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  • 12-Jul-2019 | Shuma Raha

    I spy - my kid

    How far can parental supervision go in the name of caring guardianship without violating a child's right to privacy?

  • 21-Jun-2019 | Shuma Raha

    Dystopia days

    At the frightening heart of every dystopia lies someone's disastrous idea of a utopia

  • 07-Jun-2019 | Shuma Raha

    Why paternity leave works

    When men share the responsibility of child care, women find it much easier to return to their jobs after a pregnancy

  • 24-May-2019 | Shuma Raha

    Diversity's child

    Chand has followed up her disclosure by stating that she would fight for the right to marry her 'soulmate'

  • 10-May-2019 | Shuma Raha

    The end of GoT

    It will be heartbreaking if Game of Thrones ends with a whimper trying to sound like a bang

  • 27-Apr-2019 | Shuma Raha

    TikTok's lesson

    TikTok, a video-sharing platform and the latest social media sensation to scorch the internet

  • 19-Apr-2019 | Shuma Raha

    The question of consent

    To be sure, the issue of consent is tricky

  • 05-Apr-2019 | Shuma Raha

    Model Code of Misconduct

    Should we persist with a code of behaviour which seems to be observed more in its breach?

  • 22-Mar-2019 | Shuma Raha

    Charge of the 'chowkidar'

    What does the Main Bhi Chowkidar campaign have to do with the Modi government's performance over the last five years, or its vision for the next five if it is voted back?

  • 08-Mar-2019 | Shuma Raha

    These birds have flown

    The thing about war cries is that they are often raised without any thought of the consequences

  • 22-Feb-2019 | Shuma Raha

    Lies, damn lies and books

    Psychologists say that liars tend to be more creative

  • 08-Feb-2019 | Shuma Raha

    In defence of divorce

    Even today, a majority of Indian women cannot walk out of unhappy, incompatible or abusive marriages because they don't have the social and economic capital to do so

  • 25-Jan-2019 | Shuma Raha

    Tech's toll on humanity

    This week we saw a very different kind of response to people screaming for help as the waters rushed over their heads. A boat carrying 33 pilgrims capsized in a river in Karwar in Karnataka

  • 11-Jan-2019 | Shuma Raha

    Right to disconnect

    You may want to forget about work when you get home, but as likely as not, the work does not forget you

  • 28-Dec-2018 | Shuma Raha

    2018 in A-Z

    Describing 2018 alphabetically

  • 14-Dec-2018 | Shuma Raha

    The politics of humility

    As a virtue, humility has seen better days

  • 30-Nov-2018 | Shuma Raha

    The game of gotra

    The hysterical circus over Rahul's gotra shows how India's political parties keep the religion/caste pot simmering

  • 17-Nov-2018 | Shuma Raha

    Wives who defend

    In the real world, the spectacle of a wife sticking up for a husband who faces allegations of sexual misconduct invariably evokes scorn

  • 09-Nov-2018 | Shuma Raha

    Sri Lanka enthralls with superb roads, friendly people and gorgeous food

    Not far from Hikkaduwa is the fort city of Galle, built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and later taken over by the Dutch

  • 02-Nov-2018 | Shuma Raha

    The fragility of faith

    India does not have a blasphemy law that is as draconian as the one in Pakistan

  • 19-Oct-2018 | Shuma Raha

    'Main bhi' movie star

    Today, everyone can be a glittering star in the glamorous movies of their lives

  • 05-Oct-2018 | Shuma Raha

    In Durga's image

    This Durga Puja perhaps we could send up a prayer for more such enlightened judgments so the law can set women free wherever they are in chains

  • 21-Sep-2018 | Shuma Raha

    Schools for scandal

    Despite a slew of tough laws against rape, why do we repeatedly encounter an institutional reluctance to call it out?

  • 15-Sep-2018 | Shuma Raha

    Serena and sexism

    So were Ms Williams and her apologists right in insisting that her penalty, and hence her mighty temper tantrum while she was being outplayed, had to do with gender inequity?

  • 07-Sep-2018 | Shuma Raha

    Living with AI

    To be up close with the power and potential of AI can also be slightly unnerving