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  • 20-Apr-2018 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Muharraq: Old capital fell into disuse after collapse of the pearl trade

    In its heyday, even Cartier found it impossible to ignore the unique pearls of Bahrain

  • 22-Sep-2017 | Abhilasha Ojha

    With organic kitchen gardens, Goa's holiday homes are raising the bar

    The ease of reaching the destination, the mix of party culture and quietude are some of the reasons why individuals are increasingly investing in Goa

  • 17-Jun-2017 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Wine and wandering in Croatia's Korcula island

    Known for its olives and figs as well, the picturesque island is often ignored by tourists

  • 26-Mar-2016 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Seoul searching for glowing skin

    On a recent trip to the Korean capital, the author came face-to-face with a people - men and women - infatuated with beauty treatments and cosmetics

  • 16-Feb-2015 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Most Indian companies are yet to embrace time management: James Root

    Interview with partner, Bain & Company, Hong Kong

  • 26-Jan-2015 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Winning in the aftermarket

    You may choose to outsource it or bring it under your own roof, but keeping a keen eye on after-sales service will ensure consumers come back for more

  • 29-Dec-2014 | Devina Joshi & Abhilasha Ojha

    Defining the new role of HR leaders

    Cary Cooper, distinguished professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University Management School, ranked as the most influential UK thinker in the 2014 HR Most Influential (HRMI) rankings, recently commented that HR directors ...

  • 08-Dec-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    The leadership management strategy should become a 'national' issue: Karen Greenbaum & Peter Felix

    Interview with President & CEO, outgoing President, Association of Executive Search Consultants

  • 24-Nov-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    The right fit

    As finding talent becomes increasingly difficult, corporations look at recruitment partners to come up with innovative ways to search, source, screen and hire employees

  • 17-Nov-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Branding for a cause

    Cause marketing is all the rage these days as consumers become sensitive to issues around them

  • 08-Nov-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Shooting star: The mystique of Rajesh Khanna

    A biography of the late superstar Rajesh Khanna deftly captures his insecurity and loneliness after success ditched him

  • 27-Oct-2014 | Rohit Nautiyal & Abhilasha Ojha

    Demerger blues

    A corporate demerger can be organisationally disruptive as it can cause stress and broken bonds. Here's how organisations can mitigate the potential risks

  • 27-Oct-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Win-win or zero-sum?

    Discussion board: Manufacturer brands v/s retailerss

  • 06-Oct-2014 | Ankita Rai & Abhilasha Ojha

    Big data in HR

    A growing number of companies are trying to apply a data-driven approach to the unpredictable business of human interactions

  • 06-Oct-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    The psychological impact of layoffs is often forgotten: Wayne F Cascio

    Interview with Robert H Reynolds Chair in Global Leadership, Professor of Management, University of Colorado

  • 08-Sep-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Dealing with the promiscuous shopper

    Just when you thought it's over for daily deals and group-buying websites comes a fresh onslaught from a bunch of upstarts

  • 25-Aug-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    After-sales is a sure-shot way to engage with the customer: Michael Mayer

    Interview with Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India

  • 25-Aug-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    It's not about money

    Between April and June 2014, Infosys' employee attrition rate touched 19.5 per cent, the highest in the company's 30-year history. The firm witnessed a spate of exits of its top level executives since June last year when co-founder NR Narayana ...

  • 23-Aug-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Burman dada off key

    Sathya Saran's book on one of Bollywood's legendary music directors doesn't quite hit the right note

  • 11-Aug-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Innovation has to start in the boardroom: Jack van Strien

    Interview with CEO, Personal Care, Philips

  • 04-Aug-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Blocked out? Try this

    According to a report released last year by PageFair, a Dublin-based company that helps sites detect when their ads are being blocked, the use of ad blocking was growing at a rate of 43 per cent annually. On Google, searches for the term 'adblock' ...

  • 28-Jul-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Keeping it simple

    Japanese auto makers are experimenting with shop floor flexibility to keep costs on a tight leash

  • 28-Jul-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    The mobile advertising dilemma

    Spending on in-app advertising is expected to reach $17 billion by 2018, according to Juniper Research. This is up dramatically from the $3.5 billion spent in 2013, and makes in-app advertising the fastest growing segment of mobile advertising. But ...

  • 21-Jul-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha & Devina Joshi

    A rough ride to the future

    With TVS overtaking Bajaj to claim the third position in the two-wheeler category (TVS Motor sales exceeded Bajaj's figures in the month of June and the April-June quarter of 2014), it has become necessary for the latter to take a hard look at where ...

  • 07-Jul-2014 | Abhilasha Ojha

    Better flexibility

    Discussion board: Flexi working