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  • 19-Oct-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Auction of public resources and profit

    Any sale must be designed to serve the common good, not to maximise revenues

  • 21-Sep-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Rescuing the economy

    Ensure price support for agriculture, subsidise wage costs of MSMEs and accelerate public construction activities

  • 24-Aug-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Education for the future

    India needs to liberate education from political control and give institutions the autonomy needed to innovate

  • 13-Jul-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Nature in peril

    Nature can protect us only if we protect it - that is the simple truth this government needs to recognise

  • 23-Jun-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Period piece pleasures

    There are several novelists who have set their detective stories in this period when the freedom movement was taking roots in India

  • 15-Jun-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Recovering from the Covid epidemic

    The fiscal conservatism of the finance ministry means growth revival will take longer and may not be seen till late in the next fiscal year or even later

  • 18-May-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Covid-19: What India needs right now is a programme to help the destitute

    The need of the hour is a rehabilitation programme for those trapped in destitution or near-bankruptcy by the lockdown

  • 24-Mar-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Governance & politics

    Neither the Nehru-era approach nor the Chinese model is right for India. It needs to create room for the private sector

  • 21-Feb-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Montek Singh Ahluwalia's new book uncovers India's 'Backstage' story

    Montek Singh Ahluwalia's book should be read by those who want to understand the past and those responsible for planning our future, says Nitin Desai

  • 16-Feb-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Institutional reforms

    The government must now step back from direct engagement in the economy and focus on correcting market and social distortions

  • 01-Feb-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Nirmala Sitharaman's Budget 2020 is a disappointment at many levels

    We may well end up with the same budgetary mess that we have experienced this year

  • 19-Jan-2020 | Nitin Desai

    Socio-political stability and growth

    Growth prospects are threatened by citizenship proposals, which are leading to Centre-state confrontation, social strife, and disruption of working people's lives

  • 22-Dec-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Protecting a people's democracy

    The executive branch should not have the power to appoint public officials whose role is to protect the Constitution and prevent executive overreach

  • 24-Nov-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Boost labour income to revive growth

    The principal demand impetus for growth comes from the bottom half of income distribution

  • 16-Nov-2019 | Nitin Desai

    On the rise of nationalism and the urgent need for interdependence

    Economist Nitin Desai analyses what ails nations today and offers a prescription for the future

  • 07-Oct-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Restoring high growth

    Look beyond large corporations and release the growth potential of farmers and small entrepreneurs

  • 05-Aug-2019 | Nitin Desai

    The geopolitics of climate action

    The command of climate-friendly technologies will become the source of geopolitical power in the future

  • 07-Jul-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Accelerating growth

    An export-led backward integration strategy for manufacturing and business services is essential for accelerating economic growth

  • 05-Jul-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Unrealistic revenue projections

    In all probability, the end of the year will see the same jugglery with the subsidy payments that we saw this year to keep the deficit figure on target

  • 09-Jun-2019 | Nitin Desai

    A growth Budget

    The Budget speech must include reform measures for PSU banks, a commitment to boost PSU bank lending, and specific measures to resolve the problems faced by NBFCs

  • 13-May-2019 | Nitin Desai

    The next election

    A broad-based coalition would be better to protect dissent and diversity and a cooperative federalism that joins the Centre and the states in shared decision making

  • 14-Apr-2019 | Nitin Desai

    On the electoral process

    Laws, codes of conduct for elections and their implementation by an independent Election Commission are only the beginning

  • 18-Mar-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Self-reliance in defence

    The design, development and production of defence equipment must be indigenised for strategic independence

  • 18-Feb-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Coalitions and the economy

    The economy is relatively immune to whether the political regime in New Delhi is weak or strong. It has become Central government-proof

  • 21-Jan-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Development strategy & Budget

    Fiscal prudence, compliance and simplification - however desirable - are too narrow as a focus for policy design