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NDA seems on way to form next government: Exit polls

IANS  |  New Delhi 

(NDA) is likely to keep its bastion in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and and make major inroads in West Bengal, according to the exit poll by Republic TV.

According to exit poll, the grand alliance is seen fighting back in UP at teh cost of the The BJP had won 71 of the 80 seats in 2014 Lok Sabha elections in the state.

According to the IANS-CVoter exit poll, the NDA is likely to form the government again as it is expected to win 287 seats. The exit poll gave the NDA 305 seats.

While both the CVoter and projected clear majority for the NDA, they also said the was unlikely to cross the 100-mark. But it can make inroads in after the 2014 wipe-out.

While IANS-CVoter exit poll has predicted 128 seats for the Congress-led (UPA), survey has given it 124 seats.

The grand alliance (Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party-Rashtriya Lok Dal) in UP is likely to get 40 seats and the BJP 38 seats, as per the IANS-CVoter exit poll, but only 26 seats according to the Jan Ki Baat. The may win two seats, say the surveys.

However, Jan Ki Baat has hinted at the BJP winning around 46-57 seats, the SP-BSP alliance 15-29 seats, and the 2-4 seats.

In Maharashtra, the BJP-Shiv Sena combine is projected to rout the Congress-NCP alliance, as per both Jan Ki Baat and the CVoter. As per the IANS-CVoter, the NDA is expected to get 34 seats and the UPA 14.

Jan Ki Baat has projected 34-39 seats for the BJP-Shiv Sena combine and 8-12 seats for the Congress-NCP alliance.

Both exit polls predict major inroads by the BJP in Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's bastion. While the IANS-CVoter has given the NDA 11 seats, Jan Ki Baat has projected 18-26 seats for it in

The is set to shrink in 2019 Lok Sabha polls to 29 seats, according to the CVoter and 13-21 seats as per Jan Ki Baat. The Congress is likely to win 2 and 3 seats as per the CVoter and Jan Ki Baat, respectively, in

In case of Bihar, the Modi-Nitish Kumar duo is projected to overpower Mahagathbandhan. According to the IANS-CVoter, the BJP-JD(U)-LJP alliance may get 33 seats, and the UPA 7 seats. Jan Ki Baat has predicted 28-31 seats for the NDA and 8-11 seats for the UPA.

In Tamil Nadu, the CVoter has projected 11 seats for the NDA and 27 for the UPA, while Jan Ki Baat expects the NDA to win 9-13 seats and the UPA 15-29 seats.

In Madhya Pradesh, the NDA is projected to bounce back after the Assembly poll setback, say both Jan Ki Baat and the IANS-CVoter. They have projected 24 and 21-24 seats for the NDA. For the UPA, the CVoter has predicted 21-24 seats, and Jan Ki Baat 5-8 seats.

The BJP is projected to secure almost twice as many seats as the Congress-JD(S) alliance in The CVoter has projected 18 seats for the NDA, and Jan Ki Baat 18-20 Lok Sabha seats. The Congress-JD(S) is expected to win 9 seats, while Jan Ki Baat say it may get 7-10 seats.

While is projected to remain a BJP stronghold, the Congress is seen making inroads after the 2014 wipe-out. According to the CVoter and Jan Ki Baat, the BJP may win 22-23 seats and the Congress 3-4 seats.

In Andhra Pradesh, the CVoter has expected 14 seats for the TDP and Jan Ki Baat projects 13-16 for the YSRCP.

In case of Rajasthan, the CVoter expects the NDA to win 22 seats, Jan Ki Baat has projected 19-23 for it. The UPA likely to win 3 seats, they say.

Both pollsters say the BJP may even beat the in Odisha. While the CVoter has given 11 seats to the BJD, Jan Ki Baat only 7-9 seats. The NDA, according to the CVoter may win 10 seats, and according to Jan Ki Baat one seat.

In case of Kerala, the CVoter has given 15 seats to the UPA, Jan Ki Baat 14-16 seats. The BJP may get its name on the scoreboard.

In Telangana, KCR's is projected to sweep again, and the BJP and the Congress are likely to share the remains, according to the CVoter and Jan Ki Baat. The CVoter has expected the TRS to win 14 seats.

In Assam, Jan Ki Baat predicted 7-8 seats for the BJP and 4-3 seats for the Congress.

In Jharkhand, the CVoter has given 8 seats to the UPA, Jan Ki Baat only one seat. The NDA is likely to win 6 seats as per the CVoter and 8-9 seats according to Jan ki Baat.

The CVoter has given 11 seats to the UPA and 2 seats to the NDA in Punjab, while Jan ki Baat said the UPA may win 9 seats and the NDA four seats.

In Chhattisgarh, both the exit polls have projected neck and neck fight between the Congress and the BJP as the CVoter gave 6 seats to the NDA and Jan Ki Baat 5-6 seats.

The NDA is likely to will 9 seats as per the CVoter, and 8-9 seats according to Jan Ki Baat in Jan Ki Baat has given 2 seats to the UPA.

In Delhi, there is possibility of clean sweep by the BJP as per the CVoter, while Jan Ki Baat expects the to win at least one seat.

The CVoter expects the NDA to win 3 seats in Jammu and Kashmir, Jan Ki Baat has projected 3-4 seats for the UPA and one-two seats for the BJP.

is projected to stay saffron, the CVoter and Jan Ki Baat said.



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First Published: Sun, May 19 2019. 23:46 IST