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  • 20-Oct-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Corporate fraud is finally securities fraud

    The regulator can no longer be selective about the cases in which it would flex its muscle and those in which it would plead an absence of power

  • 23-Sep-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Deceit-free fraud and stigma-free indictment

    If society feels that regulations can hold even the innocent to be guilty, the stigma attached to findings of guilt would also erode alongside

  • 25-Aug-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Use existing powers before seeking more

    Seeking ever-increasing powers is an integral feature of regulatory agencies

  • 29-Jul-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Celebrities beware: Greater diligence expected

    Thanks to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, which was fully notified earlier this month, endorsers have the responsibility now to check out the veracity of a brand's claims

  • 15-Jul-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    A tale of two competing delays

    By upholding a Sebi order on delayed disclosures by a bank, SAT has clarified a host of vexing issues

  • 01-Jul-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    US ruling must inform disgorgement review in India

    There has been intense controversy on the subject with little clarity from the regulator

  • 17-Jun-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Interesting nudge from Sebi with takeovers

    The thinking is, enabling infusion of funds into the company would be better than purchasing shares in the market

  • 03-Jun-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Much ado about nothing

    The penalty imposed by Sebi on NHAI for not declaring financial results within the stipulated time seems like an exercise in tokenism

  • 20-May-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Framework to waive open offers needed

    This is necessary to ensure that the entire activity is within the bounds of fairness and objectivity

  • 06-May-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Fix the complexity in takeovers and delisting

    If we do not make M&A execution simple and logical, capital - Indian and foreign - would seek out jurisdictions that do not entail such complication

  • 22-Apr-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Focus on capital formation policy

    It is vital to ensure that the clamour for suspending bankruptcy laws does not translate into reality

  • 08-Apr-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Time to reform takeover pricing

    Enforcement apart, this is a good time to think about getting some structural reform underway

  • 25-Mar-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    War-time thinking needed, not therapy

    An extraordinary situation requires an extraordinary response from the framework of the law

  • 11-Mar-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Enforcement action or shoot at sight?

    The fear of enforcement action often undermines the objective of achieving quality in corporate governance

  • 26-Feb-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    A framework of fear

    The risk of roping in bank officials whenever there is a fraud at the borrower's end is a stringent deterrent to bank officials taking credit decisions

  • 12-Feb-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    A change for the better

    Tensions from stewardship code will aid corporate governance

  • 29-Jan-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Will Budget 2020 be populist?

    What you will see depends on what you're looking for

  • 15-Jan-2020 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Are Indian boards truly effective?

    Our approach to board governance has resulted in a sharp focus on structure, that is, form, without commensurate focus on substance, that is, effectiveness

  • 18-Dec-2019 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Society gets the law it deserves

    Ultimately, the law that gets upheld in a society is typically the law that resonates with it

  • 04-Dec-2019 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Forget the icon, focus on the issue

    It is time policymakers left the subject of free speech and expression to lawyers and focused on what can be done to instill greater confidence in banks and financial institutions

  • 20-Nov-2019 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Mismatch of perceptions leads to abuse

    A recent Supreme Court ruling can lead to serious tribunal justice reform

  • 06-Nov-2019 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Greed, not fear, will remove Delhi smog

    The reliance on perception of fear of the law will not solve this problem

  • 23-Oct-2019 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Time to review whistleblower policy

    The greater the ambiguity in the law on how one would be treated, the lesser is the ease of doing business

  • 09-Oct-2019 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    Protecting lawyer's privilege

    There can be problematic ethics among practitioners of law but that is quite the case with any profession and its practitioners

  • 25-Sep-2019 | Somasekhar Sundaresan

    When the regulator is the violator

    Obedience of court rulings vital for ease of doing business