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  • 25-Nov-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Economic heft and foreign policy posturing

    India's foreign policy options are circumscribed by its relatively inadequate economic size and technological capabilities

  • 28-Sep-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Monetisation of government assets

    Leasing government-owned land would be easier and should be accorded higher priority

  • 25-Aug-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Indian treasures at home and abroad

    Historically significant sites, artefacts and papers in India and the UK should be made accessible to wider audiences

  • 11-Aug-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    How the US created China's dominance

    In the past few years, the US, more than other G7 countries, has called out the bristling hubris of a totalitarian China

  • 29-Jul-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Indus Waters Treaty is worth preserving

    Selective cooperation with Pakistan, not mindless confrontation is the way forward

  • 22-Jun-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Kissinger's monumental blunder

    His suggested policies benefited China hugely

  • 25-May-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    India a dysfunctional anarchy?

    It is the people who lost as the government scored self-goals

  • 22-Apr-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Deja vu - all over again

    No credible signs yet of the viability of long-term infrastructure lending in India

  • 22-Mar-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    India's ever-increasing reservations

    A more divisive society and economic disasters ahead if reservations above 50 per cent are deemed legal by the Supreme Court

  • 24-Feb-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Big is beautiful in India?

    Excessive focus on the biggest Indian companies could be counterproductive for employment generation

  • 19-Jan-2021 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    India and smug mediocrity

    Indian democracy is equating excellence with elitism

  • 22-Dec-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    India's two looming challenges

    Government's New Year resolutions should be to revive domestic demand while addressing the Chinese threat

  • 25-Nov-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Uncertain times for India

    Strategic and economic risks have risen to unprecedented levels

  • 21-Oct-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Chinese aggression in Ladakh

    India's anodyne approach to China over the last 70 years has systematically underestimated that country's unrelenting hostility

  • 24-Sep-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Raise demand via govt spending

    As demand rises, supply would increase correspondingly and so would employment and overall growth

  • 26-Aug-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Looming Brexit and potential fallout

    India needs to look beyond the US and EU to widen its trade and investments

  • 29-Jul-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Is greed good?

    A more caring India would provide for Universal Basic Income

  • 25-Jun-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    India's trust and credibility deficits

    The country needs less event management and more considered anticipatory action

  • 09-Jun-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    'History will absolve me'

    Over-centralisation of political power in one person-party inevitably resulted in Cuba falling short of meeting the aspirations of the human spirit

  • 28-May-2020 | Jaimini Bhagwati

    Chinese exceptionalism

    Trade ties with China are mutually beneficial but the world should seek transparency about that country's institutions