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  • 11-Aug-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Immigration in hotter times

    The impact of clearly changing weather patterns because of a warmer planet is happening in our face

  • 29-Jul-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Consensus or confrontational politics?

    It was Sheila Dikshit's governance abilities, combined with persuasive powers and without angst without finger-pointing that helped transform Delhi

  • 15-Jul-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Tradition for water revolution

    For years we have known the importance of harvesting water but have failed to utilise this knowledge

  • 01-Jul-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Rethinking circular economy

    It was in 1991 when the then chief economist of the World Bank, Larry Summers, had advocated that toxic waste, polluting factories should be moved to least developed countries

  • 17-Jun-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Circular economy is by the poor

    We produce waste, destroy land and livelihoods, and then provide no option to the very poor but to make a business out of the same waste we have created and dumped

  • 03-Jun-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Environmental matters for government

    There is the desperate need for change in policies for forestry. In the past five years, government policies on this matter have been as good as nothing

  • 20-May-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Fani's climate change fingerprint

    What we need to understand is what Fani means in an increasingly climate-risked world

  • 05-May-2019 | Sunita Narain

    News that matters this election season

    In this election, we have seen that the real issues that matter to people - climate change

  • 22-Apr-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Being the change

    It is clear that our lifestyle has an impact on the environment. What we do and how we do it make a crucial difference

  • 07-Apr-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Inconvenient truth of climate change

    What can we do as temperatures increase and weather changes to bring devastation in different parts of the world?

  • 25-Mar-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Measuring change through the young

    Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old Swedish school girl who is rocking the world with her protest against inaction on climate change

  • 11-Mar-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Food = Nutrition, nature and livelihoods

    We need a model of agricultural growth that will value local good food production and not have to first "chemicalise" and then learn better

  • 25-Feb-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Middle-class environmentalism is over

    There is also the strong belief - coming from the well-established economic lexicon - that farming is now under-productive or unproductive and that it needs to be pushed back

  • 11-Feb-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Global-Local and illegal

    We have to change this cycle of destruction, where we shift our consumption to poorer regions where pollution does not matter. Livelihoods do

  • 28-Jan-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Renewable, yes, but what is the question?

    Five years later, when we publish the 2019 State of Renewable Energy, much has changed and yet much remains the same

  • 14-Jan-2019 | Sunita Narain

    Cows, vigilantism, vegetarianism and farmers

    We need to find ways to nurture this economy in which individual farmers benefit from the small-scale operation

  • 31-Dec-2018 | Sunita Narain

    2018: The year of protest

    The messages of 2018 mostly emanated from the streets - from Paris to Delhi

  • 17-Dec-2018 | Sunita Narain

    Public research for public opinion

    I believe, public science will survive the assault of industry. It must, writes Sunita Narain

  • 03-Dec-2018 | Sunita Narain

    Smog tales continued

    The air quality in Delhi has slightly improved. My city is now in the poor to very poor category of air quality, depending on wind velocity

  • 19-Nov-2018 | Sunita Narain

    My clean air concerns

    The bottom line is even with the region practically closed down, air quality is still nowhere close to where we need it to be

  • 04-Nov-2018 | Sunita Narain

    Delhi air pollution: We have a system in place; it's time for action now

    This year there is a comprehensive action plan for pollution control in the National Capital Region

  • 21-Oct-2018 | Sunita Narain

    Act now. With ambition and equity

    What happens to the development needs of the millions who do not have access to energy and the millions who still need growth

  • 08-Oct-2018 | Sunita Narain

    Thinking of and 'like' Gandhi

    Gandhi lives on primarily because of the sheer force of his ideas, not because we have put them into practice

  • 24-Sep-2018 | Sunita Narain

    Metro is about travel, not trip

    Without a massively augmented public transport system, we cannot get the mobility transition that will take us off our private vehicles and without this we cannot get clean air or livable cities

  • 10-Sep-2018 | Sunita Narain

    Kerala floods: Warning of times to come

    It was a result of our combined and abject inability to mitigate global emissions, which are leading to weird weather events