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  • Power Plants

    October 04, 2018, Thursday

    Politics in power sector reforms

    Notwithstanding reform efforts since the early 1990s, the sector continues to experience difficulties

  • Firms, companies, employees, jobs

    October 02, 2018, Tuesday

    Jobs: Universal basic problem

    India simply isn't generating enough jobs to absorb the surplus labour from agriculture, says Raghavan Jagannathan

  • The Silence of the girls book by Pat Barker

    September 28, 2018, Friday

    Giving voice to Homer's women

    Unfortunately, Barker's voices are dissonant and unpersuasive

  • Image2

    September 27, 2018, Thursday

    Idol pursuits

    The power of the book's narrative, however, is not only from the startling turn of events but also from the expertise S Vijay ...

  • Image2

    September 25, 2018, Tuesday

    'Jihadis, faujis and Chinese' in PoK

    This is a pioneering work on Azad Kashmir, which Indians prefer to call Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), by a Pakistani ...

  • Image2

    September 24, 2018, Monday

    Four good men

    Ms Goodwin here explicitly takes up the formation of her subjects' characters, and how their most notable qualities equipped them ...

  • Books

    September 20, 2018, Thursday

    The rule of law through 'thick' and 'thin'

    The book does not offer real-life examples, bar the odd reference to individual cases, which makes it somewhat academic to the ...

  • Image2

    September 18, 2018, Tuesday

    Citi's eternal moral hazard

    Anyone interested in banking will find this book engrossing

  • dalai lama

    September 14, 2018, Friday

    'A God in Exile' review: Raghu Rai captures the many moods of Dalai Lama

    Introductory section concludes with a picture of Jawaharlal Nehru with a young Dalai Lama at Teen Murti House in 1964 just before ...

  • Image2

    September 12, 2018, Wednesday

    Telling it like it is

    As a history of Silicon Valley, this account largely omits a discussion of either Microsoft - which explains the 10-year gap from ...

  • Srinagar,Kashmir,Kulgam,Protest

    September 10, 2018, Monday

    Kashmir: A voice from the abyss

    Mr Devadas provides graphic accounts of the abuse, manhandling, molestation and humiliation that constitute the daily life of ...

  • Empress

    September 07, 2018, Friday

    Review of Ruby Lal's 'Empress': A remarkable story of Nur Jahan's reign

    Ruby Lal has created a remarkable portrait of an empress by locating her in the historical situation in which she found herself, ...

  • Image2

    September 06, 2018, Thursday

    Humanising the refugee

    The book has testimonies of young adults who had trouble completing their education in exile for lack of familiarity with the ...

  • RSS, inside out

    September 03, 2018, Monday

    RSS, inside out

    The BJP's abstention had substantially to do with the bitter memories of party leaders, who felt targeted in the erstwhile Janata ...

  • The Deccan Divide

    August 31, 2018, Friday

    Manu S Pillai's 'Rebel Sultans' review: The Deccan from Khilji to Shivaji

    A fine history shifts the reader's attention from the Shivaji/Aurangzeb template towards the other interesting and just as ...

  • Priyanka Chopra

    August 28, 2018, Tuesday

    Priyanka Chopra: Work in progress

    Her story does not end with the book

  • market capitalisation, growing economy, US equity, India, South Korea, China, developing market, canadian market, bond yield,

    August 27, 2018, Monday

    The inequality enablers

    It's now very clear that globalisation, technology and market liberalisation did not bring their promised benefits

  • Naveen Patnaik vexed over slow pace of Khurda-Bolangir rail link

    August 24, 2018, Friday

    CM who lives to fight another day

    Naveen Patnaik has survived so long as chief minister because he knows which battles to fight and which ones to postpone for a ...

  • Facebook

    August 22, 2018, Wednesday

    The fault lies not in our tech

    Your Happiness Was Hacked is an interesting look into the way technology has overtaken our lives, but it takes its premise too

  • Image2

    August 20, 2018, Monday

    What role do teachers play in education?

    More than 85 per cent of the nation's children attend public schools, yet decades of privatising have damaged public education