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Trippin' along

Aabhas Sharma  |  New Delhi 

Harley Davidson FatBoy

If there is one thing that Samir Modi, managing director and industrialist K K Modi’s son, is possessive about, it is his Harley Davidson FatBoy. He picked up the mean machine — the envy of many — two years ago, having shelled out Rs 17 lakh for his bike. But since then he has spent a lot more modifying it. “My bike is something that I am extremely fond and proud of,” he says.

BMW 7It’s no surprise that the next thing he mentions as being a favourite is his car — a He says that he has always been a “BMW man” and no other brand has managed to catch his fancy when it comes to automobiles. For the last 12 years or so he has only bought BMW cars; the latest one was purchased just two months ago. “The styling, comfort and luxury that a BMW provides cannot be matched by any other brand,” he says. That’s something that the Audis, Mercs and Porsches might want to differ on but Modi won’t swap his car for any of those brands. Prices for the range from Rs 73 lakh to Rs 1.2 crore, depending on the level of customisation one wants in the car.

iPhone While Modi insists he isn’t a geek when it comes to gadgets, he is an iPhone convert and has one ever since it hit the market. He can’t do without his iPhone and says that it’s probably the best thing to have happened to technology. The SMS features and the uber cool games on the phone make it a classier product than the rest of similar gizmos, says Modi. “I just can’t do without the iPhone and my BlackBerry. I feel completely lost without them,” he adds. The iPhone cost Modi Rs 34,000.

His collection of music is another thing that he cherishes. Be it in his office, home or in his BMW, he is always connected to music. He has over 1,20,000 songs on his hard-drive, a collection which increases by the day. Modi says that he has no particular favourite artistes when it comes to music and listens to everything, from old Hindi songs to rock to the latest in jazz. However, he does not purchase CDs often, as he prefers the digital medium.

In the end, it is not surprising that Harley, BMW and iPhone are some of Modi’s favourite things. Most people, after all, would love to own them. So would you!

First Published: Sat, August 15 2009. 00:32 IST