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  • 19-Nov-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Poisoning young India

    Focus on human capital instead of GDP, and growth will follow in time

  • 10-Nov-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Voting on faith

    There's something very important about how we get politics wrong that's buried in there somewhere

  • 27-Oct-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Xi's dreams

    The CPC may lay claim to global glory on the basis of an ethnically-defined "China Dream" but that does not mean the world should not be sceptical about it

  • 22-Oct-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    A new Washington Consensus?

    'Bad' policy ideas long considered dead are again being taken seriously by economists

  • 18-Oct-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Reading with discomfort

    Last Friday, the SC refused to hear a PIL, that demanded a ban on a book by the Hyderabad-based political scientist and writer Kancha Ilaiah

  • 13-Oct-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Lessons from the Weinstein scandal in Hollywood

    What is our job is to ensure that we, as individuals, and as collectives, remember that the age of unchallenged sexual predators must come to a close

  • 29-Sep-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    In India and abroad, socialism is back

    Globally, capitalism is considered a dangerous conspiracy that is certain to impoverish a country

  • 24-Sep-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Reform, don't spend

    A recovery plan for the Indian economy will be effective only if it corrects the policy errors made since 2014

  • 15-Sep-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    The big Apple con

    The X will cost $1,000, which in India will eventually mean it will be priced at about Rs 1 lakh

  • 30-Aug-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Writing a last book

    There is always the temptation to try and "finish" notes and drafts that an author has left behind

  • 27-Aug-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Has India given up on scale?

    Small-scale, local or state-level solutions do not match up to the size of India's ambitions

  • 25-Aug-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Aadhaar and the judgment

    UPA government that pushed Aadhaar failed to put the robust systems into place

  • 16-Aug-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Beyond 'Capital'

    Unusually for such a large and varied collection, almost all the papers are worth reading

  • 12-Aug-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Eco Survey: Deflation stalks India, farm loan waivers might hit GDP by 0.7%

    Real interest rates too high at 4.7%; Indians holding 20% less cash after demonetisation

  • 11-Aug-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Google's Damore conundrum

    Damore's memo is an odd mix of evolutionary psychology mumbo-jumbo

  • 30-Jul-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    A government that takes jobs away

    Govt inaction is preventing job creation; its actions may have led to job losses

  • 25-Jul-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Reading alone, watching together

    Game of Thrones is based on a series of books-A Song of Ice and Fire-written by George R R Martin

  • 22-Jul-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    How state sub-nationalism is the only thing that can beat Modi

    There is a certain dire inevitability about the growth of the Two Indias story

  • 08-Jul-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    What underlies the India-Israel alliance

    Modi deserves praise for breaking long drought and visiting Israel; no realist would think otherwise

  • 02-Jul-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Perfecting the GST

    The current GST is imperfect. To fix it, the government must keep an open mind about complaints

  • 24-Jun-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Cop's lynching in Srinagar shows Kashmir is now a valley without hope

    Since the killing of Burhan Wani, resistance has increasingly become to appear like a popular revolt

  • 04-Jun-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    The 'Modi Slowdown'

    This government inherited a recovering economy, but a new slowdown has begun on its watch

  • 27-May-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    3 years of Modi govt: Is admitting disappointment so hard?

    Let's say govt creates new bureaucracy for cow protection. Oh wait, no, they're actually doing that

  • 17-May-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    Appropriation, identity and writing

    About a dozen Canadians with indigenous ancestry contributed stories and essays

  • 12-May-2017 | Mihir S Sharma

    An absence of judgement

    Indifferent policymaking is becoming acceptable because there is no electoral backlash for Modi govt