the present in several ways

  • 28-Jun-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Pakistan, terror funds and Kashmir

    Global sanctions against Pakistan for not doing enough to curb terror financing will not deliver any relief to India

  • 26-Jun-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Rulers and information

    The book also engages with the term Hindu, a favourite theme of the RSS and its ideologues and friends, again going back to Savarkar

  • 14-Jun-2019 | Aakar Patel

    A Kashmir diary

    Shiraz, the last single screen hall in Srinagar which today is a dilapidated shell, shut down a quarter century ago soon after the troubles began

  • 14-Jun-2019 | Aakar Patel

    The uniting power of Hindi

    Indians display remarkable apathy to excesses by the state -except when at stake is their language

  • 31-May-2019 | Aakar Patel

    The vision of a leader

    No other leader in our history, or that of our neighbours, has been able to produce anything of the quality that Nehru did

  • 23-May-2019 | Aakar Patel

    The 'pro-incumbency' factor

    The election results are anything but a failure of the Opposition

  • 17-May-2019 | Aakar Patel

    The traitor and the patriot

    Older readers will remember a time from 30 years ago when no other party would align with the BJP because it was 'communal'

  • 09-May-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Breathing fresh air into the next govt

    A coalition is India's best hope. It will be slow to move, but will lead to a consensual and collaborative form of governance

  • 03-May-2019 | Aakar Patel

    If you want to retire...

    I'm looking forward to not having to shave or travel and, instead, potter about the house harassing the dog, growing some bhut jolokia chillies and admiring my bookshelves

  • 26-Apr-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Guesswork and the elections

    Guesswork is not psephology and something like that is happening in these polls, too, because nobody is quite sure any longer

  • 19-Apr-2019 | Aakar Patel

    The day at the booth

    'Wins and losses are one thing, but sending a message is in my opinion something even stronger', says the author

  • 11-Apr-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Modi and the art of next best

    His first term in the Lok Sabha was spent in comfort. But the second could be a test for his charisma-driven politics

  • 05-Apr-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Election non-issues

    In India, the giant rally has been the means of choice for political parties to show the extent of their mobilisation

  • 29-Mar-2019 | Aakar Patel

    The second-class citizens of cricket

    Rules of the game favour the bat over the ball

  • 22-Mar-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Run-up to voting day

    We have a political party in power that is implementing its ideology and agenda of dividing our nation and our society on the basis of faith

  • 14-Mar-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Why Balakot should be kept out of elections

    If it brings electoral success, it will encourage further adventurism and divert attention from issues of substance

  • 08-Mar-2019 | Aakar Patel

    Why we vote the way we do

    I think of the BJP as being only a sort-of ideological party because its ideology is expressed negatively