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  • 25-Jan-2019 | Indrajit Gupta

    How entrepreneurs learn

    Listening to an entrepreneur narrate the highs and lows of his journey may be the easy part

  • 10-Jan-2019 | Indrajit Gupta

    Flying into headwinds

    On the face of it, Udan looks like a neat plan. But there are some flies in the ointment

  • 28-Dec-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Decoding the retail FDI tweaks

    An e-commerce marketplace cannot sell products from group companies where it has an equity stake

  • 30-Nov-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    The new 'mad men' in town

    Can Wunderman Thompson refashion itself in the new world? Or will it be a bridge too far?

  • 16-Nov-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Flippin' over backwards

    Binny Bansal's sudden, unceremonious exit has raised eyebrows across the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India

  • 01-Nov-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Searching for a silver lining

    When I dug into the case, I found the company had ticked all the right boxes. Yet the system failed, completely and utterly

  • 18-Oct-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    The long road to a safe workplace

    The #metoo movement may have provided a wake-up call for leaders across India Inc to significantly up the ante in building safe and gender-balanced workplaces

  • 30-Aug-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    The return to humanness

    A facet of dehumanisation is the reliance on the old binary system of thinkers and doers

  • 16-Aug-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    What Virat must do

    Let's cut Virat some slack till this series is over

  • 13-Jul-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Rebuilding trust

    In April this year, media reports spoke about how RBI had asked the Axis Bank board to reconsider its decision to extend another three-year term for Shikha Sharma

  • 29-Jun-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Seeking purpose

    Young people have an abundance of choice today. Yet finding purpose is an altogether different challenge for them

  • 15-Jun-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Why the malls are back in business

    High-quality malls are popping up across not just in the tier-I cities, but also in tier-II cities

  • 30-May-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Behind the IPL magic

    With this year's IPL, live streaming over the mobile is now emerging as a formidable force in its own right

  • 18-May-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Walmart's existential dilemma

    Despite being a large multinational corporation, Walmart has struggled to grow beyond its somewhat insular roots in its Bentonville, Arkansas HQ

  • 20-Apr-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    The start-up syndrome

    The agility and the nimbleness that a growth business needs to succeed is killed in this painfully slow corporate bureaucracy

  • 06-Apr-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Long slog ahead for Vodafone-Idea

    By consolidating the network and freeing up spectrum, the merger will help bring huge savings

  • 23-Mar-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    The Air India deal: What's likely to attract potential suitors

    There are at least six compelling reasons for its rivals to consider making a strong bid for India's flagship carrier

  • 09-Mar-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Creating more agile supply chains

    The new GST regime could make supply chains faster, better and simpler. Will businesses step up to the opportunity?

  • 23-Feb-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    Sustaining winning streaks: What you can learn from Virat Kohli's team

    The big revelation of this tour was the contribution of the old warhorse M S Dhoni

  • 09-Feb-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    The new DIY travel generation

    As more empowered young Indian travellers set out to explore the world, they will seek out newer experiences, compared to the generations before them

  • 26-Jan-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    The great placement gamble

    It is around this time every year that young business school graduates try their luck at placements

  • 11-Jan-2018 | Indrajit Gupta

    The 5 big problems with affordable housing in India and how to solve them

    India needs 5 million affordable homes every year. And, the supply is not even 500,000 homes a year

  • 28-Dec-2017 | Indrajit Gupta

    Innovating for India

    Innovative entrepreneurs are leveraging technology and new business models to change the ground rules completely

  • 14-Dec-2017 | Indrajit Gupta

    Bridging the gap between academia and practice

    Today, India is seen as one of the most significant laboratories in the world for business and social innovation and entrepreneurship

  • 23-Nov-2017 | Indrajit Gupta

    Emerging rules of blended commerce

    Retailers believe that the smartphone presents a perfect gateway to engage and offer exciting new shopping options for customers