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  • 20-Aug-2019 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Development dilemmas, at home and abroad

    The confluence of an impossible trinity at home and natural, economic, technological and geopolitical disruptions globally raises major concerns

  • 23-Jul-2019 | Arunabha Ghosh

    The agony and the urgency of water

    As one of the fastest urbanising countries in the world, Indian cities need to respond to symptoms of acute water crisis and fix water mismanagement

  • 25-Jun-2019 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Mission-mode to sustainability and growth

    States must update their action plans on climate change with a deeper understanding of climate risks

  • 20-May-2019 | Arunabha Ghosh & Selna Saji

    Save wind energy from the doldrums

    Policymakers must choose between two approaches: To distribute the capacity or distribute the energy generated

  • 23-Apr-2019 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Governing uncertainty in geoengineering

    Climate geoengineering is deliberate large-scale intervention in Earth's climate system to limit adverse global warming

  • 26-Mar-2019 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Green to great industrial policy

    Creating enabling conditions for effective green industrial policy is hard, but it is the only way towards becoming a great economy that shapes the future

  • 26-Feb-2019 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Energy access: Are you being served?

    Just as poverty can no longer be assessed only based on incomes, several metrics matter to understand energy poverty

  • 22-Jan-2019 | Arunabha Ghosh & Kanika Chawla

    The revolution will not be subsidised

    Solid fuels in manufacturing, liquid fuels for transport, and gaseous fuels for cooking and heating buildings all rely (to the largest extent) on fossil fuels

  • 25-Dec-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Grand bargain for sustainable growth

    Capturing opportunities in resource efficiency requires a rethink about industries of the future, says the author

  • 27-Nov-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Will you still read this in June?

    Many citizens get very angry every winter over air pollution. Others despair. But to what end, if anger dissipates and despair is short-lived?

  • 22-Oct-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Facing the oil headwinds head on

    India should carefully watch how the recently launched Shanghai International Energy Exchange cuts into the Western-dominated market for oil derivatives, and hedge its purchases accordingly

  • 24-Sep-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Renewing our vows on renewables

    More than 72 GW capacity has been installed so far

  • 28-Aug-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    AI, inequity, and our choice and agency

    Responsible production and consumption will depend on how AI and automation improve resource efficiency, reduce food losses

  • 24-Jul-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh & Karthik Ganesan

    Reduce emissions at lower costs

    The total cost of implementing these retrofits could be in the order of Rs 750 billion

  • 26-Jun-2018 | Sanchit Waray & Arunabha Ghosh

    Clean energy can boost rural economy

    In Indian agriculture, about 40 per cent of the produce is wasted before reaching consumers, and the market value of the produce does not get reflected in the farmer's revenues

  • 22-May-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    India's soft power in climate change

    For long, India had urged developed countries to act more forcefully on climate change, while arguing that it needed technology and finance to adopt more climate-friendly pathways

  • 24-Apr-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh & Karthik Ganesan

    The DISCOM is dying, long live the DISCOM

    At the end of FY16, the total outstanding debt of DISCOMs stood at Rs 4,146 billion and annual losses stood at Rs 657 billion

  • 27-Mar-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    A Wild West for minerals? Firms are rushing to buy mines overseas

    While Volkswagen has struggled to find suppliers for five years worth of cobalt, China dominates the supply chain

  • 27-Feb-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Equity by accident, or by design?

    Some Indian states impose no water tariffs on farmers

  • 22-Jan-2018 | Arunabha Ghosh

    Energy wishlist and watchlist 2018

    In India, the domestic manufacturers and project developers continue to tussle around imposition of safeguard duties, which would raise prices

  • 25-Dec-2017 | Arunabha Ghosh

    The importance of being an institution

    A policy research institution undertakes research to advise on policy matters in the public interest

  • 27-Nov-2017 | Arunabha Ghosh & Vaibhav Gupta

    The essence and spirit of Paris

    The essence of the Paris Agreement is to allow each country to submit its own plan to tackle climate change

  • 23-Oct-2017 | Arunabha Ghosh

    The world's lab for energy tech

    The transition in India's - and the global - energy system depends on a tripod of policies, finance, and technology

  • 25-Sep-2017 | Arunabha Ghosh & Kangkanika Neog

    Imagining water-secure cities

    Water secure cities need not solely be in the realm of our imagination

  • 21-Aug-2017 | Arunabha Ghosh & Kanika Chawla

    Pool risks to push clean energy

    Even as renewable energy is on the upswing, it is still far from an obvious choice for investors