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  • 21-Jan-2022 | Bhaswar Kumar

    What is the annual Union Budget?

    The country is keenly waiting for the Union Budget which will be tabled on February 1. But what are its major components? Why does the govt conduct this annual exercise? Find the answers here

  • 19-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja, Bhaswar Kumar

    What did Indian PM and the Chinese President say at Davos?

    While PM Modi pitched India as a global destination for investment at the World Economic Forum, China's Xi Jinping condemned building 'exclusive yards and high borders'. Here's what they emphasised

  • 18-Jan-2022 | Bhaswar Kumar

    PwC's Sanjeev Krishan on what's on the minds of Indian CEOs

    99% Indian CEOs foresee a stronger economy in the coming year, says PwC's Annual Global CEO Survey. Get a better understanding of the sentiment among CEOs from Sanjeev Krishan, Chairman, PwC in India

  • 17-Jan-2022 | Bhaswar Kumar

    Dr K Srinath Reddy on flattening the Omicron curve

    Business Standard's Bhaswar Kumar speaks to Dr K Srinath Reddy, president of Public Health Foundation of India to know his views about how the third Covid wave is likely to play out in India

  • 11-Jan-2022 | Bhaswar Kumar

    Annual Economic Survey explained

    Before the Union Budget, the govt releases the Economic Survey. It is an annual document that offers a peek into India's economic development over the previous fiscal year. This report explains more

  • 07-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja & Bhaswar Kumar

    Jet Airways 2.0 faces turbulence before take-off?

    The acting CEO of Jet Airways quit this week. The date to seek regulatory permissions for restarting the airline has also been extended twice. Why is the re-launch of Jet Airways looking turbulent?

  • 06-Jan-2022 | Bhaswar Kumar, Harshit Rakheja

    What is behind India's renewed love for gold?

    India imported 1,050 tn gold worth ($55.7 bn) in 2021, more than double of 2020. Last year's gold import surpassed the high recorded in 2011. Find out what is behind India's renewed rush for gold?

  • 03-Jan-2022 | Krishna Veera Vanamali & Bhaswar Kumar

    What do labour law violations at Foxconn say about Make in India?

    In 2021, India announced production-linked incentive schemes for thirteen sectors to push the Make in India initiative. But alleged disregard by factories may cast a pall on its manufacturing dreams

  • 22-Dec-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar & Krishna Veera Vanamali

    RBI's rules on online transactions mean for consumers and merchants

    To make online transactions secure, the RBI has asked merchants & payment gateways to remove customer data on cards saved with them and use encrypted tokens. Here's how it will impact digital commerce

  • 14-Dec-2021 | Harshit Rakheja, Bhaswar Kumar, Krishna Veera Vanamali

    What does the industry expect from upcoming GST council meet?

    The Centre is likely to convene GST Council meeting next month. On the agenda will be a rationalisation of taxes and inverted duty structure for certain goods. Find out what to expect from the meeting

  • 10-Dec-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar & Krishna Veera Vanamali

    How is India's private helicopter market faring?

    The crash of military helicopter carrying the country's chief of defence staff and 13 others brought the focus on civilian choppers. Find out how the private helicopters fared in India over the years

  • 03-Dec-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar

    Will solid-state batteries meet industry demand?

    Carmakers around the world are investing in solid-state batteries. Let us find out more about these powerful rechargeable batteries and if they will replace gasoline-run vehicles in the long run

  • 03-Dec-2021 | Krishna Veera Vanamali & Bhaswar Kumar

    Are India's super rich ring-fencing their wealth using trusts?

    India's super-rich are planning to pass on the reins to the next generation by setting up management trust. Is it to avoid the succession battle or the trust route can better ring-fence their wealth?

  • 02-Dec-2021 | Krishna Veera Vanamali & Bhaswar Kumar

    Vaccine hoarding by some countries leading to new Covid-19 variants?

    Just as we thought that we were out of the woods, the threat of a new Covid-19 variant, Omicron, has started looming large. Let's take a look at the factors that have contributed to the crisis

  • 01-Dec-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar & Krishna Veera Vanamali

    What do Q2 GDP numbers say about India's economic recovery?

    India's GDP grew by 8.4% in the second quarter of this financial year, a major rebound from an economic contraction last year. Let's look at what the growth numbers mean for India's economic recovery

  • 30-Nov-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar

    Understanding provident fund and public provident fund

    Those working in the private sector don't have retirement benefits like pension. The retirement corpus they build over the years is through provident fund (PF). But what are PF and PPF? Let's find out

  • 24-Nov-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar & Harshit Rakheja

    Will Indian conglomerates also go the General Electric way?

    Johnson and Johnson, GE and Toshiba recently announced split into multiple entities. Do the demands of an emerging market like India require a different approach? Let's find an answer to this question

  • 22-Nov-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar & Krishna Veera Vanamali

    Repeal of farm laws: A setback or a step in the right direction?

    PM Modi announced scrapping of the controversial farm laws after persistent protests. The govt failed to onboard a section of farmers and caved in to political pressure. Let's analyse what comes next

  • 18-Nov-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar

    Smooth flight or turbulence ahead for India's airlines?

    The aviation sector in India is building up momentum. But after being battered by two waves of Covid-19, is the sector headed for clear skies? Or is there more turbulence ahead? Let's find the answer

  • 16-Nov-2021 | Bhaswar Kumar & Abhijit Lele

    What lies ahead for microfinance institutions after pandemic disruption?

    During the pandemic, small businesses struggled to stay afloat. So were microfinance institutions which lend them money. As businesses are gathering momentum again, here's how the sector is doing