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How to build your skills during recession

A recession period can be very hard to deal with, especially when you have given your time, effort and your best to the profile and brand you have been working for.

Debolina Raja 

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A period can be very hard to deal with, especially when you have given your time, effort and your best to the profile and brand you have been working for.

The sad part is, there is never a fool-proof plan against and even the best minds and talents can be asked to leave.

However, the good part is that even if you are going through a low phase and have been asked to take a break, you can still make good use of this time and build on your

Whether someone in your organization has been asked to leave or you too are facing the crisis of recession, here are a few tips that will help you build on your and stay positive for the future.

1. Take a deep breath and do not panic:

  • This is the first step you have to take when you want to get anything positive out of your period. and its impact cannot be good for anyone, and even the most experienced and strongest of employees have a hard time coming to terms with it. But if you may have noticed, everyone gets back to a new role once the period is over.
  • Those who have the fighting spirit and can stay positive will manage to find roles that suit them, and no one sits at home forever any more. There is always something out there for everyone, and as long as you do not panic and give up, you will be able to find it eventually.
2. Work on your resume:

  • Now that you have the time, why not rework on your resume? Your CV is the first thing that potential employers will notice about you, even before they meet you in person or speak to you. It is important to keep updating your resume regularly, so that it contains all the relevant details about your current and past profiles as well as your strengths.
  • With time, as you gain more experience and try out new roles, your areas of expertise and your key strengths also go through a change. Take the time to sit and analyse what all you have learnt in these past months or years and through your last few roles. If you have only been looking at a particular type of industry till now, add a few more qualities that you possess, which can help you in a different role.
3. Talk about it:

  • There is no shame in telling people that yes, you are going through the effects of and are looking for a job. Until and unless you share that you are available for a new role or position, those around you will not know your situation. In this case, you may miss out on a good role that someone around you has to offer, and that you would be suitable for.
  • Of course you don’t have to go out and start asking people to give you a job. Be subtle and let out the message in a positive way. You can make use of your social media channels to say that yes, you are home now, and are looking at new roles. Do not forget to share about your interests and experience so that someone can pick up your name when they have a role to fill.
4. Be ready for the interviews

  • Once you are settled in a job, giving an interview all over again might not be on your mind. However, now that you will be searching for a new role again, remember that it means you have to face the interview panel.
  • Stay alert and aware of all that is happening around you in the world. Read up the latest news reports and articles, talk to people, listen to talks, participate in social media discussions and stay abreast.

First Published: Mon, October 09 2017. 14:50 IST