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  • 21 hours ago | Kishore Singh

    I'm staking a claim too...

    History may have served our family well, but we are serving it somewhat poorly

  • 21 hours ago | Kishore Singh

    Art for the masses

    The absence of a mass market for art means there is very little movement where it should be the most

  • 09-Aug-2019 | Kishore Singh

    A historical wrong

    My father and I did match our wits over matters political, often from opposite ends of the pole

  • 02-Aug-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Body, mind and soul

    For most people, art is seen as a genteel pursuit requiring nothing more arduous than holding a brush of paint before a canvas tilted on an easel to facilitate the act of painting

  • 02-Aug-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Being AWOL isn't much fun

    At first I was alone so being AWOL didn't feel like much fun

  • 26-Jul-2019 | Kishore Singh

    'Vegetating' at home

    We did not always go to four, or three, or even two, places, but, yes, we did party-hop, and when we weren't going out, friends were coming home

  • 19-Jul-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Lost expression

    Shorn of social messaging, art for the sake of aesthetic alone contributes the 'low' to what is otherwise regarded as 'high' art

  • 19-Jul-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Good coffee is extinct

    The coffee is often tepid by the time one manages to drain the contents of the mug over a smooth stretch of road. This means I'm ready for a cappuccino by the time I reach office an hour later

  • 12-Jul-2019 | Kishore Singh

    We're glad the week is over

    'I have had 1,783 parties at home', said the author

  • 28-Jun-2019 | Kishore Singh

    The artist as a poet

    Prabhakar Barwe is that rare artist whose work defies description and cannot be easily slotted under a convenient label

  • 28-Jun-2019 | Kishore Singh

    That stinking feeling

    If you thought that was the grossest thing to come out of the fridge, you'd be wrong

  • 21-Jun-2019 | Kishore Singh

    My Yoga Day moment

    Kishore Singh explains how he had a chance to be a participant of the yoga event

  • 14-Jun-2019 | Kishore Singh

    You can't please all: Evaluating Bhupen Khakhar beyond the 'gay artist' tag

    Khakhar's coming out couldn't have been more dramatic, and found unsettling expression in his art

  • 14-Jun-2019 | Kishore Singh

    A break from chicken

    My son and his wife are now spending a holiday in pursuit of chicken in Istanbul

  • 14-Jun-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Reimagining the wild

    There is an element of deification in Mrinalini Mukherjee's work, but rather than symbols of religiosity her sculptures acknowledge folkloric forces outside the realm of our understanding

  • 07-Jun-2019 | Kishore Singh

    From jogger to a birdwatcher

    What's turned me into a birdwatcher? Well, dear reader, I wake early to go for a walk my son insists on imposing on me, while he snoozes in bed

  • 31-May-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Shock to impress

    In recent years, Reddy has chosen to experiment with relief-like sculptures representing the modern family, though it is anyone's guess whether they have the same impact as his female heads

  • 31-May-2019 | Kishore Singh

    A summer invitation

    Poolside parties might sound refreshing and summery but they're as gross

  • 24-May-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Modi again. What next?

    But we're not done and dusted with the elections - yet

  • 18-May-2019 | Kishore Singh

    What is art really worth?

    If art is a reflection of its society, in times to come Jeff Koons's will most likely depict a civilisation in which inflatable toy-like balloons will mark a subversive, sardonic high point

  • 17-May-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Gangland? No way!

    Khan Market is useful if not central to our existence

  • 10-May-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Pet obligations

    Nobody likes misery for company, especially on a holiday

  • 03-May-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Evocation of nature

    A Malayali artist who studied in Santiniketan and came to New Delhi to work, Ramachandran found his muse in Rajasthan's Mewar region amidst lotus ponds and a tribal society

  • 03-May-2019 | Kishore Singh

    The summer of discontent

    Cooler weather should at least ensure there won't be too many frayed feathers - or tempers. Who knows, maybe my mother and I will even start being civil again

  • 26-Apr-2019 | Kishore Singh

    Squabble over lawn space

    If Sonu knows nothing about vegetables, Omkar knows nothing about flowers. He is amused by how much land is "wasted" on blooms that, while they look pretty, contribute little to one's life