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  • 30-Oct-2018 | Ajay Chhibber

    Jobs, competitiveness and happiness

    India's rankings on global competitiveness indicators and the World Bank's ease of doing business have improved due to reforms like GST & IBC, but yet exports have been tepid and imports have surged

  • 27-Sep-2018 | Ajay Chhibber

    Rupee @75-plus: Turbulence ahead

    In this period of global turbulence, and with elections on the horizon, India must adopt credible and strong measures, along with clear communication, to stabilise the economy

  • 22-Aug-2018 | Ajay Chhibber

    Watch out for the Cobra Effect

    Government should weigh the pros and cons of a solution before putting it into effect to ensure it does not end up creating even bigger problems down the line

  • 18-Jul-2018 | Ajay Chhibber & Pragati Srivastava

    Needed: A smarter activist trade policy

    As global giants embark on a trade war, pygmies in global trade like India may either get crushed or, if they play smartly, be able to increase their market share

  • 21-Jun-2018 | Ajay Chhibber

    Economy: Between a rock and a hard place

    The government unveiled a series of half-hearted measures to address it and kept kicking the can down the road

  • 09-Apr-2018 | Ajay Chhibber

    A minefield of issues

    The Terms of Reference of the 15th Finance Commission might undermine positive momentum towards 'cooperative federalism'

  • 03-Jan-2018 | Ajay Chhibber

    Here's how Make in India can truly work

    PM will surely exhort Davos crowd this month to come help make New India. 'Make in India' is great slogan, but more of what we buy, or what the rest of the world buys is not yet being 'Made in India'

  • 12-Dec-2017 | Ajay Chhibber

    Budget FY19: Time to reboot

    The time to tread water will come next year in the run-up to 2019 elections

  • 25-Sep-2017 | Ajay Chhibber

    It's the economy, stupid

    With high interest rates, and a low risk of depreciation, portfolio inflows have risen sharply, leading to the appreciation of the rupee

  • 11-Nov-2016 | Ajay Chhibber

    Empire and extraction

    Shashi Tharoor's history of the colonial era will reignite thinking on the nature of British rule in India

  • 20-Aug-2016 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Redoing the fiscal math

    Given the key role of states and PSUs in the economy, the panel that is reviewing FRBM Act must examine the broader public sector's finances, and not focus purely on the Centre's fiscal deficit

  • 14-May-2016 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Reviving private investment is key

    Sustained GDP growth of eight to nine per cent will be possible only if India's investment rate, which has dropped below 30 per cent, climbs back above 35 per cent

  • 22-Sep-2015 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Opportunity to make up for lost time

    India's economic team must get less conservative and improve co-ordination

  • 14-Mar-2015 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Five game-changers in the Budget

    Incrementalism can only work if subsequent Budgets and opportunities in between Budgets are used to reform as well

  • 27-Dec-2014 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Laying the foundation for take-off

    What are the reforms needed in 2015 to help achieve eight per cent-plus growth?

  • 27-Sep-2014 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: How to improve the welfare state

    Make schemes mobile and portable, by focusing on people and not products

  • 20-Sep-2014 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Stop talking about monetary policy

    The Reserve Bank of India can affect neither growth nor inflation. Keep the focus on real-sector reform

  • 19-Jul-2014 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: A Budget, not a moon shot

    The Budget wisely refrained from excessive ambition - but it prepared the ground for lift-off later

  • 17-May-2014 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Poor public services, India's Achilles heel

    A seven-point agenda to fix India's public services, and overcome poorly designed systems

  • 04-Jan-2014 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Restoring India's bloom

    2013 will go down as an "annus horriblis" for the Indian economy. Instead of a growth rate over 10 per cent and inflation under 5 per cent we have the reverse. GDP growth is struggling under 5 per cent and inflation is now well over 10 per cent - ...

  • 02-Nov-2013 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: India's missed reforms

    Unlike China, India did not reform its bureaucracy and administration, and is now paying the price for this in terms of reduced growth

  • 05-Oct-2013 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: India's inflation puzzle - not just a matter of supply, but also of demand

    Food inflation must be managed by supply-side factors, but on the demand side the burden must not be on monetary policy alone - fiscal policy must play a key role as well

  • 21-Sep-2013 | Ajay Chhibber

    Ajay Chhibber: Fiscal policy is the key

    The rupee, which had overshot, is now recovering again as the concerns over the current account deficit (CAD) are reduced and the Reserve Bank of India, under a new governor, has provided the markets with some assurance that India will not revert ...

  • 10-Aug-2013 | Ajay Chhibber

    A winning combination

    Gujarat has twice as much poverty as Kerala, and a four times higher rate of under-five mortality. Despite lower growth, Kerala has shown a faster rate of poverty reduction than Gujarat, which is behind on social indicatorsWhat India needs to scale ...

  • 14-Apr-2013 | Ajay Chhibber

    In India, a storm is brewing

    Rising CAD, low growth & inflation may spark off an economic disaster