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  • 01-Jul-2020 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Adopt a strategic posture on trade

    The fact is that India's mood on tra­de, particularly imports, has sou­red over the last five or six years

  • 04-Jun-2020 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    The indignity of labour laws

    Suspending the entire labour law as some states have tried is not sustainable

  • 07-May-2020 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    How to Make in India 2.0

    India will be served well by comprehensive capital and labour reforms but it is important to sift the necessary from the desirable

  • 01-Apr-2020 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Economies after Covid-19

    The disruption caused by Covid-19 could potentially deglobalise the world at a faster pace than before

  • 20-Mar-2020 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    The long road to prosperity

    Unlike many recent books written by experts who have departed government, this is not a salacious account of the author's time in government

  • 04-Mar-2020 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    In Covid-19 fight, it's about fundamentals

    Administrative response to Nipah or even the quick evacuation of Indian nationals from Wuhan shows the government can be responsive and effective when it wants to

  • 05-Feb-2020 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    The great expectations challenge

    Instead of grand visions and big announcements, the Budget should have focused on managing expectations around the current economic cycle

  • 01-Jan-2020 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Correct these elite distortions

    The Indian economy and its workforce deserve freedom from the damaging tyranny of the tiny elites in the next decade

  • 04-Dec-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Divesting it right

    The first deal will clear the path for many more. It will also be the toughest to execute

  • 15-Nov-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar | Bloomberg Opinion

    Why delivering a big bang package of reforms is doable for Modi govt

    The important thing is to signal to the market that the government is serious and ambitious.

  • 06-Nov-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    India's challenge is competitiveness

    Until India becomes a real market economy, it is unlikely to have the confidence to integrate with, and compete in, the global market economy

  • 23-Oct-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    As safe as the banks?

    India cannot aspire to be a double-digit growth economy with a dysfunctional financial system

  • 10-Oct-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    When is a good time for austerity?

    There is a time for austerity - when there is a boom

  • 25-Sep-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Reform and Modi's gift of timing

    What Modi does is not without a pattern or a method. His first term was about learning and consolidation of power. In his second term he has pushed the accelerator on reforms

  • 12-Sep-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Bring rigour in economic policymaking

    Executing schemes or projects is only one part of the government's work

  • 28-Aug-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    The do-no-harm principle

    All policies drafted by any department of the government should be subject to passing the test of principles laid down by the PM

  • 14-Aug-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    The scale of India's economic challenge

    The government shouldn't worry about the latest quarterly growth figures

  • 31-Jul-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Tigers and growth

    Prosperity is good for the environment. For a start, it endows the government with greater financial resources to address the challenge of environmental degradation

  • 17-Jul-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Cake or taxes?

    The size of the cake cannot increase if the makers of the cake are squeezed into discomfort

  • 03-Jul-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    The right price of water

    Water scarcity is a serious problem for India and among many solutions ensuring market pricing for water is one

  • 19-Jun-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Redefine fiscal responsibility

    It is an opportunity for a new finance minister to recalibrate the orthodoxy around fiscal rectitude.

  • 05-Jun-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Capitalism with Modi characteristics

    The current model may bear similarity to the East Asian one, but it is in fact a new variant - capitalism with Modi characteristics

  • 22-May-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Push the envelope on market reform

    The reality is that Modi is too savvy a politician to push ideas or policies which do not have mass support

  • 08-May-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    A five-step ignition to private investment

    The agenda for reform for the new government is huge but action and commitment on a few headline items could ignite animal spirits

  • 24-Apr-2019 | Dhiraj Nayyar

    Banish the fear of the four Cs

    For the economy to reach its true potential, decisions of the bureaucracy must enable the rapid expansion of the private sector