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  • 24-Jul-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Courts, courtiers, and magicians

    Behind the teetering government in Rajasthan ― and the Congress's collapse in Madhya Pradesh four months ago ― is the saga of the Gandhi dynasty scraping the bottom of the barrel

  • 10-Jul-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    The long lashing tail of Covid

    India recorded its biggest single-day spike this week with 25,530 Covid cases, breaching the 25,000 mark for the first time

  • 04-Jul-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Eight days in a Covid hospital

    By definition a quarantined Covid unit is a bubble-like entity, with little link to the outside world

  • 16-Jun-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Lutyens: The man behind the myth

    In his remorseless climb up the greasy pole he was like Thackeray's manipulative, social-climbing heroine Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair

  • 13-Jun-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    The trouble with cities

    With an election looming in November, President Donald Trump's response is of a leader cornered by cascading public anger

  • 30-May-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Lessons from the lockdown

    The corona pandemic of 2020 will join cataclysms such as killer floods, communal bloodbaths, or a mass migration rising to Partition levels

  • 16-May-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    The king's speech

    What the Indian public got this week was another monologue - the fifth since March 19

  • 11-May-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Yesterday's page turners

    Fashions change, and it's difficult to pinpoint why many critically acclaimed and commercially successful writers fall off the literary map while others soldier on

  • 02-May-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Migration and the call of home

    After weeks of hard-to-control crowds taking to the streets to find a way home, more chaos is likely to ensue as reluctant governments piece together plans to transport them home

  • 20-Apr-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Binge-reading and -watching

    Binge-watchers filling up empty days may ask: Why read a book when there's the movie? Apart from putting the cart before the horse, it's a lazy question

  • 18-Apr-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    The spreading panic of incarceration

    What the extended lockdown has brought into harsh view are the precarious levels of urban existence

  • 04-Apr-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Halted lives, postponed futures

    The bleak choice the poor face at a time of life-threatening illness is whether they will perish from disease or hunger

  • 21-Mar-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Quarantined lives

    In countries with a wider coverage of digital communication, overuse of the internet is causing the opposite problem

  • 22-Feb-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    One man's meat is another's poison

    Chronicles of life in China devote chapter and verse to the ongoing battle between government authorities and consumers

  • 08-Feb-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Delhi's debate: Development vs acrimony

    More than any metropolitan agglomeration in the country, Delhi's populace has highly attuned political antennae

  • 25-Jan-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    A capital walkover?

    A repeat of 67 out of the 70 seats in 2015 may be hard for AAP to achieve today

  • 11-Jan-2020 | Sunil Sethi

    Lighting the campus tinderbox

    Mr Modi's authoritarian streak is sometimes compared to Indira Gandhi's rise to absolute power. If so, the triggering of a students' agitation carries a fateful echo from the non-so-distant past

  • 28-Dec-2019 | Sunil Sethi

    A rapid reader for 2019

    It's been a fruitful year for scholars. A couple of works of history stand out

  • 14-Dec-2019 | Sunil Sethi

    Dousing the infernos of urban chaos

    Leaders have come to treat the fires of urban chaos as par for the course

  • 30-Nov-2019 | Sunil Sethi

    Political jugglery and other pollutants

    For escapees from the polluted north, Goa's sea air may be salubrious but it is a badly managed and expensive tourism destination in comparison to Southeast Asian resorts