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  • 21-Jul-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Empty nest conversations

    There has never been the absence of sound at home, but too often now there is an absence of words instead

  • 14-Jul-2018 | Kishore Singh

    When change is impossible

    Like their counterparts, India's royal families have made attempts to appear progressive, to change with the times, often against resistance from within

  • 13-Jul-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Incorporating art and artists

    India's public sector has been known to offer employment to sportspersons

  • 07-Jul-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Go slow, diversion ahead

    The track is not entirely without its diversions

  • 30-Jun-2018 | Kishore Singh

    May I grow a spine, please?

    We are no longer free to eat as we choose, or dress - whether for office or at home - as we desire as we continue under training, writes Kishore Singh

  • 29-Jun-2018 | Kishore Singh

    A new age for open museums

    The quite amazing retrospective on

  • 23-Jun-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Diving into chaos

    Railings, steps, lights, underwater stools, cleaning plants, draining pits - who'd have thought a simple pool could cause such a big headache

  • 16-Jun-2018 | Kishore Singh

    More hurt than ill

    Garrulous doctors may be anathema, but those who respond in monosyllables are the harder to deal with, says the author

  • 15-Jun-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Getting into auction season

    Four auctions in the space of just one month makes the eco-system for art consumption appear quite healthy

  • 09-Jun-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Surprise! Surprise!

    The author talks about the troubles of throwing parties for youngsters

  • 02-Jun-2018 | Kishore Singh

    At the crossroads

    No more pancakes, waffles, sandwiches or dosas to start the day

  • 02-Jun-2018 | Kishore Singh

    The Indian art ensemble

    The Indian exhibit is set within this historicised parameter

  • 26-May-2018 | Kishore Singh

    A vacation but no breaks

    The concept of spending a day, or three, just reading, would suggest unusually nerdish behaviour

  • 19-May-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Party time

    Time was when having an all-night party was a measure of its success

  • 18-May-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Traditional artist unknown

    On the occasion, Mashe - as, indeed, other folk artists who were invited to the capital - was put up at a government-owned India Tourism Development Corporation hotel

  • 12-May-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Maintain decorum, please

    In a restaurant, shots might have been fired to avenge such dishonour, but in the club only a stiff upper lip marked its pucca inheritance

  • 11-May-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Rekha Rodwittiya's art is personal, political and always arresting

    Rekha Rodwittiya engages with art at an aesthetic and intellectual level simultaneously, writes Kishore Singh

  • 05-May-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Keeping a secret

    I can vouch that my wife has news to share which I am forbidden from reporting to anyone yet, primarily so she can plan her social life around our little secret, writes Kishore Singh

  • 04-May-2018 | Kishore Singh

    The DNA of collector

    How much would you pay for the Mona Lisa, for instance? Such works are priceless because they have the ability to draw eyeballs and footfalls

  • 28-Apr-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Fast and furious

    The author talks about a day he spent without having any food

  • 21-Apr-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Can't beat them? Join them!

    India no longer seemed a place for somewhat older people

  • 20-Apr-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Adieu to an artist possessed

    Recognition for Ram Kumar came in his last decades when his market escalated, but not to extraordinary peaks like for V S Gaitonde

  • 14-Apr-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Cooking up a storm

    It'll be a relief when the rightful chefs are back to claim the kitchen so the household can be restored to its altogether more plebian ways

  • 13-Apr-2018 | Kishore Singh

    Bikaner House & its transformation into Delhi's most elegant cultural space

    From modest princely palace to dusty bureaucratic outpost, Bikaner House in Delhi has had several, less-than-impressive avatars

  • 07-Apr-2018 | Kishore Singh

    The conviction of a filmstar

    The Bishnois take conservation seriously, and are particularly protective of the blackbuck, but even they seem to have gone ballistic in seeking the conviction Salman