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What is Aadhaar?


About Aadhaar

What is Aadhaar?

Aadhaar is a 12-digit identifying number given by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to the residents of India after a certain verification process.
To get an Aadhaar number, individuals have to provide minimal demographic and biometric information, which include name, date of birth or age, gender, address, mobile number, and e-mail ID (optional), fingerprints, iris scans, and a facial photo.

What are the different forms of Aadhaar

UIDAI has issued multiple forms of Aadhaar, including Aadhaar letters, eAadhaar, mAadhar and Aadhaar PVC for residents. Aadhaar in all forms are valid. Indians can choose from the following: 

Aadhaar Letter

Aadhaar letter is laminated paper-based documents issued to the residents after enrolment and update. In the event of a new enrolment or a mandatory biometric update, an Aadhaar letter is issued to the resident free of charge via regular mail.
In case the Aadhaar letter is lost or destroyed, the resident can purchase a reprint from UIDAI's official website for Rs 50.


eAadhaar is a password-protected electronic copy of Aadhaar, which is digitally signed by UIDAI. The combination of the first 4 letters of name in capital and the year of birth (YYYY) are set as password. eAadhaar includes a QR code for offline verification as well as the issue and download dates.
Mask Aadhaar option allows residents to mask their Aadhaar number in downloaded e-Aadhaar. In a masked Aadhaar number, the first 8 digits of the Aadhaar number are replaced with some characters like “xxxx-xxxx” while only the last 4 digits of the Aadhaar Number are visible.
As per Aadhaar Act, e-Aadhaar is equally valid for all purposes. Residents can get their e-Aadhaar/masked e-Aadhaar from UIDAI's official website.


mAadhaar is the official mobile application developed by UIDAI to provide a platform for Aadhaar holders to carry their demographic data i.e. name, date of birth, gender and address along with photographs with them in smartphones. It features a QR code that may be used to verify it offline.
mAadhaar can be installed on all smartphones working on iOS version 10.0 and above and Android version 5.0 and above. A user can add a maximum of three profiles on one device, provided all three profiles have the same mobile number registered in their Aadhaar. This is valid in cases where members of a family have the same mobile number registered as the mAadhaar user’s in their Aadhaar.
mAadhaar app can be used anywhere anytime within India. mAadhaar is more than an Aadhaar card in a wallet. The mAadhaar app can be used for biometric data locking/unlocking, sharing QR code and eKYC data, updating the Aadhaar profile and more.

Aadhaar PVC Card

Aadhaar PVC card was introduced by UIDAI in October 2020. It is easy to carry and durable. The PVC-based Aadhaar Card is a plastic card, which has a digitally signed secure QR code with photograph and demographic details with multiple security features.
This form of Aadhaar can be ordered online using an Aadhaar number, virtual ID or enrolment ID by paying a charge of Rs 50. After application, the card is delivered to the registered address by post.

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