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  • 19-Aug-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Tax terrorism: Embedded in laws & practice

    Blaming tax officials will not help us get to the root of the issue. The problem is government itself, in two important ways

  • 05-Aug-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Don't hope for a structural change

    There is little hope that issues that affect the subjects will reach the rulers. Clearly, practical people should not expect the government to do anything other than minor tinkering

  • 22-Jul-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Markets shocked by Modi 2.0, but why?

    If the market participants are miffed today, it is perhaps because they were living in a dream world all these years

  • 08-Jul-2019 | Debashis Basu

    New Budget, old outcome

    Many parts of the speech had little to do with the Union Budget, says the author

  • 24-Jun-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Truth & fairness of the auditing profession

    The audit report is merely an opinion, not a certificate or a guarantee of anything

  • 10-Jun-2019 | Debashis Basu

    How not to waste the NBFC crisis

    The main lesson from this crisis is the role of mutual funds and credit rating agencies, which offered the highest rating to junk paper

  • 26-May-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Modi's second innings: The one thing

    What can a top political performer like Mr Modi do to make his regime an extraordinary economic success as well?

  • 13-May-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Achche din? Not with the state as a doer

    A year after the Modi government started announcing various schemes, thinker and writer Arun Shourie described the government as "UPA (United Progressive Alliance, led by the Congress) plus cow"

  • 29-Apr-2019 | Debashis Basu

    IBC resolution: Towards the inevitable

    The successful implementation of the IBC depended on a much bigger involvement of the state through a huge new superstructure of registration, certification and supervision

  • 15-Apr-2019 | Debashis Basu

    FMPs: Lessons for investors, MFs & Sebi

    What are the lessons? It is that the regulator, the fund houses and investors should go back to the first principles

  • 01-Apr-2019 | Debashis Basu

    RBI: Still unaccountable and above law?

    For decades, the RBI has got away, no matter how egregious its bungling is

  • 18-Mar-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Repo-linked deposit rates: A tiny half-step

    SBI has not announced the linking of lending rates of longer-term loans for businesses and retail customers of home loans, personal loans, auto loans, etc. to make these true floating rates

  • 04-Mar-2019 | Debashis Basu

    PSBs get money while RBI, MoF get away. Again

    Even as hundreds of billion rupees of public money are being pumped into the same corrupt and inefficient system to keep it alive, 25% of the people in this country live in abject poverty

  • 18-Feb-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Mutual funds as lenders? Sahi nahin hain

    Anyone with a basic knowledge of financial markets would know the basic difference between banks and debt funds

  • 04-Feb-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Why is bad behaviour in FIs widespread?

    We can reduce accidents only if we look deeper and isolate what is by far the biggest component of the issue of bad corporate behaviour

  • 21-Jan-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Lobbying against external benchmark begins

    The RBI claims to strike a balance between banks and consumers, but usually bats for banks

  • 07-Jan-2019 | Debashis Basu

    Expediency & cronyism win. Again

    In quick succession the "harsh" PCA framework was suspended, MSMEs got a relief package and there are plans to transfer a huge amount of money from the RBI's reserves for some pre-election scheme

  • 24-Dec-2018 | Debashis Basu

    PSBs: Capital infusion won't fix them

    The real intent behind the recapitalisation move is to get PSBs to start lending like before, says the author

  • 10-Dec-2018 | Debashis Basu

    RBI's sudden love for floating-rate borrowers

    Every publication has cheered this without a hint of the enormous irony - that the regulator had allowed banks to fleece floating-rate borrowers for two decades with useless tweaks to enable it

  • 25-Nov-2018 | Debashis Basu

    RBI vs MoF: Pot, kettle & citizens

    Both the RBI and the MoF are responsible for the humungous mess of bad loans in public sector banks, the disastrous train wreck called IL&FS, and the blunder called demonetisation

  • 12-Nov-2018 | Debashis Basu

    The wider import of Viral Acharya's speech

    The real issue is not the RBI vs MoF; it is about creating and nurturing institutions and ensuring they are led by people with knowledge and wisdom

  • 29-Oct-2018 | Debashis Basu

    Hubris syndrome & two national institutions

    NSE and IL&FS- the two egregious examples of hubris syndrome

  • 15-Oct-2018 | Debashis Basu

    Beyond private vs public: The first principles

    The IL&FS imbroglio will put the ideologues on both the right and left in an odd position. After a financial debacle involving public ownership, the right is quick to blame ownership as the reason

  • 30-Sep-2018 | Debashis Basu

    IL&FS mess: A three-point surgical strike

    Sure, the Reserve Bank has developed a spine suddenly and is talking tough, but not yet on IL&FS

  • 17-Sep-2018 | Debashis Basu

    Memes, schemes & economic dreams

    Maybe the fault really lies with us, the people. We repeatedly fall for pre-election promises since our memory is short