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  • 20-Jan-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Mamata's 'fantasy' university

    In marketing terms, the Visva Bharati University has lost the mind space it once occupied

  • 23-Dec-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The patience of doctors

    It must surely match that of their tribal patients

  • 19-Nov-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: When an MP "developed" Tagore

    Tagore paintings were cordoned off from visitors not by rope as is normal but by orange traffic cones

  • 21-Oct-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Perplexed by my own code

    Of the many cities and small towns I have been to in India, Santiniketan, I feel, has a distinction of being surrounded by villages where several crafts are not only alive but are actually, also part

  • 23-Sep-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The breed of WhatsApping retailers

    I haven't exactly been able to figure out the reason, but have definitely noticed a trend - of an explosion of unorganised sector retailers in the last six months. Now with Durga Puja and Diwali round the corner, these retailers are a frenzied ...

  • 26-Aug-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The joys of growing your own food

    We approached a farmer, who was willing to do the real work, and our friend and we agreed to share the costs and split the vegetables

  • 29-Jul-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Doctor 'Do-littles'

    In all my years in Mumbai I cannot recollect my colleagues falling ill or being indisposed as often as my co-workers in Santiniketan. I do not know if the reason is that artisans I now work with are financially less privileged or whether it is the ...

  • 01-Jul-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The ugly side of prosperity

    Since most of our friends in Mumbai are far more prosperous now than when we fraternised with them a decade ago, they tend to holiday more in Europe than in the Western Ghats

  • 03-Jun-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The sacrosanct afternoon siesta

    I can't remember having felt it in all my years of working in 9-to-5 jobs. But ever since I came to Santiniketan the afternoon nap has become kind of sacrosanct. Probably because the afternoon siesta is not frowned upon here (as by industrious ...

  • 06-May-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Down to the basics

    Now years later, as I live in a house that I inherited from my mother that was built by her father, my life seems to be coming full circle

  • 15-Apr-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Tourists and annoying questions

    Recently on a group tour of Punjab (now known as bespoke tourism), a fellow traveller in her 30s kept staring into her phone even when the guide was explaining the history of Amritsar

  • 11-Mar-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Farming without a business model

    In all my years spent in Mumbai I used to be hugely satisfied buying good-looking vegetables from the local bhaji market

  • 12-Feb-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The curse of 'DJ music'

    "Basically when songs have lyrics," they said, "but you can't understand them, it is called DJ music."

  • 15-Jan-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The heritage of Poush mela

    This is no ordinary village fair. It has the status of a national fair and is administered by none other than Tagore's very own Visva-Bharati University

  • 18-Dec-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Sensitivity towards the elderly

    As in the rest of the country, winter seems to be late in coming to Santiniketan this year

  • 06-Nov-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The more things change...

    They said it had now become really easy. In fact, someone even said it had become "a breeze". Renewing one's passport, that i

  • 09-Oct-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Losing the essence of Tagore

    The vice-chancellor, who was on the brink of being sacked for financial and other misdemeanour, chose to resign

  • 18-Sep-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Healing touch

    Many of the people I meet for the first time in Santiniketan tell me how I am doing good to so many people by engaging them in my craft endeavour. I always tell them that the artisans are actually doing me all the good by allowing me to create ...

  • 21-Aug-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The cards we are dealt

    So when I got an email from my card issuer asking me to submit my KYC (know your customer) details afresh, I paid heed quickly

  • 24-Jul-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: A little give and take

    I still remember the first day she came to work at the workshop that produces what we sell at my craft and textile shop in Santiniketan. Very young - just 18 - and very shy, Siuli was recommended and brought by another colleague in the embroidery ...

  • 26-Jun-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Summer sojourn and a great lesson

    Like every year, this year too, we fled - from the summer heat of Santiniketan, to return with the monsoons. It is not easy. Every year, our search begins by end-March or early April - the search for a quiet place to shift our home in summer. Not ...

  • 29-May-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The problem with bearer cheques

    Many of the artisans had accounts in Gramin banks, which took weeks to credit accounts if cheques deposited were from nationalised or private banks

  • 24-Apr-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: With an eye for detail

    When my mother gifted me the house in Santiniketan, what came along with it, besides some furniture, was a telephone directory produced by a public sector telephone company. Even 12 years ago, when I shifted to Santiniketan, it was pretty useful. ...

  • 27-Mar-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: A potato traffic snarl

    In the last few years of my stay in Mumbai, we moved into an apartment that was on Juhu beach, adjacent to Holiday Inn and Sun-n-Sand. It was a beautiful flat with three rooms overlooking the sea and only fitted my budget because as the broker ...

  • 27-Feb-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Celebrating Manida's birthday

    Poor Tagore. The university he established, Visva-Bharati, where he had envisaged the erudite of the world to meet and debate, artistes and artisans to achieve new heights of aesthetics, musicians and performing artistes to explore and fuse genres, ...