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  • 05-Aug-2019 | Nitin Desai

    The geopolitics of climate action

    The command of climate-friendly technologies will become the source of geopolitical power in the future

  • 07-Jul-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Accelerating growth

    An export-led backward integration strategy for manufacturing and business services is essential for accelerating economic growth

  • 05-Jul-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Unrealistic revenue projections

    In all probability, the end of the year will see the same jugglery with the subsidy payments that we saw this year to keep the deficit figure on target

  • 09-Jun-2019 | Nitin Desai

    A growth Budget

    The Budget speech must include reform measures for PSU banks, a commitment to boost PSU bank lending, and specific measures to resolve the problems faced by NBFCs

  • 13-May-2019 | Nitin Desai

    The next election

    A broad-based coalition would be better to protect dissent and diversity and a cooperative federalism that joins the Centre and the states in shared decision making

  • 14-Apr-2019 | Nitin Desai

    On the electoral process

    Laws, codes of conduct for elections and their implementation by an independent Election Commission are only the beginning

  • 18-Mar-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Self-reliance in defence

    The design, development and production of defence equipment must be indigenised for strategic independence

  • 18-Feb-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Coalitions and the economy

    The economy is relatively immune to whether the political regime in New Delhi is weak or strong. It has become Central government-proof

  • 21-Jan-2019 | Nitin Desai

    Development strategy & Budget

    Fiscal prudence, compliance and simplification - however desirable - are too narrow as a focus for policy design

  • 24-Dec-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Faith and tolerance

    All citizens can be persuaded to cross at least the first few stages of tolerance that require us to accept the principles of democracy and respect others

  • 25-Nov-2018 | Nitin Desai

    RBI: Autonomy and accountability

    RBI autonomy, though a must, has to go hand in hand with a clear structure of accountability

  • 23-Nov-2018 | Nitin Desai

    'Nature's Edge' challenges complacency, alarmism about saving environment

    The set of essays suggests that though the problem is global, humans must look for local experiences and solutions

  • 17-Oct-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Climate change and ethics

    The time has come to focus as much attention on what each one of us must do as on what others should be doing

  • 19-Sep-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Borrowing our way into trouble

    To reduce current account deficit, govt should have focused on narrowing the trade imbalance via export facilitation and linked FDI

  • 15-Aug-2018 | Nitin Desai

    The state of the economy

    The IMF has argued for fiscal and monetary prudence. But for accelerating growth India should be prudent about such prudence

  • 19-Jul-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Scientific temper & political discourse

    The restoration of scientific temper in society is essential for the future we want

  • 21-Jun-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Debt markets for development

    Reforms in infrastructure strategy, bank governance and debt markets needed to prevent future NPA traumas

  • 17-May-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Marx for our times

    In the first three industrial revolutions, capitalism not only survived but also thrived. But has it finally exhausted its potential?

  • 19-Apr-2018 | Nitin Desai

    China and green growth

    If China succeeds in its decarbonisation drive, global pressure on India to decarbonise faster will mount

  • 22-Mar-2018 | Nitin Desai

    What's needed for effective water management: Less govt, more governance

    We must move towards a people-centric, ecosystem-oriented management

  • 22-Feb-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Budget not a propaganda vehicle, restore its real purpose

    With rising media interest in Budgets over the years governments have used them as propaganda vehicles

  • 02-Feb-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Budget 2018: Many big announcements by Jaitley, but where is the money?

    The projected deficit for FY2019 is 3.3%. What underlies this is a tax revenue growth of 16.6% and expenditure growth of 10.1%

  • 11-Jan-2018 | Nitin Desai

    Economy: Walking, but not yet running

    The FM must resist both half-baked schemes for pre-electoral largesse as well as ill-planned reform dhamakas

  • 14-Dec-2017 | Nitin Desai

    Growth for job creation

    India can meet its job-creation challenge by modernising and galvanising the large hidden potential of the unorganised sector

  • 16-Nov-2017 | Nitin Desai

    Macroeconomics: Then and now

    We need a different approach in an economy that is more open, more private sector oriented and much less monsoon dependent