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  • 10-Oct-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Scandal as history

    Zubrzycki's recent history is familiar ground for anyone with a passing interest in princely affairs but is, nevertheless, compelling

  • 19-Sep-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Vasudeo S Gaitonde sets a new record in art auction, yet again

    Just two weeks after he fetched Rs 32 crore (hammer price) at Pundole's, his Untitled painting drew Rs 35.5 crore at the Saffronart auction on September 17 - setting two records

  • 16-Sep-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Kapila Vatsyayana, grand matriarch of cultural research demanded excellence

    Her towering presence and extenuating scholarship that will be difficult to match in times to come, writes Kishore Singh

  • 15-Sep-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Provenance matters: How proof of ownership weighs in on value of art

    Spotlight on provenance ahead of two big auctions

  • 05-Sep-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Work of arts

    A unique collaboration between legendary photographer Nemai Ghosh and celebrated painter Paresh Maity yields a collectors' item

  • 01-Sep-2020 | Kishore Singh

    MF Husain's Voices sets new benchmark for artist; sold at Rs 18.5 cr

    The surprise, is not that it took so long to get to this point, but that Voices has established a benchmark at a time of severe financial distress

  • 13-Aug-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Art paints a cheerful picture, hits giddy prices amid Covid-19

    That the Indian market is faring well is a tribute to its fundamental strength built up over the last decade

  • 24-Jul-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Surefire ways to waste a Sunday

    Where, my son, lolling in front of the television, says, 'You have had yourself a Sunday break, Dad, won't you cook us something nice for dinner?'

  • 17-Jul-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Why is everyone complaining?

    You're a captive audience to friends who want you to share the agony of their aches and pains, their spouse's experiments in the kitchen gone wrong, or partners' peccadillos

  • 10-Jul-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Weight-gain meal plans

    Something similar must have been occurring with other family members who all announced going on different diets this week

  • 03-Jul-2020 | Kishore Singh

    The cook, war and peace

    My wife was the first to volunteer, causing collective anxiety in the family

  • 26-Jun-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Much awaited weekend getaway

    Three months after it broke down, the solar system was re-plugged, and the caretaker called to say we now have power at the cottage

  • 26-Jun-2020 | Kishore Singh

    The forgotten Bombay School

    Bombay School was based on realism, or naturalism, as taught by the colonial mindset that patterned it.

  • 19-Jun-2020 | Kishore Singh

    A very long list

    A list of terms I never want to hear or read again

  • 12-Jun-2020 | Kishore Singh

    The lockdown's getting to me

    My wife says does the RWA expect the dog to do his business in the house

  • 12-Jun-2020 | Kishore Singh

    No painter of pretty pictures

    If Amitava's early practice was characterised by anger, he has since tempered it with wisdom, yet he remains a chronicler of social wrongs, writes Kishore Singh

  • 05-Jun-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Shutting up ain't good for health

    Normally, cutting off conversation has its benefits, but not all the time, writes Kishore Singh

  • 29-May-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Thank god for porous borders!

    This was still days ahead of Modi's exploratory, one-day lockdown, though already a sense of uneasiness had set in

  • 29-May-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Chronicler of distress from another time

    Mumbai-based Chittaprosad reported on the Bengal famine after he was asked by the Communist Party of India for their journal, People's War

  • 22-May-2020 | Kishore Singh

    No appreciation? Come on!

    In a queue to buy provisions, two friends talking over the head of another shopper, everyone a meticulously measured six feet apart

  • 16-May-2020 | Kishore Singh

    A catalogue of wants

    Here's a catalogue of some of these

  • 15-May-2020 | Kishore Singh

    A prescient artist

    Surveying a century of art practice in India, one is struck anew by how artists have reacted to situations and crises in their lifetimes.

  • 08-May-2020 | Kishore Singh

    The will of a 'dim-witted optimist'

    Being married to a pessimist has coloured my perception of the world as a source of infinite joy over which, as Bertie Wooster might have said, a dark cloud has marred the horizon

  • 01-May-2020 | Kishore Singh

    Picture-perfect food

    We drink lots of tea at home - first flush, Makaibari, Oolong, herbal - but none of it actually tastes like tea

  • 01-May-2020 | Kishore Singh

    A place called home: Remembering the life and art of the reclusive Zarina

    Kishore Singh on the life and art of Zarina, the reclusive artist who died this week in New York aged 83