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  • 11-Sep-2019 | M S Sriram

    His-Story of India

    The Rise of Goliath is one of the rare books that keeps one engrossed, despite not being flamboyant and having the flourish of narration

  • 23-Aug-2019 | M S Sriram

    More buck for the bank?

    The new title and repackaging enhances sale volumes. We learn a new marketing principle with every book of Mr Bandyopadhyay

  • 21-Mar-2019 | M S Sriram

    Raghuram Rajan's sermons

    'The Third Pillar' is a book of good intention, great thoughts, lost in a preachy style.

  • 13-Dec-2018 | M S Sriram

    Deja vu, RBI

    The book disappoints to the extent that it does not bring any new insights to anybody familiar with the literature pertaining to the RBI

  • 16-Nov-2018 | M S Sriram

    A question of autonomy: How independent can independent agencies really be?

    The central banker functions in all the slots and parallelly with the state, and it is but natural that there are issues of turf and tensions

  • 18-Jul-2018 | M S Sriram

    The unexciting story of Ujjivan

    The way the book is structured is a little problematic

  • 03-Jul-2018 | M S Sriram

    A chronicle of banking reform

    The book briefly looks at the years before the period of economic liberalisation, understanding the need for nationalisation, defining the social objectives that the state-owned banks were serving

  • 01-Jun-2018 | M S Sriram

    Evolution of people management

    Book review of CEO Chess Master or Gardener: How Game-Changing HR Reforms Created a New Future for Bank of Baroda

  • 17-Apr-2017 | M S Sriram

    RBI's missing links

    The objective of the book is to make RBI 'easily accessible to the lay reader'

  • 26-Jan-2017 | M S Sriram

    Big data: Big concerns

    Cathy O'Neil brings in interesting human stories to explain risks of indiscriminate use of big data

  • 16-Jul-2016 | M S Sriram

    Between Mint Road and North Block

    Duvvuri Subbarao has written an introspective and candid memoir of his testing tenure at the central bank

  • 18-Nov-2015 | M S Sriram

    History online

    V Raghunathan has been writing books on diverse issues - about locks, a popular book on game theory, one on paradoxes, a book on rationality

  • 10-Jun-2015 | M S Sriram

    The leadership of elephants

    One more book on leadership; one more model that tells us that times are changing - we live in a world of VUCAI (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and interdependence) and should instantly change; one more book that proposes a new ...

  • 08-Apr-2015 | M S Sriram

    Frugal theories

    Ron Adner's Wide Lens (2012) looked at innovations, why they succeed and why successful innovations could be business failures. He used a series of cases to build a story that was coherent and consistent. Theory-building, like innovation, is a ...

  • 25-Feb-2015 | M S Sriram

    Many panic buttons to press

    Mihir Sharma is well-known to readers of Business Standard. His articles are incisive, sharp, hard-hitting and have a good measure of sarcasm. In his book Restart, we see one more aspect: impatience. Mr Sharma is in a hurry to cut the fluff and get ...

  • 17-Jun-2014 | M S Sriram

    That unsettling feeling called globalisation

    The Ian Goldin and Mike Mariathasan have chosen multiple sectors to illustrate their point

  • 24-Dec-2013 | M S Sriram

    A professor's notes from the underground

    Sudhir Venkatesh shot to fame with his book Gang Leader for a Day and with his contributions to the chapters in Freakonomics in which he analysed the behaviour of drug peddlers and sex workers. Gang Leader for a Day was a departure from the usual ...

  • 05-Dec-2013 | M S Sriram

    Economies beyond economics

    Mass Flourishing is a deceptive title for a remarkable book. It covers several centuries of thought; has a range that moves from economics into politics, literature and philosophy; places short-term events on a long timeline; helps understand the ...

  • 30-May-2013 | M S Sriram

    A new tilt in the tale

    Business guru Ram Charan's makes the short point that economic power is shifting from the North to the South

  • 25-Apr-2013 | M S Sriram

    New ideas in an old framework

    John Mackey and Raj Sisodia provide framework for conscious capitalism by integrating four aspects of the business

  • 11-Apr-2013 | M S Sriram

    Creators amid the predators

    Geoff Mulgan looks at the business world not only through an economic lens, but also from a moral and ethical viewpoint

  • 28-Nov-2012 | M S Sriram

    The truth shall prevail?

    A large part of Zafar Anjum's book, The Resurgence of Satyam: The Global IT Giant, is dedicated to dissecting and reconstructing the modus operandi of the fraud

  • 22-Aug-2012 | M S Sriram

    Brand-building on Dharavi

    Rashmi Bansal is at it again. After three blockbuster books, here’s a fourth one, co-authored with Deepak Gandhi. In a way, it is like the Harry Potter series — starting with an accidental discovery of a winning formula and then ...

  • 08-Aug-2012 | M S Sriram

    Passion, compassion and oversight

    Social enterprises are the flavour of the season. We are now not only talking about newer enterprises, but also getting back to the older, iconic institutions and checking out whether they fit into the new nomenclature. Earlier, they used to be ...

  • 21-Jul-2012 | M S Sriram

    What money ought not to buy

    Sandel is a well-known professor of Harvard University and the author of the iconic book Justice. He is also known for making his course of the same name available freely, both online and on television. His latest book continues his argument that ...