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  • 09-Nov-2019 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    The case for fixed exchange rates

    Once the US dollar replaces the SDR as the single reserve currency, the dollar could qualify to be a common currency for a select number of countries

  • 13-Jul-2019 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    Why is India not capitalising on the US-China trade spat?

    Mr Trump's policy of high tariffs has made several consumer items manufactured in China less attractive to US buyers

  • 18-May-2019 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    Is China manipulating its currency?

    There is no denying the fact that China had remained a currency manipulator till about five to six years ago

  • 27-Apr-2019 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    What Brexit means for the pound

    The pound sterling has depreciated against more than 120 currencies since the referendum. The prospect of leaving the European Union has adversely affected sentiment for the British currency

  • 23-Mar-2019 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    Why SDRs should be abolished

    Special Drawing Rights - created as a reserve asset 50 years ago - should be scrapped and the US dollar should be recognised as the world's sole reserve currency

  • 16-Mar-2019 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    A China trade deal will be a triumph for Donald Trump

    If, as a reciprocal arrangement, China scales up its exports to the US, it will shut the doors for several other exporting countries

  • 04-Mar-2019 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    Will Trump get a second term?

    The absence of a credible and strong candidate from the Democratic Party is a major factor working in his favour

  • 09-Feb-2019 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    Donald Trump: Economic czar?

    It is not fair to downplay President Trump's achievements by citing post-war growth rates

  • 04-Jun-2016 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    Sitharam Gurumurthi: Bringing temple gold into the mainstream

    Sri Venkateswara Temple at Tirumala gets about one tonne of gold every year in the form of ornaments as offerings from its devotees

  • 19-Apr-2016 | Sitharam Gurumurthi

    Sitharam Gurumurthi: Should the CRR be abolished?

    The RBI's reluctance to cut rates should be seen as a case of inability in the face of inflation, while the refusal of banks to cut rates is a case of unwillingness to reconcile to a lower profit marg