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  • 09-Jun-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Profit is a four-letter word

    A contractual relationship between an employer and employee is somehow unacceptable

  • 13-May-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Taking foreign tourists for a ride

    Two of the three women were French, who had come for a yoga retreat in Mysore

  • 14-Apr-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    A timely and useful gift

    Bleaching powder is sprinkled in front of every entrance of the house to keep snakes at bay

  • 17-Mar-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Holi's evolution in Santiniketan

    Tagore's music inspired the Dol Utsav, where students would sing and dance to herald the season

  • 18-Feb-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: When servicing a car is a chore

    Author is talking about car service centres in small towns

  • 20-Jan-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Mamata's 'fantasy' university

    In marketing terms, the Visva Bharati University has lost the mind space it once occupied

  • 23-Dec-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The patience of doctors

    It must surely match that of their tribal patients

  • 19-Nov-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: When an MP "developed" Tagore

    Tagore paintings were cordoned off from visitors not by rope as is normal but by orange traffic cones

  • 21-Oct-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Perplexed by my own code

    Of the many cities and small towns I have been to in India, Santiniketan, I feel, has a distinction of being surrounded by villages where several crafts are not only alive but are actually, also part

  • 23-Sep-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The breed of WhatsApping retailers

    I haven't exactly been able to figure out the reason, but have definitely noticed a trend - of an explosion of unorganised sector retailers in the last six months. Now with Durga Puja and Diwali round the corner, these retailers are a frenzied ...

  • 26-Aug-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The joys of growing your own food

    We approached a farmer, who was willing to do the real work, and our friend and we agreed to share the costs and split the vegetables

  • 29-Jul-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Doctor 'Do-littles'

    In all my years in Mumbai I cannot recollect my colleagues falling ill or being indisposed as often as my co-workers in Santiniketan. I do not know if the reason is that artisans I now work with are financially less privileged or whether it is the ...

  • 01-Jul-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The ugly side of prosperity

    Since most of our friends in Mumbai are far more prosperous now than when we fraternised with them a decade ago, they tend to holiday more in Europe than in the Western Ghats

  • 03-Jun-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The sacrosanct afternoon siesta

    I can't remember having felt it in all my years of working in 9-to-5 jobs. But ever since I came to Santiniketan the afternoon nap has become kind of sacrosanct. Probably because the afternoon siesta is not frowned upon here (as by industrious ...

  • 06-May-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Down to the basics

    Now years later, as I live in a house that I inherited from my mother that was built by her father, my life seems to be coming full circle

  • 15-Apr-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Tourists and annoying questions

    Recently on a group tour of Punjab (now known as bespoke tourism), a fellow traveller in her 30s kept staring into her phone even when the guide was explaining the history of Amritsar

  • 11-Mar-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Farming without a business model

    In all my years spent in Mumbai I used to be hugely satisfied buying good-looking vegetables from the local bhaji market

  • 12-Feb-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The curse of 'DJ music'

    "Basically when songs have lyrics," they said, "but you can't understand them, it is called DJ music."

  • 15-Jan-2016 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The heritage of Poush mela

    This is no ordinary village fair. It has the status of a national fair and is administered by none other than Tagore's very own Visva-Bharati University

  • 18-Dec-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Sensitivity towards the elderly

    As in the rest of the country, winter seems to be late in coming to Santiniketan this year

  • 06-Nov-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The more things change...

    They said it had now become really easy. In fact, someone even said it had become "a breeze". Renewing one's passport, that i

  • 09-Oct-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Losing the essence of Tagore

    The vice-chancellor, who was on the brink of being sacked for financial and other misdemeanour, chose to resign

  • 18-Sep-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: Healing touch

    Many of the people I meet for the first time in Santiniketan tell me how I am doing good to so many people by engaging them in my craft endeavour. I always tell them that the artisans are actually doing me all the good by allowing me to create ...

  • 21-Aug-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: The cards we are dealt

    So when I got an email from my card issuer asking me to submit my KYC (know your customer) details afresh, I paid heed quickly

  • 24-Jul-2015 | Keya Sarkar

    Keya Sarkar: A little give and take

    I still remember the first day she came to work at the workshop that produces what we sell at my craft and textile shop in Santiniketan. Very young - just 18 - and very shy, Siuli was recommended and brought by another colleague in the embroidery ...