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  • 04-Dec-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    This is why Congress matters

    Even in its second successive annihilation by the BJP, the Congress retained a solid block of 20 per cent votes. That's why all of BJP's victims want the Congress at the core of their challenge

  • 20-Nov-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    As you sow

    The Modi government's defeat on farm laws underlines the perils of governing an entire continent-sized, diverse and federal nation like the chief minister of a state

  • 13-Nov-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    If Hindutva = ISIS

    Salman Khurshid isn't the first to succumb to such pre-siesta intellectual laziness. Congress leaders taking the cue must read up on ISIS and learn electoral politics all over again

  • 06-Nov-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Good guy to crook: Journalists' image in popular culture has changed

    Their fall from grace pretty much reflects the abuse and trolling they face on social media.

  • 30-Oct-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    IPS, IRS, IAS & some headliners

    Aryan Khan-Wankhede story shows why hallowed Class One Services needs to ask if its people are becoming famous for following their oath or not

  • 23-Oct-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Even if you weren't Aryan Khan

    The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act was a blunder. Its rampant misuse is playing on TV and it's not entertainment because tomorrow it could be us or our kids

  • 16-Oct-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Countering the Chinese threat

    RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is right in his diagnosis of China being the big threat. But his prescription is flawed

  • 09-Oct-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Lakhimpur Kheri to Kashmir, via Punjab

    Crisis in Lakhimpur Kheri, anger in Punjab, violence in Kashmir can become a dangerous cocktail. India can't risk relighting fires that have burnt it in the past

  • 02-Oct-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Desperate to snatch defeat

    Opposition politics is on the boil, but much of its activity is targeting its own, rather than the BJP

  • 25-Sep-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Does India matter?

    Yes, it does. Just that Modi's India has to eschew the domestic politics that makes life difficult for its most vital strategic partners in the Quad -all democracies

  • 18-Sep-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Modi's Yogi conundrum

    No one will challenge Modi in BJP. But Yogi is emulating him, making UP a mirror image of what Gujarat was under Modi, and making sure he isn't a pushover

  • 11-Sep-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    3 questions for Modi's rivals

    Can Modi be defeated? If yes, how? Is anyone trying to defeat him? These are key questions opposition leaders hoping to take on Modi in 2024 need to answer

  • 04-Sep-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    India's 200 million 'aliens'

    Indian Muslims have been completely edged out of power structures not just by BJP but all other parties. India cannot alienate them when Taliban is finding global legitimacy

  • 28-Aug-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Joe Biden: Sheep in sheep's clothing

    Long ago, George Bush said he would smoke the terrorists out of their holes. In Kabul, the only thing that's been smoked out is Biden's true form

  • 21-Aug-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    History over geography

    India shouldn't be paranoid about a weakened Pakistan creating a new 'Terroristan'. This is the best chance to focus on maritime power and opportunity rather than overland threats

  • 14-Aug-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Another Afghan tragedy

    This time, America didn't just fight a war in Afghanistan but also invested a great deal of time, money and emotion in nation-building. Only to leave it like a possible Syria in South Asia

  • 07-Aug-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Star caste of hockey

    It's impossible to field an Indian hockey team that doesn't reflect the diversity, the united colours, better than any other. Shows that a sport, or a nation, will prosper with growing inclusivity

  • 31-Jul-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Small state, big brother

    Assam-Mizoram violence is an outcome of BJP trying too hard to 'integrate' distinct northeastern states. This has unleashed latent regionalism

  • 24-Jul-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Af without Pak & Islam

    India doesn't have to see the Taliban as a hostile political force just because it is Islamic or Pakistan's friend. Modi govt can befriend it if BJP resets its domestic politics of polarisation

  • 17-Jul-2021 | Shekhar Gupta

    Citizen, nation, sedition

    Sedition law isn't just a colonial hangover. It's a convenient weapon for under-performing governments to conflate themselves with the nation and use against critics