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  • 04-Feb-2021 | Vandana Gombar

    Offshore wind, jobs, hydrogen

    BNEF is forecasting a surge in offshore wind installations this decade

  • 05-Jan-2021 | Vandana Gombar

    A good climate year

    From record low tariff for solar power in India to Joe Biden making climate change his core agenda, 2021 will mark events that will prove to be a good year for the climate

  • 01-Dec-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    The 'stunner' from India

    India's rooftop solar installations are a little over 10% of the 40-Gw target set for 2022

  • 04-Nov-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    India doing well on climate change; on path to meet Paris Agreement targets

    In recent weeks, three countries in Asia have announced their intention to move towards a "net-zero" emissions target: South Korea (2050), Japan (2050) and China (2060)

  • 01-Oct-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    Corporate green power clicks in Asia

    Activity now seems to be picking up pace in the Asia-Pacific region, which accounted for 18 per cent of the corporate power purchase agreements totaling 11.2 gigawatts (Gw) signed so far this year

  • 03-Sep-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    Solar on every farm: Will this help state utilities bridge the revenue gap?

    Most farmers in India get subsidised power, which is priced at a fraction of the cost of supply

  • 06-Aug-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    The race to zero

    Investment in new renewable energy capacity remained resilient in the first half of the year

  • 07-Jul-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    Why solar at Rs 2.36 is a big deal

    A lower cost of solar power means cheaper electricity in the long run as it replaces more costly generation. That is the next step the government is working on

  • 09-Jun-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    Taking on China in solar manufacturing

    Made-in-India solar panels might not be the most competitive, but what might work in the country's favour is the strategic shift in the priorities of companies post Covid

  • 12-May-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    The mood is positive

    Clean energy shows resistance to virus disruption

  • 14-Apr-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    Bumps ahead

    The inherent weaknesses of India's power sector are getting exacerbated in this scenario

  • 03-Mar-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    The renewables and e-cars link

    Renewables means savings on power and that means an even stronger case for electric mobility

  • 04-Feb-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    A splash of sunshine and a hint on thermal

    Mention of clean air in the Budget indicates that some sort of priority is accorded to it

  • 07-Jan-2020 | Vandana Gombar

    Climate stress-tests, robo-cars and more in 2020

    Changing weather patterns and urgent need to cut down emissions drastically will dominate discussions

  • 10-Dec-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    The e-car tipping point

    While China is eyeing an ambitious target for EVs by 2025, India is opting a more gradual transition

  • 12-Nov-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    Firms are buying more green power

    Globally, power purchase agreements for renewable energy signed by corporations have already crossed the 15 gigawatts mark this year

  • 29-Oct-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    Scoot, Skip, Jump, Lime and Spin

    Time to revisit transportation planning in cities and countries to choose the most environment-friendly, comfortable and safe options

  • 03-Sep-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    We don't need no private cars

    E-buses could become cheaper than conventional ones by 2025 on a total-cost-of-ownership basis

  • 06-Aug-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    Anti-portfolios and portfolios

    Old India is not exactly ready to deal with the animal spirits of the young India

  • 09-Jul-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    The irresistible charm of electric mobility

    Solar was to India's 2014 Budget what electric vehicles is to the 2019 Budget

  • 11-Jun-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    The lure of floating solar plants

    Water is emerging as the new land for solar plants in India, and around the world

  • 14-May-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    The five vows

    Powering green buildings and zero-emission vehicles must find a place among the priorities of the new government

  • 16-Apr-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    D for disruption

    Here's how electric cars and buses are displacing oil consumption

  • 05-Mar-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    The Rs 100-billion wager

    Here's what India can learn from China's electric vehicles programme

  • 05-Feb-2019 | Vandana Gombar

    'Lego-like' solar and driver-less cars

    A huge transition is underway in electricity, transport and green finance