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  • 30-Jul-2018 | Harsh V Pant

    The challenges of higher education

    If India wants to satisfy the aspirations of its youth, it will have to revamp the higher education system without ifs and buts

  • 24-May-2018 | Harsh V Pant

    Closer India-Indonesia ties make sense

    The two large democracies in the Indo-Pacific are growing closer as authoritarian China grows more menacing and America's future posture towards Asia remains uncertain

  • 15-Feb-2018 | Harsh V Pant

    The challenge of education in India

    Indian universities are seen today to be serving every conceivable purpose except the one that they were designed for: the cultivation of the intellect

  • 20-Sep-2014 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: Managing Mr Xi

    India's China policy will be effective only when India gets its other bilateral relationships in order. Managing China is not going to be easy

  • 30-Aug-2014 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: The Modi-Abe connection

    Can the two nationalistic prime ministers completely rework the India-Japan relationship?

  • 26-Jul-2014 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: India's Israel posturing

    Despite representing a nation that is a victim of cross-border terrorism, our members of Parliament have no compunction in equating a liberal democratic Israel with a terrorist organisation such as Ha

  • 21-Jun-2014 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: The new security agenda

    The appointment of Ajit Doval, a former head of the Intelligence Bureau, as National Security Advisor indicates that internal security will be Mr Modi's top priority

  • 28-Dec-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: China's difficult rise

    How to manage China's rise and mould its behaviour will be one of New Delhi's biggest diplomatic challenges in the years ahead. India should watch China's behaviour closely and learn how to deal with

  • 23-Nov-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: India and Vietnam add a new punch to their relationship

    Delhi has progressed in its ties with Vietnam, particularly on the defence front, in an attempt to ally with other Asian nations concerned about China's rise

  • 12-Oct-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: India turns to the East

    India has enhanced its presence in East Asia, while Indonesia took the lead in bringing one of the world's fastest growing economies closer to Asean

  • 24-Aug-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    Manmohan Singh returns to Rao, finally

    When the prime minister thanked his predecessor during his Independence Day speech, it was significant because it was Dr Singh's final acknowledgement that political support for reform is essential

  • 24-Jul-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    Shinzo Abe's balance of power

    Japan is going through a course correction. After muddling through seven leaders since 2006, the Japanese populace is finally underlining its disenchantment with perennial instability. In a strong sign of approval for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ...

  • 15-Jun-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    The Persian puzzle

    Indian policymakers will hope that stability and moderation return to Iran, especially with regard to the nuclear question, after the presidential elections

  • 20-Apr-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    What Kabul means to Beijing

    China seems more willing to co-operate with India over Afghanistan, but New Delhi should step carefully

  • 23-Mar-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    India, the too-reluctant power

    Huge costs are being imposed on Indian foreign policy because of the domestic drift in the country's polity

  • 16-Feb-2013 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: When Europe's leaders come calling

    The visits of the French president and the British prime minister to New Delhi should be seen in the context of Europe's ebbing economic power

  • 23-Dec-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: Salman Khurshid's China challenge

    The new external affairs minister, Salman Khurshid, is a welcome change from his predecessor, S M Krishna. While Mr Krishna never had anything of interest to say on any issue of significance, except perhaps when he was reading the speech of his ...

  • 22-Nov-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: 'Promote democracy' a slogan, not a policy

    Berating New Delhi for abandoning the cause of democracy in Myanmar ignores the strategic compulsions for doing so

  • 21-Oct-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: Canberra makes all the right moves

    Australia reaches out to India. But New Delhi has been slow to reciprocate

  • 23-Sep-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: Games superpowers play

    The recent visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to China, likely to be her last as America’s chief diplomat, failed to produce any breakthrough on any of the issues bedevilling Sino-US ties. Ms Clinton was on a ten-day, six-nation ...

  • 26-Aug-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: Time to get over Fukushima

    Despite its risks, nuclear power is the only hope for environmentally sustainable growth and energy security

  • 15-Jul-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: India's new equations in the Gulf

    Despite recent initiatives by India and Pakistan to revive ties ruptured after the Mumbai terror attacks of November 2008, there has been little substantive movement on the ground. The main stumbling block, as ever, remains the inability of the two ...

  • 16-Jun-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: Filling the gaps in Afghanistan

    New Delhi should be receptive to US urging to play a more proactive role in stabilising the country

  • 20-May-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: Teheran stands between Washington and New Delhi

    India-Iran ties will continue to bedevil the India-US partnership for the foreseeable future

  • 15-Apr-2012 | Harsh V Pant

    Harsh V Pant: Soldier, state and society - the ever-growing imbalance

    State and society are apathetic. But military contempt for civilian authority is a real danger, too