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  • 28-Feb-2018 | Deepak Lal

    Trump tax and spending bills are a replay of Ronald Reagan fiscal stance

    To put the bill in perspective, it is important to note lineaments of an "ideal" tax system

  • 31-Jan-2018 | Deepak Lal

    Climate change redux

    India should turn away from the Paris accord as latest research shows particles from space, and not human activity, affect climate on Earth

  • 26-Dec-2017 | Deepak Lal

    Cash and monetary policy

    In a cashless economy, it would be difficult to distinguish electronic money from interest-bearing electronic bonds, and monetary policy would not be feasible

  • 28-Nov-2017 | Deepak Lal

    Money mischief

    Reforming labour markets would be a better use of Narendra Modi's political capital than justifying the note ban

  • 24-Oct-2017 | Deepak Lal

    The digital revolution - II: Crowds & machines

    While the digital revolution has provided many benefits, there are many threats as well, such as from the possible advent of killer robots

  • 26-Sep-2017 | Deepak Lal

    The digital revolution - I: Rise of platforms

    There must be a way to reverse the default position of giving personal information for services provided by both govts and companies

  • 29-Aug-2017 | Deepak Lal

    The Age of Sentimentality

    The spread of cult of sentimentality, which damaged West's morality, needs to be resisted in India

  • 25-Jul-2017 | Deepak Lal

    A Chinese world order?

    As China's leaders morph from Stalin to Hitler, US and other democracies must confront it

  • 27-Jun-2017 | Deepak Lal

    The decline of civility

    The effects of creating 'baiting crowds' on social media have diluted the parliamentary democracy

  • 30-May-2017 | Deepak Lal

    In the shadow of the dragon

    Pyongyang may force Seoul and Tokyo to build nuclear deterrents and thus thwart Beijing's ambitions

  • 25-Apr-2017 | Deepak Lal

    Liberal international economic order dead?

    The US never accepted the classical liberal case for free trade

  • 28-Mar-2017 | Deepak Lal

    Trump and trade

    The US president's trade policy is aimed at containing China, not abjuring free trade

  • 21-Feb-2017 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: The Trump trauma

    There have been worries that there is no clear line of authority in Mr Trump's White House

  • 24-Jan-2017 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: On nativism and nationalism

    Explaining Brexit and Donald Trump's triumph through these words would be maladroit

  • 27-Dec-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: On progress

    Markets cheered shock of Brexit expecting a return of the true progressives of classical liberalism

  • 29-Nov-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: On populism

    It is doubtful if India will become a populist autocracy. But it depends on judiciary not caving in as it did during Emergency

  • 25-Oct-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: Money mischief

    Presumed decline in Wicksell's natural rate of interest is because of the asymmetric monetary policy followed by advanced economies

  • 27-Sep-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: China's debt-fuelled infra model

    With stagnant growth and a poor, aging population, Deng Xiaoping's Chinese dream may been unravelling

  • 30-Aug-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: Geopolitics of oil and the dollar

    With the shale oil revolution and the end of the petrodollar, the US is set to hit its enemies where it hurts the most - in their pockets

  • 26-Jul-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: Trade policy and Brexit

    The UK must acknowledge that foreign trade is a positive-sum game, and the correct policy is a unilateral adoption of free trade

  • 28-Jun-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: Why I voted Leave

    Refusing to trust technocrats & experts, the British people have won back ancient liberties from the 'virtual' European empire

  • 24-May-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: Sacred cows

    On the economic origins of cow slaughter bans, and their questionable utility in modern India

  • 26-Apr-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: Bring back DDT

    Persistence of mosquito-borne diseases means that exterminating the carriers through pesticides has once again become urgent

  • 29-Mar-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: On the 'Obama Doctrine'

    Barack Obama takes no responsibility for undermining America's role as the guarantor of security in West Asia

  • 23-Feb-2016 | Deepak Lal

    Deepak Lal: What is fueling the rise of Sanders and Trump in US primaries?

    The economics behind the surprising popularity of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders