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  • 09-Dec-2021 | Rathin Roy

    Imagine: The common good

    'I propose a common "offer" to countries that are engaged in imagining a joined-up foreign, trade, defence and development policy framework', says the author

  • 04-Nov-2021 | Rathin Roy

    Whose net zero future?

    India is in a fortunate position in that almost every action to improve productivity and equity will be carbon reducing

  • 14-Oct-2021 | Rathin Roy

    The medium-term macro-fiscal prognosis

    For rich economies, the pandemic is an aberration

  • 16-Sep-2021 | Rathin Roy

    How green is my central bank

    Green climate and other bonds, and fixed-income assets do offer an explicit and ex-ante guarantee of carbon neutrality

  • 05-Aug-2021 | Rathin Roy

    Change in the pandemic age

    The era of globalisation was marked by an assumption of continual convergence

  • 01-Jul-2021 | Rathin Roy

    View from the edge

    The Union government is so fiscally ineffective that it can only spend an incremental 0.4 per cent of GDP on healthcare in a pandemic, against a global average of 1.2 per cent, writes Rathin Roy

  • 08-Apr-2021 | Rathin Roy

    Building back differently

    Putting India back on the growth track demands a robust analytical framework to address the structural downturn in the economy caused by Covid-19

  • 04-Mar-2021 | Rathin Roy

    Administrative success but executive failure

    The banking system is mired in structural difficulties. Roads are being built, but India continues to be a logistics nightmare relative to its Asian competitors.

  • 15-Feb-2021 | Rathin Roy

    Finance Commission's dose of reality

    The Commission has also accomplished a remarkable job, given the clumsy and normatively biased Terms of Reference (ToR) that it had to work with

  • 02-Feb-2021 | Rathin Roy

    Budget 2021: It's business as usual

    There are several welcome standalone reforms but these do not add up to a coherent strategy to achieve a $5 trillion economy

  • 07-Jan-2021 | Rathin Roy

    Political economy of fiscal responsibility

    The economy requires a fiscal battle plan and this, in turn, requires a fiscal responsibility framework

  • 03-Dec-2020 | Rathin Roy

    Decolonising climate action

    If inequality of consumption is recognised as the major obstacle to tackling the climate crisis, then the conversation would be different

  • 06-Nov-2020 | Rathin Roy

    Why the fifteenth finance commission report merits a proper discussion

    It is vital that we have a proper discussion on the medium-term economic and fiscal situation based on the Fifteenth Finance Commission medium-term assessment

  • 02-Oct-2020 | Rathin Roy

    GST, farm Bills and 4 other events that widened Centre-state trust deficit

    The roots of the trust deficit lie in the unwillingness of the political authorities to invest in cooperative federalism since their priority is to secure and wield power at the central level

  • 07-Aug-2020 | Rathin Roy

    It is not too late, but it soon will be

    The fragility of central government finances is partly legacy, part refusal to acknowledge and address the problem due to the lack of strategic vision and poor institutional capability

  • 02-Jul-2020 | Rathin Roy

    The myth of India's import dependence

    If bilateral tensions escalate, then there may be a scenario in which India and China cease to trade

  • 04-Jun-2020 | Rathin Roy

    Intuition, not prediction

    The Covid crisis makes "data driven" projections inaccurate, as the past provides zero guidance for the future.

  • 07-May-2020 | Rathin Roy

    Covid-19 lockdown: Forget administrative strategy, shift to an economic one

    It is important that the country now shift from a home ministry-driven administrative approach to an economic approach

  • 08-Apr-2020 | Rathin Roy

    Establish fiscal council to scale up spending

    India will have to address the big fiscal prudence challenge, which is not captured by the fiscal deficit/GDP metric

  • 05-Mar-2020 | Rathin Roy

    Economic lessons of coronavirus

    Coronavirus' genesis in China, and its transitive impact on global economic activity, portend important lessons for economists